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Draft Board Selects Soldiers to Report to Service April 29
Thirty-two men will entrain April 29 for Camp Funston as Boone County’s latest contingent for the National Army. Thirty-nine registrants have been named by the local draft board so that if any of the first thirty-two fail to appear or appeal their cases alternates can be selected from the seven additional men.
Some of the men named in the first thirty-two farmers and have the privilege of appealing for deferred classification on industrial grounds. Last week a contingent of Boone County registrants was sent to Ames, IA., to receive special training in mechanics. May 10 another contingent will be sent to Jefferson Barracks, St. Louis. The thirty-two men named to go to Camp Funston April 29 are:
Vancourt Sappington, Ashland; Melvin Mooney, Kansas City; Robert A. Berkabile, Columbia; Gurley Hice, Ashville, N.C.; Charles A. Gentry, Rocheport; Bredelle Jesse, Fairibault, Minn.; Marshall J. Hultz, Route 4, Columbia; Joseph E. Forbis, Ashland; Elmer L. Heidbrader, Columbia; Will C. Hackleman, St. Louis; Rozier Gibson, Sturgeon; Roy Upcrouch Lanham, Columbia; Ernest E. Coats, Columbia; Clyde C. Conley, Columbia; Charles I. Maze, Huntsdale, Roy T. Crump, Hartsburg; Karl Marsh, Columbia; Herman F. Kraus, Columbia; William H. Meyer, St. Louis; Oliver R. Hunt, Clarksville; Hugh N. Morris, Columbia; Jabe Sublett, Columbia; Walter E. Howard, Columbia; John e. Kinsinger, Pandora, Ohio; John Reams, Columbia; James J. Berkebile, Columbia; Stevens Y. Shears, Kansas City; William C. Windsor, Columbia; Leonard W. Crump, Kansas City; Percy A. Martin, Biloxi, Miss.; Louis M. Maupin, Columbia; William Tulk, Columbia; Stanley E. Brown, Rocheport.
The following men have been named alternates:
James O. Robinson, Rocheport; Frank C. Shepherd, Columbia; Joseph H. Hopper, Columbia; D. B. Curtis, Columbia; William T. Weir, Columbia; Paul A. Barth, Columbia.
(The Evening Missourian, Columbia, Mo., April 20, 1918, front page. Submitted by Peggy Thompson)

All Those Examined This Morning Sound – 6 are Negroes
All twenty-one of the men examined by the local draft board this morning passed. They are:
Marvin L. Hopper, Sam. M. Fortney, Edgar Cunningham, Charles Douglass, James Lynes, W. A. Crane, Curtis Baumgartner, Clyde R. Funk, Samuel F. Lloyd, Shannon L. Bryson, James O. Tow, Leonard L. LeConnet, Elbert Claypool, Wesley Rice, Jesse Neale, Tilford McQuitty, colored, Vernie Holt, colored, Frank Freeman, colored, John Gray, colored, George Washington, colored and Alex Strawn, colored.
(The Evening Missourian, Columbia, Mo., April 22, 1918, front page. Submitted by Peggy Thompson)

Local Draft Board Refuses to Pass 11 for Military Service
Thirty-three of the forty-two men who were examined by the local draft board at the Court house this morning were found physically fit for military service. Those who passed the examination are: H. C. Smith, S. A. Smoke, Jr., W. C. Stolte, C. M. White, C. D. Hoersche, R. J. Jones, J. R. Hines, P. G. Koontz, T. W. Niernann, E. N. Sapp, Howard Martin, S. B. Valentine, Curtis Black, I. J. Willett, G. W. Goff, O. C. Brown, Jesse Wright, R. B. Berry, Willie Walker, Joseph Woods, Walter Pitts, J. C. Crowley, I. L. Leonard, Homer Brink, Oral Patrick, O. R. Alton, Curtis White, B. L. Simons, W. A. Thornton, C. T. Rice, J. W. Sappington, Homer Britt, negro, and Rolly Phillips, negro.
Those who failed to pass the examination are: R. E. Brown, John Seley, Claude Old, C. E. Burks, L. E. Norvell, M. F. Rollins, J. H. Goldsberry, M. E. Drew, negro and Luther Cross, negro.
(The Evening Missourian, Columbia, Mo., April 23, 1918, front page. Submitted by Peggy Thompson)


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