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Mrs. Ida Luce
Mrs. Ida Luce, whose maiden name was Smith, was born in Atchison County, MO, August 14th, 1872, and died June 19th, 1903, in Lincoln, Neb. She was buried near her old home, Hubbell, Neb. She was at the time of her death, 30 years, 10 months and 2 days old.
When about 10 years of age she moved with her parents into Nebraska and settled on a far m near Hubbell.
She was married to Charles Luce April 14th, 1892. Four children were born to them.The oldest child, a little boy, was laid to rest about four years or a little more before the death of the mother.
Not long after the death of this little boy Mrs. Luce professed her faith in Christ for her salvation and united with the Presbyterian Church of Hubbell. In which faith she remained till her death.
At the death of her little boy Mrs. Luce was so deeply affected and prostrated with grief that she became disconsolate and heartbroken and it seemed as though her love for her --ght [torn page] little one was all her solace and ---, and in her grief she could al--t wish to depart and be at rest ---h him in that better land. It has seemed since to many of her friends that this sad bereavement, if not the immediate cause of her affliction which resulted i n her death, must have been so great a grief and burden for her to bear, that, together with other complicated troubles, her death was hastened.
A short time before her last sickness her oldest little girl, Bessie was taken seriously ill with fever and so anxious was the grief-stricken mother over the welfare of her little girl, that her bodily informities [sic] entirely prostrated her, from which fated spell she never recovered. Finally death came to her relief on Friday, June 19th.
Mrs. Luce's death is greatly to be lamented. She merited the love and confidence of all her numerous friends and acquaintances. She was agreeable and lovable to all who knew her. She possessed a mild christian spirit and loving disposition to a marked degree. A kinder neighbor it would be hard to find. She was ever ready to lend a helping hand, even at a sacrifice of her own comfort and convenience, for the good of others.
The sad affliction and death of this good woman causes many hearts to feel sad. We are sorry to record her death, but Christ, her rock of faith, has written her name in the book of life there to abide forever. She died full of faith and good works. She was ready and wanting to go. Her anxious spirit bound up in her feeble and worn-out body, was longing to be free and at rest with her little one, gone before, in that blessed land, where there are no more tears and sorrow. Blessed abiding faith that clung to her in this life's trials and afflictions.
We are sorry of her death, yet we are assured that she is now rejoicing. "Blessed are the dead that die in the Lord."
(Source: The Hubbell Standard; Vol. XII, #37; 4 Jul 1903; p. 1, col. 1. Contributed by: Sara Hemp)


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