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World War II
Honor List of Dead of Army and Army Air Force

(Source: National Archives. Submitted by Tammy Clark)

Meaning of the Abbreviations

KIA--killed in action
DOW--died of wounds
DNB--died non-battle
FOD-finding of death
DOI--died of injuries


Surname Given Name Serial No Rank Status
BARNETT Billy L 37645987 PVT KIA
BRADEN Verne E 37519278 PVT KIA
BRIXEY Hugh S Jr 0-737344 1 LT DNB
CAMP Henry G 37513476 PFC KIA
COLLINS Lloyd C 38467941 PVT DNB
DAVIS Lewis K 37632113 SGT KIA
DODSON Howard 37400985 PVT KIA
EDGMOND Loyd H 37740648 PVT KIA
ESSARY Lee E 37235991 PVT KIA
FORD Carl H 37007869 PFC KIA
GAUTNEY Clyde F 39920917 PFC KIA
GAUTNEY David L 37236276 PFC KIA
GRAVES Johnnie O 37721312 PFC KIA
HENBEST Henry G 37646027 PVT KIA
HILTON Eugene L 35844992 PVT DNB
HOLDER Alvin D 0-729856 2 LT KIA
HUBBARD Lewis W 0-728870 1 LT DNB
JINKS William R 6281804 TEC 4 KIA
JUNG Carl E 37235665 PFC FOD
KNOTT Gerald D T-128038 FL O KIA
LEE Hildried F 37013877 PFC KIA
LOWERY Alvin C 37723347 PVT KIA
MARBUT Albert G 37235691 PFC KIA
MAY William M 37409202 S SG KIA
McMILLEN Rex H 0-773737 2 LT DNB
MITCHELL Charlie J 37180565 PFC KIA
MULLINS Rolla S 37235608 PFC KIA
NEINER Harold J 37075632 PFC KIA
NIXON Earl A 37629042 PFC KIA
NORWOOD Homer A 37745853 PVT KIA
OPALKA Carl M 37000760 S SG KIA
PATTON Hershel W 37235772 PVT KIA
ROETTO Lawrence J 0-727264 2 LT KIA
SCHEMBRI Alfronse 37138872 SGT FOD
SHEPHERD Loren O 37743301 PVT KIA
SIMPSON Philip R 37016873 PFC KIA
TALBURT Rex E 37536744 PFC KIA
TASH Lester R 37247849 PVT DOW
TAYLOR Earl L 37498287 S SG DOI
VOGT Glennon J 19028574 SGT KIA
WALLER Elmer G 37615623 S SG KIA
WILLIAMS Billy C 37740658 PFC KIA
WOODELL Vernon E 37646992 PVT KIA


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