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Cemetery Latitude Longitude Location
Bullington Cemetery 36.79060 -93.86360 Butterfield
Clio Cemetery     Jenkins
Corinth Cemetery     Cassville
I.O.O.F. Cemetery     Monett
Seligman Cemetery     Cassville
St. Peter & Paul Cemetery     Pulaskifield
Osa Cemetery

Saint Francis Borgia Catholic Cemetery

Beaver Cemetery 363028N 0935453W Seligman
Bullington Cemetery 364726N 0935150W McDowell
Burnett Cemetery 363158N 0935747W Seligman
Burton Cemetery 364510N 0935827W Purdy
Calton Cemetery 365242N 0934743W Verona
Carlin Cemetery 365309N 0935730W Monett
Carney Cemetery 364538N 0933648W Elsey
Chitwood Cemetery 364354N 0940336W Rocky Comfort
Clark Cemetery 364600N 0935831W Purdy
Concord Cemetery 364214N 0935957W Exeter
Coones Cemetery 364441N 0933911W Shell Knob
Creason Cemetery 364125N 0940310W Rocky Comfort
Crow Pond Cemetery 363918N 0935655W Exeter
Doughty Cemetery 364414N 0933826W Shell Knob
Easley Cemetery 363259N 0934412W Golden
Ennis Cemetery 364122N 0934701W Cassville
Eorerly Memorial Cemetery 363750N 0933756W Shell Knob
Goodnight Cemetery 365103N 0935459W Purdy
Henderson Cemetery 365118N 0935301W Purdy
Hilton Cemetery 365039N 0933731W Elsey
Horner Cemetery 363854N 0935005W Cassville
Kane Cemetery 364543N 0934138W Jenkins
King Cemetery 363305N 0935807W Seligman
Leann Cemetery 364846N 0934129W Jenkins
Maplewood Cemetery 363950N 0935637W Exeter
Mars Hill Cemetery 365229N 0933741W Jenkins
Matty Cemetery 364912N 0935701W Purdy
McCary Cemetery 363841N 0935443W Exeter
McGuire Cemetery 363154N 0933555W Viola
Muncie Chapel Cemetery 364726N 0940325W Wheaton
Munsey Cemetery 363327N 0934722W Eagle Rock
New Site Cemetery 365342N 0935816W Monett
Oak Hill Cemetery 364035N 0935140W Cassville
Oak Ridge Cemetery 364246N 0934749W Cassville
Packwood Cemetery 364126N 0935924W Exeter
Pierce Cemetery 364028N 0934247W Shell Knob
Pilant Cemetery 364159N 0935109W Cassville
Potter Cemetery 364637N 0934154W Jenkins
Quaker Cemetery 364409N 0935037W Cassville
Riley Cemetery 363625N 0935740W Seligman
Roach Cemetery 363054N 0934224W Golden
Russell Cemetery 364402N 0935307W Exeter
Snyder Cemetery 364317N 0933859W Shell Knob
Sparks Cemetery 364549N 0934854W McDowell
Stinett Cemetery 365004N 0935745W Purdy
Stubblefield Cemetery 364734N 0934329W Jenkins
True Love Cemetery 363733N 0935650W Exeter
Viney Cemetery 363311N 0933955W Golden
Vineyard Cemetery 364347N 0935811W Exeter
Viola Cemetery 363440N 0933522W Viola
Washburn Prairie Cemetery 363523N 0935552W Seligman


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