Buchanan County, Missouri
Marriage Notices

Saltzman's Victims
During the year 1881 Justice Saltzman pronounced the words that bound in holy wedlock the following parties:
January 1 James Thomas and Isidora Turner
January 13 Suket Randall and Elizabeth Decker
January 25 Floran Leber and Rebecca Dusey
February 26 William Sanderson and Bertha Grape
March 28 John J. Zegert and Eliza Hutzle
April 9 James W. Fowler and Adel Cole
April 13 John Couch and Emiline Marjauer
April 18 Thomas Schaeffer and Mattie M. Troy
April 23 Michael E. Brown and Martha J. Goodloe
April 28 Emil Jeck and Maria Gasts
May 2 Edward Peters and Tabitha S. Leonard
May 23 Jacob U. Haas and Minnie Lindekugel
June 6 Thomas S. Hensley and Roseanna Leidy
June 8 Hans P. Jesson and Elsa Olson
July 2 Charles Harris and Caroline Arnold
July 16 Herman Neidhart and Louisa Voerg
July 18 Oliver T. Stewart and Jennie Cunningham
July 20 Leroy Cook and Mary Jones
August 3 Ulrich Biery and Magdalena Reutinger
August 30 Phillip J. Parker and Oillie Van Scott
September 13 John W. Criteser and Alice J. Kelly
October 19 Dudley Tilley and Alice Austin
November 8 Philip Reichart and Victoria Eno
November 10 Louis B. Wallace and Mary Robert
December 4 Thomas Slatery and Mary E. Pock
December 4 Henry Rody and Mary Ricky
December 15 Ignatz Zelser and Charlotte J. Mapier
December 17 James M. Montgomery and Mary Ament
December 25 Gottlieb Yaeger and Theresa Steffens
December 28 Jess Miller and Mattie Johnson

Source: St. Joseph Herald, St. Joseph, MO, Jan. 1, 1882

Miss Amy Aldrich and Harry I. Worth of Cedar Rapids, Iowa were married Thursday afternoon at the home of the bride's mother, Mrs. Francis Aldrich, 1918 Francis Street.
Source: St. Joseph Observer, St. Joseph MO, July 3, 1915

When Mr. and Mrs. George B. Baker of Maryville and their daughter, Miss Carrie Margaret Baker, and Mr. Edward F. Caldwell, the latter one of the famous cattle breeders of Burlington Junction, arrived in St. Joseph and the young people told them that they wanted to do some shopping and would meet them later----little did the parents think that wehn they did that they would meet them as man and wife--for this is just what they did.  Rev. J.D. Haper performed the ceremony.  The couple with their parents blessing left at once for a honeymoon trip to the South.  The father of the bride, Geo. B. Baker is one of the strong probabilities for governor.
Source: The St. Joseph Observer, St. Joseph, Mo., Jan. 24, 1920

Justice Burke and Recorder Karnes figured in a little elopement early yesterday morning that has caused more excitement about the court house than anything that has happened for some time.  Yesterday morning as the gray streaks of dawn were beginning to show in the sky Benno Bankau and Miss Mary E. Litcher were made man and wife on the south steps of the court house.  The young couple, with a friend, appeared at his house last Sunday night.  They wanted to be married but had no license.

Recorder Joseph Karnes resides on Twenty-fourth and Faraon and the justice told the young couple the only way out of it would be to go and get the recorder to go to his office and get a license for them.  They agreed and the justice accompanied them.  The house was silent as the grave and no amount of yelling could raise anyone in the Karnes home.  Windows flew up in each part of the neighborhood and heads and white gowned figures appeared.  Some appeard to have boot jacks in hand but none was thrown.

Justice Burke had done his duty and he went back home, telling the young couple if they discovered the whereabouts of the recorder to awake him and he woulod do the rest.  At 3 o'clock he was awakened.  The couple, with the friend, was there with a carriage.  The party went to the Karnes residence.  The recorder was picked up and they went to the court house.  The license was procurred and the couple married.

