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The Yale Cemetery is the final resting place for many African-American coal miners and their families. Most of these coal miners had originally come from the South in hopes of a better future for themselves and their families, and the abundance of mines in southeastern Kansas at the beginning of the twentieth century proved an irresistible opportunity. Even though the community of Yale is in Kansas, the cemetery, located on the east side of State Line Road, three-quarters of a mile north of Highway 160 (which runs just east of the town of Mindenmines), is in Missouri.

The cemetery has evidence of at least 248 graves with only about 15 marked with headstones.

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Sources used to compile interments:
Pittsburg Daily Headlight, Death Records Books at Crawford Co., Courthouse Girard KS, Bowman Furniture company, Brenner Mortuary Funeral Records,
Cemetery Headstones (Fall 1990), Joan Kunkel, Barton County, Missouri, Cemeteries, Vol. 1 (1984).

Name Birth Death Notes/ Inscriptions Contributor
Adams, Robert   Jan. 26, 1904 Infant son of Mr. & Mrs. Geo. Adams. Aged. 1yr 26dys  
Anderson, Malinda   Sep. 10, 1900 Age 54yrs  
Baker, George Feb. 11, 1856      
Baker, Rebecca Henrietta   May 3, 1935 Widow of George Baker. Dau. of Falton & Elizabeth Jackson Blakley.  
Barley, Mary Rosa   Oct. 8, 1910 Age 7yrs  
Beard, Andrew   Sep. 9, 1914 Age 29yr 3mo 29ds  
Beard, James   Jul. 28, 1913 Age 50yr  
Beasly, Alice   Sep. 15, 1900 Age 17yr 5mo 25ds  
Bonwell, Viola   Aug. 29, 1913 Age 1yr 6mo. Dau of Mr. & Mrs. W. Bonwell  
Brown, Jeff   Jul. 21, 1909 Age 58yr  
Brown, Jefferson   Jul. 19, 1909 Age 64yr  
Brown, Lulu   May 9, 1903 Age 26yr. Note: Death record Book B pg 195.7 gives May 10 at death.  
Buckner, Wm. 1873 1915    
Cadell, Anna (Annie)   Feb. 27, 1907 Age 53yr.  
Callaway, George W. 1850 1912    
Callaway, Henry Z. 1893 Mar. 28, 1904 Age 12yr. Son of Mr. Geo. Callaway  
Cener, Beete   Apr. 16, 1902 Age 11ds  
Cobb, Laura 1864 1917    
Cobb, W. M.        
Cobb, William M. Jr.   Feb. 23, 1912 Age 34yr 9mo 16ds  
Croseier, Sidney   Feb. 5, 1911 Age 42. Note: Death record Book F pg 97.5 shows Feb. 4, 1911 as death  
Dorsey, James   Oct. 14, 1911 Age 60  
Dorsey, Willie   May 27, 1909 Age 11yr. Son of Mr. & Mrs. Henry Dorsey  
Drake, Paul   Jul. 28, 1910 Age 1yr 6mo. Son of Mr. & Mrs. S. T. Drake  
Evans, Anna   Dec. 18, 1900 Age 55yr  
Evans, Bammer   Nov. 1, 1909 Age 56yr. Wife of Charles Evans  
Fritzjuril, Gilbert   Jan. 26, 1903 Age 27yr.  
Gamble, Sam   Feb. 16, 1904 Age 8mo. Infant son of Mr. & Mrs. Sam Gamble  
Gilmore, Sidney 1883 1923    
Golden, Gladys (Carrick)   Jan. 30, 1912 Age 16yr 4mo 29ds  
Golston, Henry 1861 1914    
Gray, James   Dec. 27, 1912 Age 7ds  
Grayson, James   Jan. 8, 1909 Age 31yr  
Grayson, Step   Jun. 30, 1914 Age 73yr 1mo  
Hall, Thomas   Mar. 13, 1909 Age 49yr  
Hamilton Cloyd (Claude) 1881 1915    
Hamilton, Hazel     Age 1mo 9ds. Note: Entered in funeral home ledger Mar. 25, 1912.  
Hamilton, Ioma   Mar. 13, 1907 Age 2yr. Dau. of Mr & Mrs. James Hamilton  
Hamilton, Manuel   Jun. 23, 1909 Age 42yr  
Harris, Hattie Aug. 17, 1864 Dec. 17, 1913    
Harvey, Agnes   Aug. 5, 1913 Age 1yr 2ds. Dau. of Mr. & Mrs. J. E. Harvey  
Harvey, David   May 21, 1914 Age 1 hour  
Harvey, Frank   Nov. 14, 1905    
Harvey, Lassie   Jun. 29, 1914 Age 38yr 3mo 25ds  
Harvey, Naomia   Jul. 8, 1914 Age 2mo  
Harvey, Vuleadene   Sep. 23, 1904 Age 9mo  
Heubert, Grace     Age 19mo. Dau of Alfred Heubert  
Howard, Agatha   Mar. 10, 1903 Age 1yr. Dau. of Mr. & Mrs. R. Howard. Note: Name only on headstone  
Howard, Cornelius 1882 1915    
Howard, Oliver 1889 1911    
Howard, Sonny   Feb. 22, 1915 Age 31yr  
Jackson, Mary   Sep. 14, 1906 Age 34yr  
