Missouri State Genealogy Trails

The History of Linn County, Missouri

An Encyclopedia of Usefull Information, and a Compendium of Actual Facts

Birdsall & Dean, 1882

(Transcribed by Chris Davis)


Chapter I.
Louisiana Purchase.—Brief Historical Sketch.

Chapter II.
Descriptive and Geographical.—Name—Extent—Surface—Rivers—Timber—Climate—Prairies—Soil—Population by Counties

Chapter III.
Geology of Missouri.—Classification of Rocks—Quaternary Formations—Tertiary—Cretaceous—Carboniferous—Devonian—Silurian—Azoic—Economic Geology—Coal—Iron—Lead—Copper—Zinc—Building Stone—Marble—Gypsum—Lime—Clay—Paints—Springs—Water Power

Chapter IV.
Title and Early Settlements.—Title to Missouri Lands—Rights of Discovery—Title of France and Spain—Cession to the United States—Territorial Changes—Treaties with Indians—First Settlement—Ste. Genevieve and New Bourbon—St. Louis—When Incorporated—Potosi—St. Charles—Portage des Sioux—New Madrid—St. Francois County—Perry—Mississippi—Loutre Island—"Boon's Lick"—Cote Sans Dessieu—Howard County—Some First Things—Counties—When Organized

Chapter V.
Territorial Organization.— Organization, 1812—Council—House of Representatives—William Clark, first Territorial Governor—Edward Hempstead, First Delegate—Spanish Grants—First General Assembly—Proceedings—Second Assembly—Proceedings—Population of Territory—Vote of Territory—Rufus Easton—Absent Members—Third Assembly—Proceedings—Application for Admission

Chapter VI.
Admitted to the Union.—Application of Missouri to be Admitted into the Union—Agitation of the Slavery Question—"Missouri Compromise"—Constitutional convention of 1820—Constitution Presented to Congress—Further Resistance to Admission—Mr. Clay and his Committee Make Report—Second Compromise—Missouri Admitted

Chapter VII.
Missouri as a State.—First Election of Governor and Other State Officers—Senators and Representatives to General Assembly—Sheriffs and Coroners—U.S. Senators—Representatives in Congress—Supreme Court Judges—Counties Organized—Capital Moved to St. Charles—Official Record of Territorial and State Officers

Chapter VIII.
Civil War in Missouri.—Fort Sumter Fired Upon—Call for 75,000 Men—Governor Jackson Refuses to Furnish a Man—U.S. Arsenal at Liberty, Missouri, Seized—Proclamation of Governor Jackson—General Order No. 7—Legislature Convenes—Camp Jackson Organized—Sterling Price Appointed Major-general—Frost's Letter to Lyon—Lyon's Letter to Frost—Surrender of Camp Jackson—Proclamation of General Harney—Conference Between Price and Harney—Harney Superseded by Lyon—Second Conference—Governor Jackson Burns the Bridges Behind Him—Proclamation of Governor Jackson—General Blair Takes Possession of Jefferson City—Proclamation of Lyon—Lyon at Springfield—State Offices Declared Vacant—General Fremont Assumes Command—Proclamation of Lieutenant-governor Reynolds—Proclamation of Jefferson Thompson and Governor Jackson—Death of General Lyon—Succeeded by Sturgis—Proclamation of McCullough and Gamble—Martial Law Declared—Second Proclamation of Jeff. Thompson—The President Modifies Fremont's Order—Fremont Relieved by Hunter—Proclamation of Price—Hunter's Order of Assessment—Hunter Declares Martial Law—Order Relating to Newspapers—Halleck Succeeds Hunter—Halleck's Order No. 81—Similar Order by Halleck—Boone County Standard Confiscated—Execution of Prisoners at Macon and Palmyra—General Ewing's Order No. 11—General Rosecrans takes Command—Massacre at Centralia—Death of Bill Anderson—General Dodge Succeeds General Rosecrans—List of Battles

Chapter IX.
Early Military Record.—Black Hawk War—Mormon Difficulties—Florida War—Mexican War

Chapter X.
Agricultural and Material Wealth.—Missouri as an Agricultural State—The Different Crops—Live Stock—Horses—Mules—Milch Cows—Oxen and Other Cattle—Sheep—Hogs—Comparisons—Missouri Adapted to Live Stock—Cotton—Broom-corn and other Products—Fruits—Berries—Grapes—Railroads—First Neigh of the "Iron Horse" in Missouri—Names of Railroads—Manufactures—Great Bridge at St. Louis