The young woman has been in the employ of Henry Krug, Jr., for some time.  Her husband formerly worked for Mr. Krugs father and the friend that asserted the couple in getting the licens is now in the employ of Mr. Krug, it is said.
Source: St. Joseph Weekly Herald, St. Joseph, Mo., Sept. 7, 1899

JamesB. Bathon of Fort Omaha and Miss Adelia Imseke of Weing, Neb. were married here Wednesday.  Bathon is an aviation student.
Source: The St. Joseph Observer St. Joseph, MO. Feb. 2, 1918

Married by Recorder John A. Dodman, Hiram Bennet,Esq., to Margaret Heaps, all of this city.
Source Weekly West, St. Joseph MO, May 8, 1859

Mr. Louis Blazer and Miss Ester Rosenblatt were united in marriage in St. Joseph a few days ago by Rabbi Hurnwitz, of the Jewish synagogue.  The two were engaged in Austria nineteen years ago by their respective families, when the young lady was only five years of age.  A few weeks ago Mr. Blazer, who is a clothier, sent money for the young lady to come and share his home in America.
Source: The Tribune, Union Missouri, Aug. 19, 1887.

St. Joseph, Mo - October 14th, Mr. P. E. Brooks of St. Joseph, Mo., and Miss Mary Perry, a well known society lady of this city will be united in the holy bonds of matrimony in the former mentioned city where Mr. Brooks purchased a hotel and where he and his bride will reside. Mr. Brooks is one of St. Joe’s brightest young men and the Sunflower wishes them many long years of matrimonial bliss.
(Kansas Sunflower, October 10, 1890, page 2. Contributed by Peggy Thompson)
C.J. Crooks of Helena, MO., and Miss Anna M. Aiden of Palouse, Wash., met at the court house here Wednesday and were married following a correspondence courtship.  The groom is six feet six inches tall and the bride is less than four feet.
Source: The St. Joseph Observer, St. Joseph, MO., April 6,1918

De Vorss-Dominy
The many friends in St. JOseph of Miss Ina De Vorss of this city will no doubt hear with much pleasure of her marriage, which occurred last week at Ghring, Neb.  The Mid West (Will Mauphin's paper) of that city says:  "At noon Monday, December 22, 1919 at the Methodist parsonage in this city occurred the wedding of Arthur L. Dominy of Scottsbluff and Miss Ina De Vorss of St. Joseph, Mo.  The groom has recently purchased a music store in Scottsbluff where they will make their future residence.  The Rev. G.W. Snyder pastor of the M.E. church officated using the beautiful ring ceremony  of the Methodist Episcopal church.
Source: The St. Joseph Observer, St. Joseph Mo, Jan. 3, 1920

John T. Dunken of Plattsburg and Miss Nellie Simmons of this city were married at the home of the bride Tuesday
Source: The St. Joseph Observer, St. Joseph, MO., Feb. 6, 1915

On the 24th of December, Rev. Mr. Lanier, Geo. K. Elliot, formerly of Baltimore, to Miss Rachel Ann Hall, eldest daughter of Col. Samuel C. Hall, of Buchanan County, Missouri.
Source: The Sun, Baltimore, MD, Jan. 29, 1845

Married on Saturday, April 30, 1859, by  Jule C. Robidoux, Esq., Mr. Hubert Elson to Miss Mary Schimete.
Source: Weekly West, St. Joseph, MO., May 8, 1859

Married, on Sunday April 2nd, 1865 by J.C. Robidoux, Esq., Mr. Richard Fails, to Miss Mary F.R. Stribling, both of St. Joseph, Mo.
Source: The Morning Herald and Daily Tribune, St. Joseph, MO., April 4, 1865

Miss Ella Catherine Fianagan and Mr. Frederick Henry Fisher, prominent young people of the Easton neighborhood, were married at Easton Sunday.
Source: The St. Joseph Observer, St. Joseph, MO, Feb. 21, 1920

Miss Ethel Foulk and Mr. Carl E. Stanton were married on Wednesday
Source: The St. Joseph Observer, St. Joseph, MO., September 25, 1915

