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drennen Drennon family

Henry Thomas Breshears was one of fourteen children of Henry Breshears who came into Benton County and settled in 1838. In this picture are: seated, Uncle Tom (Henry Thomas) and his wife, Sabrina; standing is their son, Perry Breshears and a daughter, Lillie Breshears Johnson. Standing at far left is Della Morton, a family friend. This house, torn down in 1906 when a new one was built, was just east of the Church of the Brethren in Breshears Valley. Henry Thomas Breshears donated the land for the church and cemetery. 

alexander home

THIS HOUSE WAS BUILT By David Franklin and Agnes Alexander in the early 1850's and was a stage stop for the Hannibal, Boonville, Joplin stage line.
Picture was taken in 1964, Mr. and Mrs. Sam Robb occupants of the house. It's located around three miles south of Warsaw.


david alexander agnes alexander zook

DAVID FRANKLIN ALEXANDER, who was shot bushwackers during the War Between the States, and never was able to walk again and died six years later. He was a Confederate soldier and was shot when coming home on leave and met up with the gang in the Peal Bend area. David Franklin Alexander was one of the sons of Judge George Alexander. He was the father of the late Matt Alexander, also Walter, John and Mary Ann Alexander, who married Smith Bailey, He was first married to Nancy Wright, then to Agnes Zook, He was born June 6, 1822 and died March 11, 1869.

AGNES ZOOK ALEXANDER, the wife of David Franklin Alexander, She was born in 1831, lived for many years in Benton County and died November 15, 1915,  while on a visit to California. She was a niece of Thomas and Zebulon Bishop.

TEMPERANCE BISHOP ZOOK, whose daughter Agnes married Franklin Alexander. She was a sister of Thomas Bishop, first recorder of Benton County and of Zebulon Bishop, also an early county official. Zebulon went from Benton County to Oregon in 1851 and became Speaker of the House of the Oregon legislature. Temperance Zook was born in Connecticut, later lived in Pennsylvania, married adoctor, who died, and probably came to the County because her brothers were here. Her mother, Martha Bishop, also came  here and was buried in the Wright cemetery, with the grave later moved to Shawnee Bend. Temperance Bishop was born March 25, 1803 and died March 31, 1891.

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