Buchanan County, Missouri.
Miscellaneous "Firsts"


On the 3d of November, 1845, the "St. Joseph Thespian Society" made its first appearance, in the comedy entitled "The Prisoner at Large."

On the 5th of December, 1845, the "St. Joseph Lyceum" held its first meeting in the Presbyterian Church.  The question discussed was: "Do the lights of nature teach the immortality of the soul?"  Disputants-Affirmative, Dr. S.D. Overstreet, George Brubaker.  Negative- L. Archer, J.H. Young.
At the next meeting of this society, B.F. Laon became a member, and among others, discussed the question, "Are the inferior animals immortal?"

A small paper was published in Sparta called the Rooster, about January, 1846

March 6, 1846, appeared the advertisement of the St. Joseph Seminary for Young Ladies, S. Landis, Principal.

As the young ladies may be interested to know when the first sewing society was organized in St. Joseph, we here quote from the Gazette of April 3d, 1846:
"We take pleasure in calling the attention of our towns men to the St. Joseph Sewing Society, which has lately been established in our midst.  The object of the association is extemely laudable, viz., the gaining of funds to erect and finish the Methodist church.  We recommend those of our young men and others who may wish clothes of any description, to patronize the ladies of the St. Joseph Sewing Society, for in doing this, the double consolation is found of wearing garments well done up by the fairest fingers, and knowing that the proceeds are well appropriated."

The first circus that visited St. Joseph was Howes & Mabie, in May, 1846

The first daguerrean artist was A.C. Partridge, who came in July 1846

Source: The History of Buchanan County, Missouri A history of the county, its cities, towns, etc. Union Historical Company, 1881


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