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James O. Robertson Probate

 MO; Atchison Co; James O. Robertson, entered probate as an  intestate 17 Nov 1879 ; Richard B. Robertson, admr.

1.  17 Nov 1879   Application for Letters of Administration
        Heirs:  Perry T. Robertson & Richard B. Robertson, his brothers Martha Keer & Elizabeth Daily nieces and children of  Jennette  Laughry, deceased
                John, Eli, Ida & Hattie Smith, childen of Delilah Smith, a deceased sister  all the above of Atchison Co
                Brother Samuel W. Robertson of Cherokee Co, KS
                Sister Sarah Murry of Cherokee Co, KS
                Thomas W. Robertson of Texas (county not indicated)

2.  17 Nov 1879   Letter of Administration granted  R.B. Robertson, administrator signed: Landeon W. Campbell, Judge of Probate Court

3.  18 Nov 1879  Inventory & Appraisal of Estate  Taken by A.J. Williams, Jessie(X) Fielder & Robert(X) Mitchell  (signatures)
        Personal Property
           One Bay horse about 9 years old       $60.00
           Books as follows:
              1 Daltins Physiology [sic]         $ 2.00
              1 Dispensary                       $ 2.00
              1 Book on Surgery                  $ 2.00
              1 Book on Anatomy                  $ 2.00
              1 Elements of Practical Medicine   $ 1.00
              1 Normans Book of health           $ 1.00
           1 Small case of Surgical instruments  $ 8.00
                    Total Appraisement           $80.00
4.  9 Dec-27 Dec 1879  Administrator's Notice calling for all claims  against the estate to be made within one year of date of Letter of,
        Administration, published in the ATCHISON COUNTY JOURNAL 4 consecutive issues

5.  Petition to sell Real Estate         18 Nov 1879
           Richard B. Robertson, Administrator of James O. Robertson deceased, petitions court that he has caused to be made an inventory of the
property of the deceased... his only Real Estate is 40 acres of land in Atchison Co, to wit: The NW quarter of the SE qua rter of Sec. 5, Twp
64, Range 41 West of the 5th P.M. That said land is encumbered as follows . to wit. First by a Deed of Trust given by said deceased in his
lifetime to one Enoch D. Sca mmon, a one undivided one eighth Real Estate belonging to the estate of Samuel Robertson dece ased of which
said 40 ac. was a part. The second the same of $275 due about 11 Oct 1879 wit h 10% interest upon maturity. That  (illeg) Deed of Trust was
given during the (illeg) of a P artition suit for division of said Robertson estate and said deceased received said 40 ac. i n part for his
portion of said estate. So that the whole of said Deed of Trust is now eq(ille g) chargable therein.
           Said land is further encumbered by one half of a Deed of Trust for $200.16 given 2 8 May 1879 by Richard B. Robertson to Thomas
H. Olin Sheriff of Athcison Co. aforesaid gvie n for part of the foreclosure (difficult to read - re-do) find(illeg.) of said land under
sal e in said Partition suit, said Richard B. Robertson being (illeg)  said land at said sale fo r benefit of said deceased and being on the
31st of May 1879 charged the same to deceased, du ly at the (illeg) of  said E.D. Scammon Deed of Trust, and subject to one half of said mortgage to Thomas H. Olin.
           That one of said mortgages is now the (illeg. section) three years of back taxes ag ainst said land. That there is great danger that
as soon as nine months have expired after th e death of said James O. Robertson that said lands will be sold under said Deeds of Trust and said land entirely lost.
           That the entire appraised value of the foresaid property and (illeg) in action of s aid estate is  (illeg) $80 and that there is no other Real Estate.
Your petitioner Therefor e prays the court to make an order authorizing the Petitioner in such administration to sell all the right title interest
and estae of deceased in and to said lands, subject to said Deeds of Trust, the petitioner to pay all (illeg) at his own expense ....  Richard B. Robertson, Adm. (signature)

     6. Newspaper notice of sale of land of this estate, published 4 times, 3 Jan 1880-24 Jan 1880
to be sold Tuesday, 27 Jan 1880 at court house door in Rock Port...the NW quarter of the SE quarter of Section 5, Twp 64 , Range 41...by Richard B. Robertson, Adm. Atchison County Journal

    7. 9 Feb 1880   Report of Sale of Lands
       Richard B. Robertson, Adm., did sell on 27 Jan 1880, the property of  decd., to the highest and best bidder, Enoch D. Scammon; the price paid  being $253.

    8. 22 Feb 1881    First Annual Settlement before Probate Court
         Frank M. Joslyn, Judge.  Recorded General Record Bk. 4, p. 835
       27 Jan 1880     To am't of Sale of Personal Property  $80      "   "   "   "   "     "    "     $253       Contra
       15 Apr 1880     Pd. to F.A. Foster                         $35.50
        4 Sep 1880      "  to Scammon, Bailey & Co.                27.50
        9 Feb 1880      "  Dopf & McLeary                           4.50    
            "            "   "       "                       8.00
        "            " 
                                 Lewis & Ramsey                         10.00
       12 Aug 1880      "  to R.B. Robertson                       72.83
       22 Feb 1881      "  to L.M. Campbell                        12.85
           "            "  F.M. Joslyn                              2.90
           "            "  Perry T. Robertson                      22.00
           "            "  R.B. Robertson                          14.00
           "            "   "      "                      $102.92
                                BALANCE                $333.00   $333.00
                        To balance due estate          $102.92
(Contributed by Sara Hemp)



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