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Benton City, Mo. 
Henry T. Hinton was acquitted of the murder of Dr. W. H. Houghton at Benton City, Mo.
(Augusta Gazette, Augusta, Kansas, Friday, February 15, 1895, front page.  Contributed by Peggy Thompson)

Just as we go to press we learn that Thos. Hocker shot and killed W.T. Johnson at Middle Grove last night about 8 o'clock. We did not learn any of the particulars of the second distressing affair that has occurred in our county within the last week.  Mr. Hocker escaped on horseback.
Source: Mexico Weekly Ledger, Mexico, Mo. Sept. 21, 1876

Kelly, Clark, Robinson and Pitts
Mrs. J. E. Blum and Sheriff Chal Blum will leave Tuesday night for Cheyenne, Wyo., to bring back Maude Kelly, Roy Clark, Frances Robinson and M.L. Pitts who were recently arrested in connection with their alleged flight from Mexico.
Source: Mexico Weekly Ledger, Mexico Mo., Aug. 3, 1922

Quinlan Said To Be Insane
Thomas Quinlan, of Audrian county, killed Gottfried Kloppenstein, of Chicago. He was sentenced to the penitentiary, but before he was taken there he tried to kill himself. He was then adjudged insane, and taken to the asylum. Later it was thought he was playing insanity to keep out of the penitentiary. Therefore he was ordered to the penitentiary. Now he is pronounced crazy and has been taken to the Fulton asylum. Quinlan killed the young man from Chicago for trespassing on his land near Larrabee, this county.
(Source: Orrick Times (Orrick, Ray County, MO) July 9, 1896. Submitted by Lisa Smalley)


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