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Robert Angel
We hear of another cruel murder occurring on the Tarkio, Atchison County Missouri, some ten miles from Rockport. The best information we can glean regarding the affair is that the name of the murdered man is Robert Angel, that he was shot down without a moments warning by a man-we did not get his name- who had formerly worked for him. The assassin emptied five chambers of his revolver at his victim nearly all of which took effect in and about his head. He then took about $260 from Angel's pocket, saddled Angel's best horse and rode away. Angel when found was not yet dead, was conscious and told who had shot and robbed him. Neighbors are scouring the country in all directions to catch the assassin, some of whom have been in Brownville. One hundred dollars reward is offered. The murderer is described as a rather short heavy set man, wearing dark clothes, dark or black moustache, and has a drooping eyelid. The horse he stole was a roan.
Source: Nebraska Advertiser, Brownville, Nemaha, NE, June 9, 1881

A Long chase
David Lafollett charged with the murder of Chas. Beck, in Atkinson county, Missouri in 1864 was arrested last Tuesday night near Hillsboro, Montgomery County by deputy sheriff A. H. Bartee, at the instance of James Tate, of Rockford, Missouri, who has been on the trail of Lafollett nearly ten years following him through several western states. Lafollett has been residing on a farm in Montgomery county since last fall and has kept himself armed both night and day, but was arrested by the officer at work in a field while off his guard, and surrendered himself peacefully. Lafollette was turned over to Mr. Tate by the deputy sheriff who had the requisition for him, and who took him to Missouri. Lafollett, it is said committed several murders in northwest Missouri during the war.
Janesville Gazette 1874-05-01 Page 3 (Janesville Wisconsin). Submitted by Barb Z.


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