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Older Citizens' Association Meeting
July 1883

(Source: The Quarterly of Genealogical Society of Central MO, Vol 1, No 1. Transcribe by Vicki Kizer)

Pursuant to the call of the executive committee of the Old Citizens’ Assn. of Audrain county, the association met in July of 1883.  Those who signed the roll were:

W.H. Stewart, 1853
Silas Wilson, 1852
D.M. Hill, 1853
Josephus Eubanks, 1838
G.L. McIntosh, 1842
James B. Reed, 1836
S. Blankenship, 1837
N.P. DeJarnett, 1833
J.H. Byrns, 1832
I.C. French, 1838
B.C. Johnson, 1852
L.H. Hendrix, 1845
W.R. Higginton, 1852
W.A. Williams, 1843
John P. Vance, 1840
J.B. Jackson, 1844
Woodford Talley, 1829
G.W. Willingham, 1826
R.S. Pearson, 1835
John Gough, 1852
D. H. McIntyre, 1834
B. Eubanks, 1829
J.E. Chappel, 1851
A.G. Turner, 1837
L.K. Crockett, 1847
J.H. Charlton, 1830
W.T. Winant, 1851
J.M. McFaddin, 1840
W.H. Hook, 1840
Mrs. E. A. Pearson, 1834
W.L. French, 1838
Samuel Turner, 1852

Hon. W.D.H. Hunter, an early resident of the county, but for several years past a citizen of Indiana, was elected an honorary member.  Entire membership was announced as 100 regular and 2 honorary members (but the rest are not listed.)

Officers elected at this meeting were: President, Dr. William H. Lee; Vice presidents, Alexander Carter, Salt River township, Thomas R. Grant, Wilson; Richard Phillips, Saling, Thomas J. Hubbard, Prairie, J.C. Canterberry, Linn; J.M. Harrison, Loutre; Thomas Crouch, Cuivre; secretary and treasurer, C.A. Keeton; executive Committee, William M. Sims, Salt River township; Reuben Pulis, Wilson Ephraim Young, Saling; Thomas A. Botts, Prairie; R.H. Peery, Linn; Alexander Reed, Loutre; John J. Mosby, Cuivre.



William White
William Cardwell
H.J.M. Doan
MRoland McIntyre
William Byrns
Dr. Henry French
Judge James Harrison
Judge James Jackson
John McDonald
David Cauthorn
Robert Powell
Wiley Talley
Frank Cave
George Coil
Judge J.B. Morris
S.A. Craddock
Richard Roundtree
John P. Jesse
Meredith Myres
Jacob Herlinger
James E. McSwain
Judge H.H. Crooks
Walter S. Adams
B.Z. Offutt
William Tipton
E.G. Haley
George Straube
George Cardwell
Judge John A. Pearson
Harvey McGee
George Bomer
Elias Eller
Geo. W. Turley
Jackson Ridgeway
William James
Abram Pool
Alfred Galbreath
T. Jeff Powell
Joel Haynes     Haynes
William H. Morris
William H. Coil
Charles C. Ricketts
Dr. L.N. Hunter
Elkanah Brooks
Isham T. Jesse
Jacob Coons      Conr
Barnett Newkirk
Deloney Willingham
William R. Martin
George W. Brown
Henry H. Spencer
William R. Sims
John Fike
Richard Peason
John P. Beatty
Charles McIntyre
Richard Byrns
Joseph Watts
Judge Robert Calhoun
Henry Shock
Barnett McDonald
Dr. Sames
William Marshall
Samuel Murray
Carter C. Dingle
William B. Douglass
John G. Coil
John W. Ricketts
Octave Abot
Rev. William Jesse
William H. Day
Conrad Enslen
Thomas M. Barnett
Jerry West
Banks B. Hall
Jacob C. Offutt
George Muldrow
John Haley
Dr. Wm. Henderson


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