Chapter XI.
Education.—Public School System of Missouri—Lincoln Institute—Officers of Public School System—Certificates of Teachers—University of Missouri—Schools—Colleges—Institutions of Learning—Location—Libraries—Newspapers and Periodicals—Number of School Children—Amount Expended—Value of Grounds and Buildings—"The Press"

Chapter XII.
Religious Denominations.—Baptist Church—Its History—Congregational—When Founded—Its History—Christian Church—Its History—Cumberland Presbyterian Church—Its History—Methodist Episcopal Church—Its History—Presbyterian Church—Its History—Protestant Episcopal Church—Its History—United Presbyterian Church—Its History—Unitarian Church—Its History—Roman Catholic Church—Its History

St. Louis.—First Settlement—Arrival of the First Steamboat—Removal of the Capital to Jefferson City—When Incorporated—Population by decades—First Lighted by Gas—Death of one of Her Founders, Pierre Chouteau—Cemeteries—Financial Crash—Bondholders and Coupon-clippers—Value of Real and Personal Property—Manufactures—Criticism

Kansas City, Missouri.—A Sketch—The New Life—Its First Settlement—Steamboat Events from 1840 to 1846—Mexican War—Santa Fe Trade—Railroads—Commercial Advancement—Stock Market—Pork-packing—Elevators and Grain Receipts—Coal Receipts—Buildings—Railroad Changes—Banks—Newspapers—Churches—Secret Societies—Public Schools—Manufacturing Center—Her Position and Trade—Assessed Valuation—Close

St. Joseph, Missouri.—Early Settlements—The First Settlement at Blackstone Hills—Robidoux—Biographical Sketch—At the bluffs—Then at Roy's Branch and Blacksnake Hills—1834-1836—Robidoux's Home—Employee-Servant—Ferry—From 1837 to 1840—Rival Towns—Wolves

Homestead Exemption Law.—Husband not Liable—Rights of Married Women—Hedges Trimmed—Changing Schoolhouse Sites—Marriage Licenses—Purchasing Books by Subscription—Forms of Deeds, Leases and Mortgages—Notes—Orders—Receipts—Valuable Rules—Weights and Measures

Population of the United States.—By Races—Increase—Miles of Railroad in United States—Telegraph Lines and Wires—Cotton Crop—Coal Fields—Cereal Production—Presidential Vote from 1789 to 1880—Dates of Presidents' Births

Chapter I.
When the White Man Came the Red Man Left—Retrospect—The Home of the Oppressed—Linn County—Bright Jewel—The Indian's Departure—Game—The Dawn of Civilization—Early Settlers—1820 to 1830—Indian Mischief—Indian Town—Black Hawk War—The Pendletons—Death of William—William Bowyer as a Hunter—Locust Creek Country, the Happy Hunting-grounds of the Indians—Went to Mill, etc.

Chapter II.
When the Wilderness Commenced to Blossom Like the Rose—1837—Influx of Settlers—Their Homes and Trials—The First Mill—Schools—Churches, Preachers, Teachers, and Physicians—Trading Point—Prices of Goods—Barter and Sale—Country Produce—Game, Honey, etc.—Scale of Prices—Life and Incidents—Splitting Rails—Work of Progress—Looking Back—The Past and the Present

Chapter III.
From Peace to War's Alarms—1840 to 1850—Names of Pioneers—Schools—Death of Lewis F. Linn—Mexican War—The Call for Troops—Linn County in the War—Company H., List of Names—The Close of the War—What the Wild Sea Waves Divulged on California's Golden Shore—The Grand Rush—Gold and Silver Lying Around Loose—The Hopes of the Living, Despair of the Dying, and the Bones of the Dead—Linn county Contributes her Quota

Chapter IV.
Upward and Onward in Material Progress—Rapid Progress—1840 to 1860 Compared—Increase of Property and the Increase of the Tax Levy—The Set-back by the Civil War—Shaking for a New Deal at the Close of the War—On the up Grade—Repairing Broken Fortunes and Adding to New Ones—1865 to 1870—Organizing the Shattered Remains—A Tornado—A Matter of a Few Thousand Dollars on the Delinquent List—New Road Law and How it Worked—Linn County Fair—Its Constitution and List of Officers—Busted—Rodents and Bounty—Money for the Small Boy—Meteoric—Murder of Willie McKinley—Coroner's Verdict—Petition for Pardon—Governor Crittenden's Refusal—His Reasons in Full

