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Name of Deceased: Joseph Pound Marts
Newspaper: Stella, NE
Date: Feb 10, 1928
Submitters Name: Karin Lange

Obit: Obituary, Stella paper, friday, feb 10 1928 Obituary of Joseph Marts
Joseph Marts was born in Sullivan county, Indiana, May 6, 1843, and had he lived to the coming May, would have attained the venerable age of 85 years. Mr. Marts passed away at his home in Hannon, Missouri, at 12:30 noon Wednesday, February 1, 1928.
A short service was held at the Baptist church in Hannon Thursday forenoon-at ten. The remains were brought to Stella on the early morning train Friday, and taken to the home of a son, Marion C. Marts. Declining health brought on heart trouble, which caused poor health the last few years of his life. His last sickness was about ten days duration.
When a small boy, his parents moved to Shelby county, Illinois. Mr. Marts was married to Miss Minerva Thomas, February 8, 1863, which is 65 years ago this month. Mr. and Mrs. Marts moved from Illionois to Adams county, Nebraska, about 53 years ago. They lived for a while in Furnas county, Nebraska, near Arapahoe, from whence they moved to missouri.
Mr. Marts had twice lived near Stella. In 1890, they came here for the benefit of the health of the daughter, Agnes, who passed away after a lingering illness, and is buried at Praire Union. Soon thereafter, they moved back to missouri, and then after a while came back to Nebraska to live on a farm north of Stella, and when Mr. Marts sold this farm, he again moved back to Missouri, where he made his home the remainder of his life.
George, the oldest child, died at the age of six, and is buried in Illinois; the son Loton died at the age of two, and is buried at Juniata in Adams county, Nebraska; Agnes was twenty-six when she pased away, when the family lived southeast of Stella in the Vandeventer neighborhood.
Mrs. Marts survives at the age of 83. The eight surviving children are: Luetta, who is Mrs. Sherman Dunlap of Hannon, Missouri; William E Marts of Stella; Stella, who is Mrs John F Tolly of Stella; Elmer Marts of Shubert; Ola, who is Mrs Melvin Towner of Hooker, Oklahoma; Marion C. Marts of Stella; Ray Marts of Whitefish, Montana; Zona, who is Mrs Clyde Watson of Spokane, Washington.
One brother, FG Marts, resides at Stella. The sister, Mrs Jane Hutchinson, 88 years old, lives at Arapaho, Nebraska.
The surviving brothers have attained advanced age. The brothers, James and John, live in Illinois; the brother Sam in Kansas City.
There are 10 grandchildren, six grandsons serve today as pallbearers. There are six great-grandchildren.
Mr. Marts was a Baptist all his life, having been converted at an early age. At the time of his death, he was a member of the Baptist church in Hannon.
Mr. Marts exemplified the teachings of the Christian faith, in his daily life. He was a kind and loving husband and father, a good friend and neighbor. Those who knew him, know that he leaves a lasting influence on an exemplary life upon family and friends, and upon the entire community where he lived.

Above is the obituary as read at the funeral by Rev EH Tetwiler, pastor of Praire Union Baptist church who conducted the services at the Baptist Church in Stella saturday afternoon. Rev. Tetwiler preached a very impressive and comforting sermon from the text, taken from the second verse of the twelth chapter of Proverbs, "A Good Man Obtaineth Favor in the Lord" which was the same text as used in the service at Hannon.
Miss Mildred Wright was accompanist for the songs. Miss Ninon Gentry sang "The Old Rugged Cross" as a solo. Mrs. EArl Marts and Mrs Gene Plasters sang as a duet, "The River of Life" and "Going Down the Valley One by One".
Burial was at Praire Union. The pallbearers were Earl and Joy Marts, Boyd and Clarence Marts, Herman Marts of Shubert and Reuben Smith Dunlap of Hannon.
Very beautiful flowers adorned the casket. From Mrs. Marts and the children was a floral tribute known as "Gates Ajar". From the grandchildren was a spray of roses; there were flowers from STella Community Circle; Shubert high school and faculty; Bible Class of Hannon Baptist Sunday school; and other tributes from various friends and relatives. Granddaughters were flower bearers: Mrs Sidney Stewart, Mrs Earl Marts, Mrs Joy Marts, and Mrs Herman Marts of Shubert. The tributes also included ? from the Stella Baptist church.
Among those who came for the funeral were Boyd Marts, coach at Denton; Tom Davis, Mr and Mrs A J Curtis; CJ Curtis and sons Jack and Ward; Mr and Mrs BF McQueen and Miss Edith from Shubert.
Mr and Mrs John Neil of Auburn and AJ Stewart and sons Cecil and Lafe of Verdon.
All the children were present at the funeral except Ray Marts of Montana, and all were with the parents when the father passed away except Ray and Elmer. Elmer had gone to Hannon with the Stella relatives, and after spending a few days with his father, returned to work at Shubert. Ray and his family made his parents a long visit last winter.
WE Marts and Reuben Smith Dunlap made the trip on the train with the remains to Stella.
Mrs. Joseph Marts plans to remain here with the children. She came by auto to Stella, with Mr and Mrs Tolly, Marion C Marts Mrs Towner, Mr and Mrs Dunlap, Mrs Watson, Mr and mrs Wayne Darlington of Hannon-Mrs Darlington is a niece of Mrs Joseph Marts.
The party of ten left Hannon, 125 miles the other side of Kansas city, in two cars at eleven Thursday forenoon, and reached here at nine that night.
The Missouri relaties feared bad weather, and left from home about five Saturday evening. Mrs Towner and Mrs Watson remained to visit a while with the Stella relatives.
Mr and Mrs Marts frequently visited here after moving to Missouri. They came last about a year ago, and remained for two months.
The great -granchildren are Dwain and Roy Towner, Merrill Banks, Clarence Stewart, Maxine and Billie Marts.

Golden City, Missouri, December 30. -- Two old settlers died today, Mrs. Melinda Moody, a Missouri pioneer, aged 93 years, and Mrs. Frances Hurlburt, aged 68 years, who died half an hour after sustaining a paralytic stroke.
(Source: St. Louis Republic - December 31, 1896. Transcribed and contributed by: Frances Cooley)


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