Buchanan County, Missouri
Death of Joseph Robidoux


Having, in a former chapter given a brief biographical sketch of Joseph Robidoux, we shall now record the date of his death, which occurred on the 27th day of May, A.D., 1868, at the age of nearly eighty five years.

The Herald, of May 28, 1868, contains the following reference to his funeral obsequies:

  "The funeral obsequies of the late Joseph Robidoux most condlusively manifested that the citizens of St. Joseph were not unmindful of the deep obligations due to the deceased, the founder of the city, who had so cheerfully sacrificed his time and money to aid the growth and establish the prosperity of St. Joseph.

  At noon all the places of business were closed, and in all parts of the city there was a general suspension of business during the remainder of the day.  Edmond Street, in the neighborhood of the residence of Jule Robidoux, Sr., was densely crowded during the early hours of the afternoon, by the old and young, all anxious to take a last look at the remains of the old pioneer, whose name is inseparably connected with the city of St. Joseph.  Before the hour named for the funeral procession, the neighboring streets were literally packed with conveyances, while the sidewalks were crowded with hundreds of our residents.

  Simeon Kemper, Wm. Fowler, Robert Carter, E.W. Welch, Judge Schreiber and Governor R.M. Stewart, all old citizens, officated as pall bearers.  At three oclock, the funeral procession was formed as follows:  Police, delegation of firemen, the hearse with the remains of the deceased, guarded by his grand children, relations of the deceased, the old settlers, the Mayor and members of the City Council, and citizens in general.

  The remains of the deceased were taken to the Catholic cemetery and there consigned to their last resting place with all respect."

We know not whether the site of his grave is marked by marble slab or granite shaft, or whether anything ixists to tell the stranger of the exact burial place of Joseph Robidoux.  We do know, however, that the grandest and most enduring monument of him, is the city he founded.  His name, and the names of his children, will live co-extensive in history with the name of St. Joseph.
[Source: History of Buchanan County, Missouri, Union Historical Company, 1881]

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