Chapter V.
Official History of Linn County—What is Was, Is, and now Expected to Be—When organized—Act of Incorporation—Commissioners—Metes and Bounds—Change of boundary Line—First County Court—Time and Place of Meeting—Dividing the County into Townships—The First Tax Levy—Location of the County Seat—Deed of John Holland and Wife—Named after Dr. Linn, U.S. Senator—First Sale of Lots by John D. Grant, Commissioner—First Court-house—First Ferry License—Benton Township Organized—Election, etc.

Chapter VI.
Elections the Glory of Free Institutions—The First Election—The Result—Duncan Township .. First Defalcation .. Liberty Township .. First Money Borrowed by the County .. Town Lot Fund .. Bridges .. Pleasant Hill Township .. Defalcation of J. W. Minnis Settled in Full .. County Treasurer Makes a Final Settlement and all O.K. .. The Year 1842 Ran Behind .. Highland County .. Its Organization as to Metes and Bounds, but still under Linn County's Municipal Control .. Minor Sale of Linneus Town Lots, 1844 .. A Transfiguration .. The Reorganization of Linn County in 1845, After Sullivan Was Taken Off .. Townships and Their Metes and Bounds

Chapter VII.
Intended as a Temple of Justice, the New Court-House … That Miserable Structure, the "Log" Court-house .. Pride Takes Advance Steps .. $4,000 to Assert the New Dignity Assumed by the People .. Order for the Building of a New Temple of Justice .. Bridges .. Receipts and Expenditures .. Change of Court-house Superintendents .. First Public Administrator .. Town and County .. court-house Finished, October 16, 1848 .. Good Showing .. Paying Back Borrowed Money, and the Interest Exceeds the Principal .. Railroad Fever .. Donation of $200 for the H. & S. J. Survey .. The First Primary .. The New Jail .. Another Donation to the H. and S. J., $500, and Right of Way Granted, Subscription, Etc. .. Several Items .. Baker Township .. Enterprise Township .. 1858 to 1860

Chapter VIII.
Chaos Began and Light Dawned .. The Opening of the Fratricidal Strife .. Action of the County Court .. Taxation and Collection .. Delinquent Lists .. Several Important Items .. A Cupola for the Court-house and Five Dollars a Day for the County Court Judges .. Clay Township .. Bucklin District Township .. A Variety of Information .. The Location, Plans, and Building of the New Jail .. Cost, $8,680.26 .. Agricultural Association .. The Clarkson Defalcation .. Items .. Financial .. Township Bond Indebtedness .. Offer of compromise .. Address to the People by the Committee .. How it Stands January 1, 1882 .. The Tax Levy and Cost and Collection for a Series of Years .. Linn County Bonded Debt

Chapter IX.
Soil, Climate, Agricultural and Mineral Resources of Linn County—Introductory—Central Position—Topography—Streams—Climate—Soil and Productions—Coal—Stone—Fruit-growing—Variety—Berries, Kinds, Etc.—Statistics—Leading Crops—Corn, Oats, Tobacco, and Wheat—The Crops of 1879—Assessment of 1879, 1880, and 1881—Number of Horses, Mules, Hogs, Cattle, and Sheep for the Above Years—The Leading Breeds of Stock—Their Choice—Summary

Chapter X.
Those Who Held Office and Secured the Emoluments .. County Judges, Sheriffs, Clerks, Treasurers, etc. .. Senatorial and Congressional Districts .. Senators and Representatives .. Present Congressmen and the Vote—Judicial Circuit—Judges and Attorneys .. The Full List of Patriots Who Served the People, for the Honors and Salaries Attached .. History of the Probate Court

Chapter XI.
State and County's Educational Facilities .. Educational .. School Law and Section 7103 .. Consolidation of State School Funds .. Why Education Should be Universal .. Linn County's First Move .. Sales of the Sixteenth Sections .. School Funds .. Organized into School Districts .. The Funds of Each .. State Fund from 1850 to 1860 .. Township Fund Distributed from 1854 to 1863 .. The Effects of the Civil War .. After the Deluge .. New Organization of the School Districts, 1866 .. School and Swamp Lands .. Enumeration .. Town Apportionment .. The Hannibal and St. Joe and Other Railroads .. School Taxes .. School History in Detail from 1875 to 1881 .. State School Fund .. Closing Remarks

