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Source: Southeast Missouri Regional Planning & Economic Commission.
Contributed by Carole Martin

 Abernathy Chapel Cemetery - Bollinger Mill

Abshire Cemetery

Adams Cemetery

Alliance Cemetery

Anthony Shell Cemetery

Ates Cemetery

Bailey Cemetery - Huskey

Baker Cemetery - Lutesville

Balch Chapel Cemetery (Baltz Cemetery) - Zalma

Barker Family Cemetery - Glenallen

Barks Cemetery - Marble Hill

Barks Family Cemetery

Beatty Cemetery - Arab

Bennett Cemetery

Berrong Cemetery - Gipsy

Berrong Church Cemetery

Berry Cemetery

Bess Cemetery - Hurricane

Best Family Cemetery - Bollinger Mill

Bollinger Cemetery - Alliance

Bollinger County Cemetery / County Memorial Park Cemetery

Bollinger County Memorial Park Cemetery - Marble Hill

Bollinger Family Cemetery

Brown Cemetery

Brush Creek Cemetery - Arab

Buehler Cemetery - Glenallen

Burg Cemetery

Burk Family Cemetery - Grassy

Burton Cemetery - Marble Hill

Bushwhackers Cemetery

Butcher Cemetery - Gipsy

Camp Grounds Cemetery - Marble Hill

Cane Creek Cemetery - Huxie

Cato Cemetery - Greenbrier

Chostner Cemetery - Scopus

Clippard Family Cemetery - Laflin

Clubb Cemetery - Zalma

Clubb Creek Church Cemetery - Trowel

Clubb Family Cemetery

Cole(s) Cemetery

Collins Cemetery - Dongola

Concord Cemetery

Conder Cemetery

Conrad Cemetery / Johnson Cemetery

Cook Cemetery - Scopus

Cox Cemetery - Arab

Cox Chapel Cemetery

Crader Cemetery - Huskey

Criddle Cemetery

Crites Cemetery - Trowel

Crossroads Church Cemetery

Crossroads Methodist Church Cemetery - Sedgewickville

Dalton Cemetery

Dan Eaker Cemetery

Daniel Bollinger Cemetery

Dongola Cemetery - Dongola

Dry Creek Cemetery - Lutesville

Dunn Cemetery

Eaker Cemetery - Lutesville

Eakers Cemetery - Hahn

Ebenezer Cemetery - Laflin

Edinger Cemetery - Scopus

Edmond Cemetery

El Nathan Cemetery - Marble Hill

Elledge Cemetery

Farmer Family Cemetery - Marble Hill

Flatwood Cemetery - Sedgewickville

Floyd Cemetery - Grassy

Formway Cemetery

Frazier Cemetery

Frymire Cemetery - Glenallen

Furr Cemetery - Marble Hill

Garden Memories Cemetery

Garden of Memories - Sedgewickville

Glen Allen Church Cemetery - Glenallen

Glennon Cemetery - Glennon

Goose Pond Hill Cemetery

Grant Cemetery

Grassy Friendship Church Cemetery - Grassy

Greenbrier Cemetery

Greenbrier Zephyr Cemetery - Greenbrier

Grindstaff Cemetery

Grounds Cemetery - Patton

Hahn Cemetery - Lutesville

Hahn Chapel Cemetery - Marble Hill

Hall Cemetery - Zalma

Hartle Cemetery - Scopus

Hartle Cemetery / Jones Cemetery

Hawn Family Cemetery

Haynes Cemetery / Daniel Farm Cemetery

Hill Cemetery - Zalma

Hinkle-Crites Cemetery - Greenbrier

Hinkle Cemetery / Crites Cemetery

Hiram Hartle Cemetery - Sedgewickville

Holt Cemetery - Scopus

Hood Cemetery

Hopewell Cemetery - Sedgewickville

Hopkins Cemetery - Castor

Hopwell Cemetery

Hurricane Fork Church Cemetery - Hurricane

Ivy / Sitze Cemetery - Buchanan

James Cemetery

James Cemetery - Scopus

Johnson Cemetery - Alliance

Jones Cemetery -

Kellion (Killion?) Cemetery - Schlatitz

Kinder Cemetery - Scopus

Kinder Chapel Cemetery - Castor

King Cemetery / Hinkle Cemetery

Ladd Cemetery

Laflin Cemetery - Laflin

Lasater Cemetery

Layman Cemetery

Leinger Family Cemetery - Grassy

Lessley Ridge Cemetery - Huskey

Liberty Congregational Methodist Church Cemetery - Bessville

Liberty Methodist / Church Cemetery

Limbaugh Cemetery - Scopus

Lincoln Cemetery - Hurricane

Lixville Community Cemetery - Lixville

