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Alva, Missouri
Shot a Blind Tiger Keeper
A Former Member of a Notorious Gang of Outlaws Killed
Alva, Mo., Sept. 26 – Charles Hampton, a young school teacher, shot and instantly killed Lewis N. Davenport, a “blind tiger” keeper, ten miles west of Gainesville, Ozark county, Mo. It seems that Davenport and Hampton had been having some trouble over the whiskey selling business, and on meeting the trouble was renewed. Davenport started at Hampton with an open knife, and Hampton opened fire on his, shooting him five times in rapid succession and killing him instantly.
Davenport came to this county under arrest for horse stealing and was for a time associated with the notorious Sig. Calhoun and Whitaker. He was for a long time in the illicit whiskey business at this place and other points in South Missouri. His taking off is recognized more as a blessing than a calamity, and his slayer will not be molested.
(The Guthrie Daily Leader; Guthrie, Oklahoma; September 27, 1893. Transcribed as written by D. Donlon)


Samuel Cornett of Boone county, but formerly a resident of Cass, and Nelson and Vinson Lane, two young men about eighteen years of age, also citizens of Cass, had a hostile meeting near this place on Tuesday, on the Jefferson road. Cornett, in company with Peter Goodwin of this county, was going from town, and the two Lanes, in company with W.C. Hubbard and W.H. Jacobs, were coming to town. They met in the road as above stated, when one of the Lanes spoke to him; whereupon Cornett declared he wished nothing to do with them and pulled out his pistols, one a six shooter, and commenced firing, first at one of the Lanes and then at the other. Nelson was shot in the left arm and right breast, but the wounds we suppose are not dangerous.---Vinson's clothes were pierced by a shot.---Nelson, who was armed with a double barrelled shot-gun, alighted from his horse amid the firing, and lodged the contents of one barrel in the neck and breast of Cornett, bringing him to the ground. After he fell the other barrel was discharged at him, the contents entering the top of his head.---Cornett died instantly. Vinson Lane, during the melee, discharged a large pistol at Cornett, but we suppose missed him.
These parties had had previous difficulties in Cass, and the Lanes were here with a view of arresting Cornett on a charge of horse stealing.
John C. Davenport, Esq., held an inquest over the body, immediately after which the Lanes were tried before Justices Davenport and Gordon and acquitted. Cornett leaves a wife and two children residing near Summerville in this county.---[Statesman, 6th.
[Glasgow Weekly Times (Glasgow, Mo.) Thursday, April 12, 1855. Submitted by Kathy McDaniel]


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