Chapter XII.
The Iron Horse, and What it Cost Linn County .. Opening Chorus .. The Hannibal & St. Joseph Railroad Company .. Donations .. Subscription of $25,000, and its forfeiture .. 69,470 Acres of Linn County Land Given to the Hannibal & St. Joseph Railroad .. About What the Road Cost to Linn County .. The Missouri Central, The North Missouri Central and Several Other Changes of Name too Numerous to Mention .. Taxation and Assessed Valuation .. Subscription to the Central Missouri Branch of the Iowa & St. Joseph Railroad .. The History of This Branch, Bonds voted, etc., from Alpha to Omega

Chapter XIII.
Agricultural Unity and Political Amalgamation .. The Grange .. Object and Aims .. The First Organization .. Rapid Progress .. Names and Number of Grangers in the County .. Organization County Grange .. Constitution .. The End .. The First Election .. Campaign of 1840 .. Songs .. Presidential Election 1844 .. 54-40 or Phight [sic] .. Fun and Free Whisky .. Whigs and Democrats, local Fights .. Linn County Democratic up to the Drake Constitution .. Also After Its Repeal ..  Close Figures .. Vote, County, State and Congressional .. county Officials 1882

Chapter XIV.
Statement of Facts of Public Interest .. Poor-farm .. Its Cost .. Lease and Family of Lease .. Sold, Purchased, and Traded .. Some Interesting Facts .. Swamp Lands, When Selected .. Cost of First Sale and Survey .. 28,759.99 Acres .. By Townships .. What it Brought .. The Closing Sale .. Removal of County Seat a Failure .. A Suit for Damages by Linneus against Brookfield Suggested .. Vote of 1870 and that of 1880 .. No Hope for Brookfield .. A $75,000 Court-house .. Population of Linn County .. Per cent of Gain

Chapter XV.
War and Peace .. The Heroes of 1812 .. Their Names and Record .. The First Deed of Record .. A Second Deed .. The First Will .. The First Administrative Notice .. A Record of Forty Years .. Events as They Happened from Year to Year .. A Chapter for Reference, and a Key to the Contents of the General History of this Work .. Distances, etc.

Chapter XVI.
Linn County in the Civil War .. After the Presidential Election of 1860 .. Election of Delegates to the State Convention .. Up to Fort Sumter .. After Fort Sumter .. First Federal Troops in the County .. Capture of Black's Cannon .. The First Confederate Troops .. Other Military Operations of 1861 .. Leading Events of 1862 .. The Hand of War is Felt, and it is Hard and Heavy .. Organization of the Enrolled Missouri Militia .. Leading Events of 1863 .. Holtzclaw's Guerrillas .. Leading Events of 1864 .. A Bounty Offered .. Skirmishes in Jackson Township .. The Beginning of the End .. Just Before the Collapse .. The End Comes .. Peace .. Linn County's Soldiers in the Civil War .. The Blue and the Gray .. Company F, First Cavalry Missouri State Militia .. Federal or Union Soldiers' Record .. Confederate Soldiers' Record

Chapter XVII.
Locust Creek Township .. Topography .. Early Settlers .. Births, Marriages, and Deaths .. Ministers .. Schools .. Physicians .. Spinning and Weaving .. Early Incidents .. Boundary Lines .. Organization under the New Township Law .. Township Officers .. Some Incidents of the Civil War .. Death of Judge Smith and William Pendleton .. Raids of Bushwhackers and Excursions of the "Truly Loil" .. Opposition to Railroad Tax .. Meetings .. Nichols Tragedy, and Other Casualties .. Churches, etc.