Married,m on the evening of the 24th instant, in this city, by the Rev. M. Weber, Dr. Henry Frasse, U.S.A. and Mrs. Frances Marion Stewart of this city.  The Printers were kindly remembered by this happy couple, which insues them a long life of happiness.  Long may they wave and may their shadows never grow less.
Source: The Morning Herald and Daily Tribune, St. Joseph, MO., Jan. 27, 1865

On New Year day there was a wedding in South St. Joseph, at St. Patrick's church.  The contracting parties were Miss Jennie Friend and Mr. John Tiernon.  New Year day is usually considered the day for new resolves, and these very excellent young people have resolved themselves into one and start at the beginning of the new year to travel life's journey together.  The Gazette wishes them a happy new year and a propserous voyage over the sea of life.
Source: The St. Joseph Weekly Gazette, St. Joseph, MO., Jan. 9, 1879

Jennie Gaston and Ed Badger were united in marriage at the Cathedral on Wednesday evening.  The event was solemnized by a clergyman of the church, in the presence of a number of friends of the parties, who are both well known in St. Joseph, the bride being a daughter of Mr. John Gaston, a popular citizen, and the groom a son of Mr. Jos. Badger, book keeper in the wholesale house of A. Furst & Co.  After the ceremony, the company proceeded to the residence of the bride's parents, Twentieth and Messanie streets, where an excellent supper awaited them.  Hearty congratulations were exchanged, and the guests enjoyed an evening of agreeable social amusement.  The bride and groom departed yesterday morning for Fairfield, Neb., their future home.  Their large circle of St. Joseph friends extend sincere wishes for their future welfare and happiness.
Source: The St. Joseph Weekly Gazette, St. Joseph, MO, Jan. 9, 1879

Licenses were issued yesterday for the marriage of Xavier Giesler and Amelia Baum.  Both of Buchanan County.
Source: St. Joseph Herald, Jan. 1, 1882

Judge Saltzman's reputation as a manipulator of the mutual tie that binds for life extends a great way into Kansas, and yesterday his office at the Market House was filled by a sleigh load of young people from that State, accompanying a young couple who desired to get married.  Sarah A. Harper and James Shields were the happy parties who desired his services to assit them in becoming united as two hearts that beat as one, for a life time journey.  Gus is always very accommodating in such cases, and soon made the twain one, in his usual happy and elegant style.
Source The St. Joseph Weekly Gazette, St. Joseph, MO, Jan. 9, 1879

Miss Constance L. Hartman of Chicago and Mr. A.K. Amburgh of this city were married in Chicago Tuesday night.  After a trip to the coast, they will be at home at the Robidoux in this city.
Source: The St. Joseph Observer, St. Joseph, MO, October 16, 1915

In St. Joseph on the 16th inst. by the Rev. Mr. Leftwich, Mr. Thomas Higgins, of Doniphan county Kansas to Miss Lizzie Daugherty, of St. Joesph, Mo.
Source: The Morning Herald and Daily Tribune, St. Joseph, MO., March 19, 1865

Miss Susie Hugler and Joseph Curry will be married this evening at St. Xaviers church.
Source: St. Joseph Observer, St. Joseph, MO. July 3, 1915

Miss Clara Kohler of this city was married on Monday to Mr. E.M. Flack of Belleville, Ill.  The couple will reside at Bellville.
Source: The St. Joseph Observer, St. Joseph, MO. September 25, 1915

MARRIED---In Jefferson City, on the 22d ult., by Rev. R. H. Weller, Hon. S. K. Miller, Representative from Buchanon county, and Miss Margaret, daughter of Maj. Alfred Basye, of that place.
[Glasgow Weekly Times (Glasgow, Mo.) Thursday, June 5, 1851. Submitted by Kathy McDaniel]

Married by J.C. Robidoux, Esq., on Sunday Feb. 12, 1865, Mr. Edward A. Phillips of Savannah, Mo. and Miss Sarah E. Couch, of Andrew County, Mo.
Source: The Morning and Daily Tribune, St. Joseph, MO., Feb. 14, 1865

William C. Powell, head of an overall factory here, was married at Grand Island, Neb., Sunday to Mrs. Orene Moseley
[Source: The St. Joseph Observer, St. Joseph, Mo., October 2, 1915]