Lone Grave Cemetery

Long Cemetery

Looney Family Cemetery - Sedgewickville

Lower Deck Cemetery - Lutesville

Lower Grassy-Rea Cemetery - Grassy

Maddox Cemetery - Gipsy

Maddox Cemetery / Kerr Cemetery

Mansion Cemetery

Mansker Cemetery - Dongola

Marble Hill Cemetery - Marble Hill

Masters Cemetery

McGee Chapel Cemetery - Glenallen

McMahan Cemetery - Bessville

McMinn Cemetery

Meyer Cemetery

Moore(s) Cemetery

Mount Carmel Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery - Tallent

Mount Pleasant Church Cemetery - Zalma

Mount Zion Church Cemetery - Scopus

Mountain View Cemetery

Mouser Cemetery - Lodge

Mungle Cemetery

Myers Cemetery - Glenallen

Myers Cemetery - Huxie

Myers Cemetery / Lutes Cemetery

New Bethel Congregational Methodist Church Cemetery

New Trace Creek Baptist Church Cemetery - Glenallen

Noah Bollinger Cemetery

Northern Quarters Cemetery - Zalma

Old Abernathy Cemetery

Old Baptist Church / Whitewater Baptist Cemetery

Old Baptist church Cemetery - North Patton

Old Bethel Church Cemetery

Old Bollinger cemetery

Old Concord Cemetery

Old Log Church Cemetery

Old Mt. James Cemetery / Mountain View Cemetery

Old Pulliam Cemetery / Judge Long Cemetery

Old Seabaugh Cemetery

Old Speer Cemetery

Old Stevens Farm Cemetery

Old Trace Creek Cemetery - Glenallen

Old Trinity Church Cemetery

Old Union Methodist Church Cemetery - Bessville

Old Union Methodist Church Cemetery / Old Union Campgrounds Cemetery

Patterson Cemetery - Grassy

Patterson Family Cemetery

Patton Cemetery - Patton

Patton Methodist Church Cemetery

Perkins Cemetery

Pine Hill Cemetery - Patton

Pine Union Church Cemetery

Pioneer Family Cemetery

Plainview (Church) Cemetery - Hurricane

Pleasant Hill Cemetery / Doggett Cemetery

Pleasant Valley (Church) Cemetery - Gipsy

Point Pleasant Church Cemetery (see Cane Creek) - Huxie

Post Oak Cemetery - Patton

Propst Cemetery - Patton

Pulliam Cemetery - Mayfield

Rea Cemetery / Lower Grassy Cemetery

Reagan Chapel Cemetery - Patton

Rhode's Farm Cemetery - Marble Hill

Ridge Church Cemetery

Saint Anthony Catholic Cemetery - Glennon

Saint John's Cemetery - Leopold

Sargent's Chapel Lutheran Church Cemetery - Sedgewickville

Scott Cemetery

Scott Cemetery Grassy

Seabaugh Cemetery - Mayfield

Sedgewick Lutheran Cemetery - Sedgewickville

Sedgewickville Baptist Church Cemetery - Sedgewickville

Sedgewickville Cemetery / Lixville Lutheran Cemetery

Shell Cemetery - Lutesville

Shell Cemetery / Harris Cemetery

Shelton Cemetery - Huxie

Shrum Cemetery

Slaybaugh Cemetery - Lutesville

Slinkard Cemetery - Patton

Smith Cemetery

Smith Family Cemetery

Speer Cemetery - Zalma

St. Anthony's Church Cemetery

St. Johns Church Cemetery

Statler Cemetery - Sedgewickville

Stilner's Our Serenity Cemetery - Scopus

Stratman Chapel Cemetery - Sturdivant

Sturdivant Cemetery - Sturdivant

Sweazy Cemetery

Trace Creek Church Cemetery

Trinity Church Cemetery - Sedgewickville

Union Grove Church Cemetery

Union Hill Baptist church Cemetery - Zalma

Union Hill Church Cemetery

Union Light / Church Cemetery

Union Light Cemetery - Loyd

Union Soldiers Cemetery

Upper Deck Cemetery - Glenallen

Virgil Friese Farm

Virgin Burial Ground - Zalma

Wallis Cemetery - Hurricane

Wayne Cemetery - Drum

White Cemetery - Hahn

Whitener Cemetery / Abraham Farm Cemetery

Whitewater Presbyterian Cemetery - Lixville

Winchester Cemetery

Zalma City Cemetery - Zalma

Zimmerman Cemetery

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