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Walter Murphey
Saturday evening between the hours of 6 and 7 oclock the citizens of the town of Adrian, located on the railroad bout ten miles north of this city, were startled at the report of a pistol shot and the announcement that Walter Murphey, a prominent young man of that town, had committed suicide by shooting himself in the head with a pistol. The facts in regard to the cause of the young man taking his life, as obtained from parties in Adrian by a Times reporter are as follows: Saturday evening Murphey imbibed too freely of bad whiskey, and becoming boisterous and disorderly on the streets it became the duty of city marshal, Will Highly, to arrest him. Seeing the marshal advancing toward him, Murphey retreated to the grocery store of his brother L.H. Murphey, taking refuge in the rear of the building. The marshal followed Murphey into the store and told him that he would have to go before the mayor and answer to the charge of being disorderly on the streets.

At this juncture in the proceedings Murphey became wild with rage, and pulling off his coat and drawing a pistol declared that he would not be taken by any city marshal. The marshal also drew a pistol and was making ready to defend himself, when he was seized from behind by Joe McDonald, a bystander, and firmly held. Taking advantage of the opportunity Murphey, pistol in hand, passed by the marshal and made his way to his sleeping apartments up stairs over the store closely followed by his sister Miss Anna, a young lady 18 or 19 years of age. As the two entered the room at the top of the stairway Miss Murphey embraced her brother tightly around the neck and began begging him to put up his pistol, when the young man in a fit of rage pressed the muzzle of the pistol to his head, behind his right ear and fired, the ball passed through his head and lodged just under the skin over the left ear. Death was instantaneous and the lifeless body was eased to the floor by the loving arms of a devoted sister.

The deceased was about 20 years of age and leaves an estate of $5,000 or over which he obtained a few months ago by the tragic death of his father, John Murphey, who our readers will remember was killed on the streets of Adrian by being thrown from his horse, his foot hanging in the stirrup and the animal dragging and kicking him to death.
Source: The Butler Weekly Times, Butler, MO, Sept. 17, 1890
Mr. Webb
of Deepwater township had his leg broken on last Wednesday evening by a team running the wagon over him in some way. Jas. Reynold's team was running at the same time. Mrs. Webb who was driving a buggy some distance ahead narrowly escaped.
Source: The Butler Weekly Times, Butler, MO., Sept. 17, 1890


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