Chapter XVIII.
City of Linneus .. Incorporation .. Its founder .. Some Reminiscenses [sic] of Early Times .. Wolves Make Music that Lulls the Early Settler to Sleep .. A Woman's Strength and Devotion .. The First Settler of Linneus a Colored Woman .. Aunt Dinah's Experience .. Metes and Bounds .. The First Frame House .. The First Native Born .. Churches and Schools .. First Merchants .. Senator Benton's Visit .. Lynching of "Tennessee Tom" .. The First Railroad Train .. Accidents and Crimes .. Business Houses .. Visit of General Weaver .. Lodges, Societies, Churches, and City Officers .. Biographies

Chapter XIX.
Brookfield Township .. Topography .. Metes and bounds .. Its Running Streams and Growth of Timber .. Coal Beds .. Early Days .. Pioneer History and Incidents of Note .. Who Settled it and Where They Came From Originally .. Part of Yellow Creek and Locust Creek, and Wholly of Jefferson Since 1845 .. A Voting Precinct June 5, 1866 .. Organized as Brookfield Township July 2, 1866 .. Township Officers Under the New Organization Law of 1872 and of 1880 .. Population .. Assessor's Valuation .. Incidents, Accidents and Crimes

Chapter XX.
City of Brookfield .. Its Location .. The Scatters .. The Usual Remarks About Game, etc. .. Who Gave it a Local Habitation and a Name .. Boarding Shanties and Several Other Things .. Laid Out and How it Grew and Prospered .. In 1861 Had Grown to About fifteen Houses and Some Other Buildings .. The First Child Born and What Followed .. Deaths and Burials .. Father Hogan .. The First School .. Brookfield in the Civil War .. Some Facts and Some Rumors Upon Which Facts Were Based .. Brookfield Survived .. Small-pox Scare .. Tragedies Growing out of the Great Strife .. The New Era and the Past to be Buried in Oblivion .. Churches, Schools, Societies, etc.

Chapter XXI.
After the Great Civil War: The White Winged Angel Spreads her Mantle of Peace .. New Life and a General Upward and Onward Tendency .. Incorporation .. First Board of Trustees .. The First Newspaper .. Prairie Fires .. Brass Band and a Base Ball Club, Which Shows an Advanced State of Civilization, Combining with Culture and Refinement .. Some More Accidents, and how the vote stood for Grant and the "Smiler" .. Education .. The Measles, Coal, and a New Addition .. Items of Interest, Including the Park, Railroad Subscription, Engine-house and City Hall, and the Great Fire of 1872 .. Numerous Incidents, Accidents, and a Closing of the City History .. Biographies

Chapter XXII.
Jefferson Township .. Soil, Timber, Streams, and Undulating Prairie .. Building Stone, Potter's and Brick Clay .. Her Rise and Progress .. A Genuine Snake Story .. Old Settlers .. What They Wear and How They Live .. The Young Folks' Sunday Nights .. Growth .. Two Precincts and a Division .. Population and its Assessed Valuation .. Crimes and Casualties .. Garfield memorial Service .. Town Organization .. Officers, etc.

Chapter XXIII.
City of Laclede .. Its Location .. The Beauty of its Surroundings .. When Laid Out and by Whom .. Advance Progress .. Items of Interest .. Taking a Rest .. The Effects of the Civil War .. Incorporation .. Metes and Bounds .. Indian Visits .. City of the Fourth Class .. Ward Boundaries .. Mayor and Alderman .. Out of Debt .. County-seat Vote .. Business Houses .. Church and Civic Societies .. The Full History of Holtzclaw's Raid in 1864 .. Biographies

Chapter XXIV.
Town and Township of Bucklin .. When Settled and by Whom .. Soil and its Fertility .. Material Progress .. Valuation .. Indian Hunters .. Early Incidents of Life, Marriages, Death, etc. .. The First School District Organized .. Some Incidents in Justices' Courts .. Other Settlements and their Early History .. A Singular Mistake .. Steam Whistle vs. Panther .. Railroad Rumpus .. Some More of Civil War Incidents .. When Township was Organized and Bucklin Township Incorporated .. Schools and Churches .. Accidents and Crimes .. Tornado, September, 1876 .. Population of Bucklin .. Schools, Churches, and Societies .. Its Business Interests .. Biographies

Chapter XXV.
Yellow Creek Township .. When Settled .. Its metes and Bounds .. Topography .. Land and Money .. Early Settlers and their Trials .. Happenings .. Agriculture .. War Items .. Dead Towns .. St. Kate, Its Past and Present .. Education and Religion .. Death of W. H. Elliott, Founder of St. Catharine .. Lodges and Societies .. Its Present and Business Future .. Accidents .. Biographies

Chapter XXVI.
Parsons Creek Township .. Metes and Bounds .. Topography .. Its Sandstone Rock .. Streams and Timber .. When and by Whom Settled .. Game .. What They Sold and Where They Sold it .. Progress, Accidents and Crimes .. Township Organization and its Officers .. West Baltimore .. Buttsville and Meadville .. When and by Whom Settled .. Melange .. Incorporation of Meadville .. Its First Officers .. Schools and Churches .. The Meadville Newspaper .. Business Houses .. Lodges and Societies .. Biographies.

