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1883 Pensioners

(Source: List of Pensioners on the Roll January 1, 1883, Vol. 5. Transcribed by Genealogy Trails Transcription Team)

Name of Pensioner Post Office Address Cause for which Pensioned Monthly Rate Date of Original Allowance
Smith, Fielding R. Coon Creek wd. of left shoulder $1.00 Aug., 1878
Robinson, Moses B. Dublin inj to abdomen, dis. eyes, etc. $10.00  
Tidball, Andrew B. Dublin g.s.w. of left hand  $2.00 Apr., 1875
Kempler, John Dublin blindness of left eye $4.00 Sept., 1874
Jester, Barnet V.K. Dublin disease of lungs $12.00 June,  1880
Harris, Garland W. Dublin wd. of  left thigh $16.00  
Huddleston, Samuel W. Golden City disease of eyes  $4.00 Mar., 1881
Holliday, Vienner Golden City widow $8.00 Dec., 1863
Long, William A. Golden City g.s.w. of left g't toe $2.00 Mar., 1882
Preston, William Golden City g.s.w. of left thigh $2.00 Aug. 1880
Pusard, James Golden City g.s.w. of left arm $4.00 Dec., 1882
Hall, George H. Golden City wd. of jaw & left arm $8.00 July, 1866
Joslin, Joseph Golden City g.s.w. of rt. Hip $8.00  
Hanna, Solomon Golden City g.s.w. of rt. Leg $4.00 Dec., 1881
Fast, David Iantha chron. diarr. & rheu. & dis. $6.00  
          & deaf. of left ear.    
Purdy, Emmet H. Iantha g.s.w. rt side of neck $2.00 July, 1881
Scott, Albert G. Iantha g.s.w. left hip $6.00  
Morrow, Hannah Iantha widow    
Leach, William A. Kenoma dis. of  left eye  $4.00 Oct., 1879
Groop, George Kenoma wd. above left knee $8.00  
Harvey, Deborah Lamar widow 1812 $8.00 Feb., 1880
Hunsaker, Ann Lamar dep. mother  $8.00 May, 1881
Wilson, James Lamar wd. of  left arm $6.00  
Leech, William A. Lamar wd. of  right leg $18.00  
Arnold, Charles Lamar g.s..w. of rt. Arm $12.00  
Lacy, Edward Lamar shell wd. of  rt. Side $4.00 May, 1877
Lybyer, Andrew S.P. Lamar rheumatism  $4.00 Feb. 1882
Getz, Michael Lamar g.s.w. of head $8.00  
Corben, George A. Lamar rheumatism & dis. of heart  $8.00 May, 1882
Peter, George B. Lamar wd. of  left leg $6.00  
Proffit, John Lamar chron. Ephthalmia $6.00  
Palmer, Leander Lamar disease of  left hip  $6.00 Jan., 1882
Chamness, John W. Lamar wd. of right arm  $17.00  
Combs, Thomas H. Lamar injury to abdomen $8.00 Apr., 1881
Cass, Louis S. Lamar g.s.w. of left side $4.00 May, 1881
Wheeler, David G. Lamar g.s.w. of right leg $12.00  
Wray, Anderson J. Lamar chron. dis. bladder & kidneys  $8.00  
Short, William L. Lamar dis. of lungs  $6.00 Dec., 1881
Stinnett, William J. Lamar chron. diarr  $4.00 June, 1882
Stokes, Noah Lamar chron. diarr  $6.00 June, 1882
Bary, John Lamar g.s.w. left breast $10.00  
Butcher, George Lamar g.s.w. of left foot $6.00  
Baker, Addison Lamar chron. diarr  $6.00 June, 1882
Barnette, Clarady Lamar dis. of abdominal viscera  $4.00 Jan., 1882
Arnold, Frank Lamar g.s.w. left arm & head $18.00  
Prather, Albert Lamar g.s.w. of left side $8.00 Mar., 1880
Parks, Oscar O. Lamar g.s.w. of rt. Thigh $4.00 June, 1882
Newlin, Abi Lamar chron. diarr  $8.00  
Philips, Jeremiah R. Lamar g.s.w. face & loss of left eye $8.00  
Primmer, Lewis A. Lamar g.s.w. of mouth $4.00  
Hunt, Rachel M. Lamar dep. mother  $8.00 Apr. 1876
Wells, James Lamar dis. of kidneys & eyes $6.00 Feb., 1882
Mooter, Lewis Lamar total blindness $72.00  
Monson, Peter A. Lama g.s.w. of left hand  $6.00  
Smith, Sarah J. Lamar widow $14.00 Sept., 1876
Fast, Charles Lamar injury to abdomen $4.00 June, 1881
Faulkner, James Lamar wound of head  $5.33-1/2  
Emery, John B. Lamar g.s.w. left cheek & left foot $13.75  
Tiplon, Mary Lamar widow $8.00  
Califf, Ellen Lamar widow $8.00 Mar., 1878
Elder, John V. Lamar g.s.w. left arm & dis. of eyes $8.00  
Lewis, Ellen Lamar widow 1812 $8.00 Apr., 1880
Clark, Joseph Lamar diarrhea & dis. of abd. Vis. $8.00 Aug., 1882
Cones, William H. Lamar g.s.w. of left hand & loss of $4.00 Feb., 1882
         mid. finger     
Huggins, Charles W. Lamar dis. lungs  $18.00  
Durney, Johu Lamar g.s.w. r. leg $4.00  
Lott, Josiah Lamar g.s.w. l. thigh $4.00  
Lightle, Isaac Le Roy wd. of right arm     
Gilmartin, Anthony Le Roy ophthalmia $8.00  
Clay, Henry Le Roy g.s.w. forehead $8.00  
Rouse, George W. Liberal dis. of abdominal viscera  $8.00  
Stephens, Mark Liberal g.s.w. of rt. Shoulder $6.00  
Boulware, Samuel G. Liberal injury to abdomen $4.00 Nov., 1871
Miner, Darius P. Liberal wd. face & jaw  $18.00 Aug. 1869
Hart, Maria Milford dep. Mother $8.00 Feb., 1869
Winter, William Milford g.s.w.l. forearm & l. groin $6.00  
Carender, Alfred S. Milford chron. diarr. & bronchitis  $4.00 May, 1882
Gibbs, John D. Milford cron. diarr. & inj  $4.00  
Kremp, Joseph Milford g.s.w. of left foot $5.00 Nov., 1870
McMullen, Elizabeth Morod widow $8.00  
Taylor, John Q. Nashville two. g.s.ws. left leg  $6.00 Aug., 1865
Van Gundy, Nelson Nashville disease of eyes  $8.00 Feb., 1882
Dyer, John Nashville chron. rheumatism  $2.00 Jan., 1872
Randall, Esther Nashville dep. mother  $8.00 Feb., 1864
Middaugh, James C. Nashville wd. left thigh $2.00  
Poord, Miles Newport wd. of left shoulder $8.00 Nov., 1865
Todd, George W. Summit g.s.w. left side $2.00 July, 1872
Boun, Walter Summit g.s.w.rt. side of face & neck  $4.00 May, 1877
Young, William Verdella g.s.w. left hip $8.00 July, 1865
Dixon, Cyrus Verdella g.s.w. of right side  $8.00  


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