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A Big Docket-

The Talent Case in Circuit Court Resulted in a Hung Jury

Circuit court met Monday with the scholarly and dignified Judge Fox on the bench.  An unusual power of legal and forensic talent has been at the bar.  The case against J.W. Tallent, for brutual punishment of a pupil occupied Monday and part of Tuesday.  The jury failed to agree and the case will be tried at the September term.  The case was appealed from Justice Bowman's court where Tallent had been fined $5.  The particulars are familiar to readers of this paper.

Theodore Adams
Henry Bair
Payne Horn
Roy Rose
Tom Statler
were all fined for carrying pistols and went to jail on failure to pay fines.
Henry Berry Jr.
John Winters
were fined for disturbing the peace
Will Cook
Hosey Seabaugh
were fined for disturbing public worship
David Hart
was fined for assault
Ed Seabaugh
was fined for running a horse on the public highway.
They all went to jail Tuesday

Source: Marble Hill Press, Marbel Hill, Mo. March 15, 1894

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