Chapter XXVII.
Benton Township .. Metes and Bounds .. Territory Curtailed .. Cereals, Stocks and Grapes .. Fruits and the Vineyard .. Coal, Stone, and Brick Clay .. Old Settlers .. The First Store .. Schools, Churches and Graveyards .. Marriages, Births and Deaths .. Items of Interest .. Wolf Hunts and Election Yarns .. Railroad Subscription .. Accidents .. Valuation and Township Officers .. Browning .. When Incorporated .. The First House and Store .. The Town, its Rise and Progress .. Schools .. Societies and Newspapers .. Purdin .. What it was and is .. Liberal Offers .. Biographies

Chapter XXVIII.
Clay Township .. Description .. Location .. Area and Valuation for 1881 .. Population .. Early Settlement .. Breaking Prairie .. First Birth, Marriage, and Death .. Schools and Churches .. Hunting .. Early Times .. War Scenes .. Cyclone and Death .. Incidents and Accidents .. Eversonville, Its Rise and Progress, Local officers and Business Interests .. Biographies

Chapter XXIX.
Enterprise Township .. Metes and Bounds .. Timber and Streams .. Area and Valuation .. When Organized .. Growth of the Baby .. The Pioneers .. Who They Were and Where They Came From .. The Natural Course of Events .. Churches and Schools .. Ministers, Physicians, and Teachers .. Population .. Gain .. Village of Enterprise .. Its Buildings .. Cemetery .. Business .. Accidents and Incidents .. Biographies

Chapter XXX.
Baker Township .. When Organized .. When Divided .. Population and Wealth .. Area, Streams, woodlands, and Prairies .. Settled and Settlers .. The March of Events .. Christianity and Civilization go Hand in Hand .. From 1860 to 1870 .. One Slave only .. The Champion Economical Man .. Township Officers .. New Boston, When, Where, and How it Grew and Prospered .. "Hell Square Acre" .. Current Events .. Business Biographies

Chapter XXXI.
North Salem Township .. Position and Description .. Early Settlements .. "The Firsts" .. Old Time Politics .. During the War .. Miscellaneous Incidents .. Casualties and Crimes .. North Salem Village, its Settlement, etc. .. Methodist Church .. Post-office in the Township .. Official History .. County Churches, Presbyterian and United Brethren

Chapter XXXII.
Jackson Township .. Organization and Boundary Lines .. Number of Acres and Square Miles .. Valuation of Real and Personal Property, 1881 .. The Lay of the Land .. Half-tilled Farms and Home Surroundings .. Stock-raising and Tobacco Culture .. When the Chinch-bugs got a Bite .. Who Settled it and When, but it Wasn't Dunbar .. Several Settlements .. Progress .. The Professions .. Schools and Churches .. Cemeteries .. War Items .. Arnold's Death and Retaliation .. Incidents and Accidents .. Dead Towns .. Township Organization .. Township Officers .. Biographies

Chapter XXXIII.
Grantsville Township .. The Last Organization .. Its Metes and Bounds .. Early Settlement .. Schools, Churches, and Cemeteries .. Timber and Streams .. Population and Valuation .. Square Miles and Acres .. Scenes and Incidents .. Grantsville Village .. Township Officers .. Business .. Biographies

Chapter XXXIV.
Early History of Linn County Bar .. Introductory .. Riding the Circuit .. Early Resident Lawyers .. Additions to the Linn County Bar .. The Bar in 1860 and During the War .. At the Close of the War .. Some Recollections .. Early Brookfield Bar .. Lawyers at Other Towns .. Going Back to Brookfield and Linneus .. Younger Members of the Linn County Bar .. General Remarks

Chapter XXXV.
Addenda .. Locust Creek Biographies .. Bucklin Township .. Brookfield Township

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