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1860 Mortality Schedule

Surname Age Gender Occupation Month of Death Cause of  Death State of Birth
Eliza O. Alderson 35 F Housewife Apr Breast Disease TN
John Baise 48 M Farmer Nov Consumption TN
Nancy Birks 30 F Housewife Aug Inflamation IL
Daniel Blythe 83 M Farmer Apr Old Age SC
Carrihler Boss 47 F   Apr Consumption IN
David Bowen 38 M Farmer Apr Breast Disease TN
Mary E. Brown 13 F   May Scarlet Fever MO
H. A. Browning 17 F Housekeeper May Typhoid Fever MO
Elizabeth Burket 38 F Housekeeper Sep   TN
Emaline Clemons 18 F Housekeeper May Consumption MO
Seaney Cottnor 24 F Housewife Jan Terminal TN
O. G. Crawford 41 M Farmer Mar Typhoid KY
Nancy Cruason 39 F Housekeeper Jul Dropsy TN
N. E. Daniel 11 F   Jan Green Sickness MO
Elizabeth Daugherty 29 F Housekeeper Feb Consumption KY
Elizabeth Daugheryt 39 F Housewife Feb Consumption KY
John Davis 30 M Farmer Jan Chills MO
R. T. Davis 20 M Farmer Aug Congestion MO
Samuel Deverell 49 M Carpenter, Joiner Mar Consumption Ir
Celia Feed 28 F Housekeeper Apr Consumption KY
Mariller Fely 54 F Housewife Mar Cancer IN
John K. Goodkinit 84 M Farmer Oct Gravel NC
Margaret F. Haddock 20 F Housewife Jul Measles MO
Kesiah Hamby 13 F   Feb Typhoid Fever MO
James Hardaman 34 M Farmer Dec Chills KY
William Harper 50 M Millwright Sep Old Age EN
Isaac Hoover 54 M Farmer Jan Diabitis TN
John Huff 31 M Farmer Dec Typhoid TN
Rebecca O. Kelby 43 F Housewife Aug Breast Disease GA
Sarah A. Lee 28 F Housewife Nov Bowel Disease MO
William J. Leearnel 20 M Farmer Jan Breast Disease MO
Francis Leemaster 52 M Physician Jan Hung KY
Hugh Linn 30 M Farmer Mar Bowel Disease IN
W.W. Lock 34 M Farmer Mar Pneumonia KY
Martha Mayes 41 F Housekeeper Sep Fever KY
Martha Mayes 16 F Student Jul Scofula MO
James McCoy 52 M Farmer Jul Ulsers TN
Mathias Peaters 25 M Farmer Jul Typhoid VA
Derias Pittman 21 M Teacher Jul Fever KY
S.S. Pittmon 19 F Housewife Jul Fever TN
Raachel S. Points 22 F Housewife Jun Breast Disease TN
Thomas Ray 64 M Farmer May Dropsy TN
John Smith 69 M Farmer Apr Chills VA
Anna Sooter 20 F Housewife Mar Typhoid Fever IL
William B. Williams 43 M Farmer May Dropsy VA
Catherine I. Williams 15 F Housewife Dec Croup TN


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