Miss Anna Pizo and John Bonura, both well known Italians were married at the Cathedral, Tuesday.
Source: The St. Joseph Observer, St. Joseph, Mo., June 22, 1918

Miss Sallie Call- Mr. Robert Rogers
Miss Lizzie Rogers-Mr. Lewis Brown

Christmas day was a happy occasion in the life of two worthy young people of the lower part of Buchanan county.  Miss Sallie Call, a beautiful and accomplished youing lady, daughter of Samuel Call, residing about ten miles south of the city, was united in marriage to Robert Rogers, one of Buchanan county's most noble and industrious young men, the son of Alfred Rogers, who has resided in the county over a quarter of a century.  Both of these young people belong to good families, and both are well known and greatly respected.  The wedding took place at the residence of the bride's father, the ceremony being performed by Rev. J.J. Wyatt.  The attendants were Miss Laura Cotes and Mr. David Call.  There were present, Mr. and Mrs. John Call of DeKalb county; Mr. and Mrs. James Murphy, Mr. and Mrs. John Baker, Mr. William Combs, Miss Rebecca Combs, Mr. Henry Brown, Miss Midgie Rogers, Mr. Lewis Brown, Miss Lizzie Rogers, Mr. White, Miss White and many others.

There was another happy event on the 26th, the day after Christmas, about fifteen miles south of the city.  Two more young hearts were made to rejoice over the ceremony which united them for life.  Miss Lizzie Rogers, the very amiable and accomplished daughter of Alfred Rogers, was, on that day joined in the bonds of matrimony, to Mr. Lewis Brown, son of Charles Brown, by Rev. J.J. Wyatt, of this city.  Mr. Brown is a young man of moral culture and good habits.  The wedding took place at the residence of the bride's father.  The attendants were Miss Amanda Call, Mrs. Robert Rogers, Mr. William Call and Mr. Robert Rogers.  There were present, Mr. and Mrs. John Call, Mr. and Mrs. James Murphy, Mr. and Mrs. Peter Vores, Mrs. and Mr. John Call No.2, all of DeKalb county; Mr. and Mrs. George Finey, Mr. and Mrs. John Dillon, Mr. John Brady, Sr., and wife, Mr. John Brady,Jr. and wife, Mr. and Mrs. David Call, Miss Rebecca Combs, Miss Amanda Call, Mr. Robert Baker, Miss Ellen Brown, Mrs. Combs, Mrs. Rogers, Mrs. Williams and many others.  

Thus Mr. Alfred Rogers loses both a daughter and a son inside of twenty four hours, but such is the scriptural injunction, leave thy father and mother and cleave unto each other.
Source: The St. Joseph Weekly Gazette, St. Joseph, Mo, Jan. 2, 1879
Married at the Missouri Hotel, on Saturday evening, June 25th, by J.C. Robidoux, Esq., Mr. Moses Taylor to Mrs Isabella Demott, both of Nashville, Tennessee,
Source: Weekly West, St. Joseph, MO., July 3, 1859

Married on the 28th ult in Denmark, Iowa by the Rev. Mr. Turner, J.A. Shedd, Jr. of St. Joseph, Mo. to Miss Mary E. Turner, of Denmark, Iowa.
Source: The Morning Herald and Daily Tribune, St. Joseph, Mo., April 4, 1865

St. Joseph, Mo. – Judge O. M. Spencer of St. Joseph, Mo., and Miss Katherine Turner of Columbia will be married March 5.
(Augusta Gazette, Augusta, Kansas, February 15, 1895, front page. Contributed by Peggy Thompson)

In this city, on Thursday the 13th inst. at the residence of the bride's father, by Rev. J.G. Fackler, Miss Anna Howard, daughter of Col. J.B. Howard, to Charles Thornton, of Independence, Mo.
Source: The Morning Herald, St. Joseph, MO, Feb. 14, 1862

Van Deventer- Sheridan
The wedding of Miss Mary Belle Van Deventer and Mr. John Howard Sheridan occurred Tuesday afternoon.  They will be at home at 618 North Fifth street after Nov.1.
Source: The St. Joseph Observer, St. Joseph, MO. Oct. 16, 1915



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