Buchanan County, Missouri
Death of Charles Robidoux

On the night of the 8th of September, 1850, occurred the death of Charles Robidoux, the youngest son of Joseph Robidoux, the founder of St. Joseph.  The circumstances connected with his death are as follows: 

On the night above mentioned, about eleven o'clock, young Robidoux, in company with other young men of the town, were on the street, engaged in some harmless sport.  They were rapping at the doors of the business houses, to awaken the clerks and other sleeping therein.  They rapped on the door of D.& T.D. S. MacDonald, and, after leaving it, they went to a post set in the ground, at the edge of the pavement opposite the building, and commenced pulling it up.  Young robidoux pulled the post up, and placing it on his shoulder, he started towards the opposite side of the street, and when he had gone about one third of the distance, a gun was fired from the window of the second story of MacDonalds store.  The load, which consisted of shot of large size, took effect in the back part of his head, tearing it almost to atoms.  He expired in a few minutes.

Duncan MacDonald confessed that he had shot the gun, but with no intention of injuring any person, as he knew no person then on the street.  Charles Robidoux was in the twentieth year of his age, was much respected, and his death was a source of great regret to his friends and numerous acquaintances.

Source: The History of Buchanan County, Missouri A history of the county, its cities, towns, etc. Union Historical Company, 1881


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