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Ashworth and Epple
Mr. Ashworth was appointed constable of Richland Township, and Edward Epple Road Overseer in placeof Wm. Schlormann, Dec.
Source The Advertiser-Courier, Mar. 1, 1875, page 5, Hermann, Mo

Miss Allyn Bridges
According to the Lamar Democrat, Lamar is to furnish a "memorial room" in the court house to the memorry of Miss Allyn Bridges, a Lamar woman who was widely known for her civic and philanthropic work, as well as her unsefishness.  The room will be a rest room where every comfort will be found for the weary.
Source: Kansas City Star, Kansas City, Mo., March 5, 1919

William Holbein
The Jerico merchant, William Holbein, who disappeared in Lamar, has not been found.  While thirty men from Lockwood were dragging a pond in Lamar the word came that the missing merchant had been seen and was on his way home from Joplin.  He did not appear.
Source: Kansas City Star, Kansas City, Mo., Nov. 20, 1909


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