Jackson, Pollie 1861 1913 Wife of A. L. Jackson. Note: Headstone did not exist in the cemetery in the fall of 1990. However, the headstone was returned to the entrance of the cemetery in May 1991 and has been returned to this grave.  
Jackson, Timothy E.   Mar. 24, 1911 Age 42yr  
Jarrett, Anna   Feb. 6, 1906 Age 45yr  
Jewell, Fitz   Jan. 26, 1903 Age 27yr. Note: See Fritzjuril, Gilbert  
Johnson, Ben   Dec. 1, 1909 Age 42yr  
Johnson, Willie Jan. 30, 1903 Mar. 20, 1909 Age 6yr. Note: Pittsburg Daily Headlight shows birth as Feb. 7, 1903  
Jones, John   Sep. 26, 1912 Age 75yr  
Kennedy, Isaac   May 1, 1963 Age 82yr  
Knight, Sam   Jan. 28, 1902 Age 22yr  
Kunchuk, Infant   Oct. 2, 1908 Dau. of Mr. & Mrs. John Kunchuk  
Lewis, Ella May   Aug. 14, 1915 Age 26yr. Dau. of Mr. & Mrs. B. A. Jackson  
Mann, Gladis   Feb. 12, 1901 Age 4mo  
McGee, Infant   May 15, 1905    
McGee, Clyde Augusta   Sep. 26, 1912 Age 2yr 4mo 1`4ds. Infant son of Mr. & Mrs. Jesse McGee  
McGee, Jesse   Oct. 4, 1912 Age 4yr 9mo. Son of Mr. & Mrs. Jesse McGee  
McGlen, Harvey   Nov. 12, 1905 Age 21yr  
McIntire, Mary 1842 1921    
McWhorten, Lum J.   Jan. 14, 1913 Age 45yr  
Metcalf, Susan   Aug. 4, 1913 Age 25yr  
Metlock, George   May 21, 1909    
Miller, Lott   1929    
Miller, Margaret (Shaw)   Mar. 3, 1911 Age 38yr  
Miller, Mary Letha   Jan. 5, 1903 Age 11yr. Dau. of Mr & Mrs. Lot Miller  
Miller, Ruth   Sep. 19, 1910 Age. 1yr 2mo. Dau. of Lot & Maggie Miller  
Montgomery, John   Aug. 28, 1910 Age 54yr  
Montgomery, Walter   Feb. 26, 1907 Age 22yr  
Moore, Bettie   Jul. 17, 1902 Age 39yr  
Moore, Henry   Jul. 26, 1913 Age 45yr  
Mundy, Sadie   Jan. 11, 1906 Age 29yr  
Murdock, Lillie   Aug. 21, 1900 Age 28y 6mo 2ds  
Nelson, William   Oct. 20, 1907 Age 42yr  
Palmer, Kenneth   Jul. 3, 1910 Age 7mo. Son of Mr. & Mrs. Frank Palmer  
Parker, George   Mar. 21, 1903 Age 33yr  
Peterson, Mahaley   Nov. 9, 1914 Age 103yr  
Powell, Infant   Mar. 5, 1904 Age 10mo  
Powell, Mary Grace   1910 Age 3mo. Dau. of Mr. & Mrs. Walter Powell  
Powell, Willie   Nov. 2, 1903 Age 14yr  
Rector, (male)   Apr. 16, 1904 Age 30yr  
Reed, Infant   Jul. 5, 1903 Child of George Reed  
Ried, Lula   Feb. 23, 1912 Age 35yr  
Robinson, Debbie        
Sanders, Fannie   Mar. 25, 1904 Age 37yr  
Sanders, Jessie A. 1894 1913    
Shanks, Carrie   Dec. 4, 1911 Wife of George shanks. Age 41yr  
Simmons, Willie 1901 1921    
Slaughter, Ollie 1887 1925    
Stephens, Beatrice Oct. 22, 1901 Oct. 6, 1937 Age 35yr. Wife of Houston Stephens  
Sterns, Samuel   Mar. 16, 1906 Age 27yr  
Terry, William   Aug. 24, 1909 Age 1yr 5mo. Son of Mr. & Mrs. William Terry  
Terry, William   Jul. 6, 1912 Age 42yr  
Thomas, Elsie   Oct. 5, 1914 Age 4yr. Dau. of Mr. & Mrs. Haywood Thomas  
Tindrell, Launa 1891 1920    
Toney, Lee   Oct. 1, 1906 Age 34yr  
townsell, William   Oct. 23, 1904 Age 21yr  
Vaughn, June   Dec. 19, 1904 Age 34yr  
Warden, Infant     Buried Jan. 24, 1904  
Weaver, Charles   Jul. 31, 1905 Age 60yr  
Weaver, Elmer Lorene Aug. 26, 1922 Feb. 11, 1923 Age 5mo 15ds. Son of Mr. & Mrs. Clarence Weaver  
Weaver, Lizzie   Nov. 12, 1910 Age 53yr  
Wheaton, Geo.   Jul. 16, 1911 Age 10yr  
Wheaton, Laura   May 20, 1911 Age 30yr  
Wheaton, U. F.   Jul. 15, 1911    
White, Infant Son   Aug. 8, 1901 Age 2mo 10ds. Son of John White  
White George 1872 1915    
White, James H.   Apr. 16, 1911 Age 33yr  
White, Jeff L. Apr. 4, 1857 Oct. 5, 1914 Age 57yr 6mo 2ds  
White, Nancie   Sep. 12, 1900 Age 42yr  
White, William March   Nov. 26, 1904 Age 27yr  
Whitehead, L. W. 1865 1920    
Whitehead, Lewis Eullian   Nov. 19, 1920 Age 51yr  
Williams, Terry Dec. 1, 1850 Jan. 5, 1907 Age 56yr 1mo 4ds. Husband of Mattie Hulsey.  
Wilson, Infant   Sep. 6, 1913 Age 14ds. Dau of Mr. & Mrs. C. R. Wilson  
Young, Allen 1891 1918    

