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Miscellaneous Marriage Licenses

Transcribed by Candi H.

Groom: SALESON, Joel Bruce
Bride: HORTON, Janet Elizabeth
License Number 19850510
Application Date 06/17/1985
Date Issued 06/21/1985
Ceremony Date 07/10/1985
Ceremony City Columbia
File Date 07/10/1985
Groom: HOOVER, Charles Alonzo Ray
Bride: MACOMBER, Marilyn Sue
License Number 19880866
Application Date 10-03-1988
Date Issued 10-7-1988
Date of Ceremony 10-08-1988
File Date 10-28-1988
Married at Columbia
Groom: KELLY, Terrence Brennan
Bride: HORTON, Janet Elizabeth
License Number 19940221
Application Date 04/14/1994
Date Issued 05/12/1994
Ceremony Date 05/21/1994
Ceremony City Columbia
File Date 05/24/1994
Groom: TALLMAGE, Allan Emmitt
Bride: HORTON, Anne Marie
License Number 19980171
Application Date 03/31/1998
Date Issued 04/03/1998
Ceremony Date 04/11/1998
Ceremony City Columbia
File Date 04/14/1998
Groom: HODGSON, Alexander Lindsay
Bride: AUBER, Frances Easter  Surname PESAVENTO
License Number 19980665
Application Date 07/23/1998
Date Issued 07/29/1998
Ceremony Date 08/05/1998
Ceremony City Columbia
File Date 08/07/1998
Groom: PRIDEMORE, Todd Ryan
Bride: HORTON, Carolyn Denise
License Number 19971025
Application Date 12/17/1997
Date Issued 12/22/1997
Ceremony Date 01/03/1998
Ceremony City Columbia
File Date 01/07/1998
Groom: DOWNS, Jeffrey Shawn
Bride: HORTON, Paula Ann  Surname BEACH
License Number 19980111
Application Date 03/02/1998
Date Issued 03/10/1998
Ceremony Date 03/13/1998
Ceremony City Columbia
File Date 03/17/1998
Groom: CHEGWIDDEN, Matthew Alan
Bride: HORWEDEL, Anne Elizabeth
License Number 20000409
Application Date 05/25/2000
Date Issued 05/30/2000
Ceremony Date 06/10/2000
Ceremony City Columbia
File Date 06/14/2000
Groom: HORTON JR, Erskine John
Bride: WHITFIELD, Shatenita Leann
License Number 20010776
Application Date 09/07/2001
Date Issued 09/12/2001
Ceremony Date 09/29/2001
Ceremony City Columbia
File Date 10/04/2001
Groom: SHONHART, Norman Lesley
Bride: HORTON, Karen Lynn   Surname STUBBLEFIELD
License Number 20020965
Application Date 10/22/2002
Date Issued 10/25/2002
Ceremony Date 10/26/2002
Ceremony City Centralia
File Date 10/29/2002
Groom: MACOMBER, Richard Eldon
Bride: GUNDO, Tamara Lee  Surname MANIS
License Number 20030335
Application Date 05/09/2003
Date Issued 05/13/2003
Ceremony Date 05/17/2003
Ceremony City Columbia
File Date 05/21/2003
Groom: COFFMAN, Carson Lain
Bride: HORTON, Jennifer Lea
License Number 20040128
Application Date 03/12/2004
Date Issued 03/29/2004
Ceremony Date 04/03/2004
Ceremony City Not Listed
File Date 04/06/2004

Groom: MODGLIN, Rusty Allen
Bride: HORTON, Elizabeth Ann
License Number 20040676
Application Date 08/10/2004
Date Issued 08/13/2004
Ceremony Date 08/13/2004
Ceremony City Columbia
File Date 08/20/2004

Groom: HORTON, Leroy Lynn
Bride: RUTHERFORD, Erica Nichole



License Number 20060479
Application Date 06/09/2006
Date Issued 06/13/2006
Ceremony Date 06/24/2006
Ceremony City STURGEON
File Date 06/28/2006


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