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Slave Sales 1864

Source:  History of Boone County, Missouri; By Author Col. Wm. F. Switzler; Publ. 1882 by Western Historical Company; Page 435; Transcribed by Andrea Stawski Pack

1864. In the first portion of this chapter are given the prices at which slaves were sold on January 1, 1860, before the war. In instructive contrast with the prices they then brought, is appended the following account of a sale, January 1, 1864, of the slaves belonging to the estate of John Shock, deceased, sold to the highest bidder, before the court house door, in Columbia, by Joel H. Haden and David Shock, executors; terms cash :—

Jane, aged 48 years, sold to F. T. Russell                     $ 86.
Zerrelda, aged 7 years, sold to  Henry Shook             $170.
Laura, aged 9 years, sold to  David Shock                   $150.
Jim, aged 35 years, sold to  J. H. Haden                        $250.
Kirt, aged 16 years, sold to  Henry Shock                     $200.
Hat, aged 13 years, sold to Isam Williams                    $312.
Hannah, aged 30 and three children,
                aged 6, 4 and 1 year, sold to J. H. Haden       $505.

Also, of a public sale on Monday, January 25, 1864, by the sheriff, of 22 slaves belonging to John W. Rollins, for cash, as follows : —

To J. T. McBain, Alex, aged 43 years                                   $132.00
To J. A. McQuitty, Green, aged 30 years                                 80.00
To Dr. J. W. Roberts, Charles, aged 30 years                        150.00
To G. C. Swallow, Levi, aged 25 years                                  208.00
To J.W. Lamme, Essex, aged 30 years                                   135.00
To J. W. Lamme, Joe, aged 21 years                                      140.00
To F. Herndon, William, aged 13 years                                  161.00
To D. Guitar, Jerome, aged 8 years                                          70.00
To J. W. Lamme, Eddy, aged 6 years                                       61.00
To A. L. Vandiver, Winny, aged 55 years                              101.00
To M. S. Matthews, Mary, aged 40 years,
         and her child, Odon, aged 18 months                            106.00
To Robert Schwabe, Hannah, aged 35 years                            25.00
To D. McQuitty, Margaret, aged 30 years                                60.00
To J. W. Lamme, Lucy, aged 30 years                                      145.00
To J.W. Lamme, Harriet, aged 16 years, and two children         170.00
To J. W. Lamme, Fanny, aged 12 years                                      85.00
To J. A. McClancy, Julia, aged l0 years                                     135.00
To Mrs. W. F. Switzler, Laura, aged 9 years                              93.00
To M. S. Matthews, Morgan, aged 4 years                                 43.50
Twenty-two Negroes                             $2,080.50

On Saturday, at a constable's sale, a very likely negro man, Dick, aged 21 years, was bought by Wm. F. Switzler for $126 00; the slave sold was the property of Columbus B. Hickam.

Lieut. Col. F. T. Russell, 61st Regiment, E. M. M., was Assistant Provost Marshal in Columbia for enlisting colored volunteers in accordance with General Orders No. 135, and he accepted the appointment and enlisted a large number.  He resigned the position in July.

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