Additional Names:

There is a strong possibility that the following list of individuals are also buried in the Yale Cemetery, but no written documentation has been found at the time of this posting.

Adams, George
Adkins, Bert
Beard, Eliza
Beaton, (infant son of Clyde Beaton)
Bloden, Lizzie
Bonwell, Clara
Cale, Robert
Callaway, Boots
Charles, Gussie
Coleman, Mr.
Dewberry, Barbara
Dorsey, Emily
Dorsey, JoAnn
Dorsey, Richard
Dorsey, Tenezebe
Evans, Richard
Felton, Mr. & Mrs.
Galloway, Taylor
Gamble, Tisha
Gilliam, Pop
Gilmore, Nill
Grayson, Alpha
Grayson, Robert
Hafton, Dollie
Hamilton, Oliver C.
Harris, Harlo
Harris, Mary
Hawkins, Malachia
Hunley, (infant girl of James)
Hunley, (infant girl of James)
Hunly, James Clay
Jackson, (infant)
Jackson, Bubba
Jackson, Kenneth
Jenkins, Mrs.
Johnson, Clara
Jones, Harry
Kelley, Dave
Kennedy, Genola
Lemley, Shorty

Mack, Courtney
McAlpine, (infant of A. McAlpine)
McDaniel, Mr. & Mrs.
McDaniel, Marguerite
McGee, Fannie
Meredith, Henry
Muse, (infant)
O’Brien, Mrs. 
Owens, Jim
Phelps, Mr.
Phelps, (infant son)
Phelps, (infant son)
Reed, George
Robinson, Debbie
Sanders, (infant)
Smith, John
Smith, Ralph
Stovens, W. M.
Sumner, Bert
Talibut, Nettie
Thomas, Mary
Thomas, Nettie
Thomas, Pete
Toney, Bessie (White)
Turner, Fred
Turner, Jessie
Turner, Leola
Turner, Turk
Vinning, Tom 
Weaver, Betty Jean
Weaver, Clarence
White, Bob
White, (infant girl of George)
White, James
White, Mary
Williams, Harry
Wilson, John 
Wood, James

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