Benton County, Missouri
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Source:  GNIS

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Ballet Cemetery (historical) 381358N 0932428W  
Baugh Cemetery 382144N 0932957W  
Belleview Cemetery 380934N 0931334W  
Bethel Campground Cemetery 380630N 0930944W  
Bethlehem Evangelical Lutheran Church Cemetery

Big Buffalo Cemetery 381842N 0930539W  
Bird Cemetery 381934N 0931901W  
Black Oak Cemetery 381944N 0931551W  
Blackwell Cemetery 380413N 0932517W  
Brauersville Lutheran Cemetery 382804N 0930711W  
Brushy Cemetery 381527N 0930805W  
Campbell Cemetery 380757N 0932354W  
Chehaski Cemetery 382156N 0931458W  
Clear Creek Cemetery 382250N 0932659W  
Climax Springs Cemetery 380624N 0930349W  
Clover Dale Cemetery 382621N 0932510W  
Cobb Cemetery 380515N 0932720W  
Cole Camp Cemetery 382734N 0931335W  
Cole Camp Memorial Cemetery 382809N 0931204W  
Concord Cemetery 380543N 0931834W  
Cooper Cemetery 381558N 0932833W  
Crabtree Cemetery 380957N 0932253W  
Davis Cemetery 380421N 0931204W  
Dice Cemetery 381557N 0932259W  
Downing Cemetery 381747N 0932733W  
Drake Cemetery 381815N 0932151W  
Edmonson Baptist Cemetery 381912N 0931406W  
Eickhoff Cemetery 382814N 0931207W  
Failer Cemetery 381806N 0931409W  
Feaster Cemetery 381710N 0931727W  
Fristoe Cemetery 380628N 0931630W  
Gregory Cemetery 381959N 0932450W  
Hastain Cemetery 381312N 0931010W  
Holy Cross Cemetery 383019N 0930604W  
Immanuel Lutheran Cemetery 382659N 0932217W  
Johnson Cemetery 380931N 0931700W  
Joplin Cemetery 380701N 0932056W  
Kinkead Cemetery 381801N 0932444W  
Knobby Cemetery 380924N 0930551W  
Lane Cemetery 382111N 0932258W  
Lincoln Cemetery 382432N 0932027W  
McIntire Chapel Cemetery 382549N 0932835W  
Monsees Cemetery 382551N 0930921W  
Mossy Cemetery 381520N 0931049W  
Mount Hulda Cemetery 382140N 0931050W  
Mount Olivet Church Cemetery 382630N 0931637W  
Mount Olive Methodist Church Cemetery

Mount Pleasant Cemetery 382038N 0931933W  
New Home Cemetery 381048N 0931925W  
Noel Cemetery 381700N 0931354W  
Osborn Cemetery 381851N 0932942W  
Pate Cemetery 381107N 0931548W  
Peal Cemetery 381101N 0932446W  
Pippens Cemetery 380413N 0932001W  
Poe Cemetery 381842N 0932429W  
Post Oak Cemetery 381050N 0931656W  
Riverside Cemetery 381511N 0932313W  
Saint Johns Cemetery 382452N 0930506W  
Saint Johns Lutheran Cemetery 382951N 0931458W  
Saint Pauls Cemetery 382805N 0931204W  
Saints Peter and Paul Cemetery 382715N 0931152W  
Schaeffer Cemetery 381601N 0931441W  
Shawnee Cemetery 381553N 0932423W  
Shiloh Cemetery 380608N 0932818W  
Short Cemetery 382100N 0931742W  
Smith Cemetery 381147N 0931948W  
Sunnyside Cemetery 382217N 0932527W  
Tindle Cemetery 382049N 0932947W  
Trinity Cemetery 382817N 0931208W  
Turkey Creek Cemetery 381319N 0931708W  
Unidentified Cemetery

Union Williams Cemetery 382535N 0931359W  
Vance Cemetery 381033N 0932216W  
Vincent Cemetery 382155N 0932057W  
White Cemetery 381114N 0932044W  
Wisdom Cemetery 381039N 0932848W  
Yeager Union Cemetery 381553N 0931214W  
Zion Cemetery 382311N 0932018W  


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