Buchanan County, Missouri
Court News

Irving Andrews,
charged with murder in the first degree, was acquitted in the Circuit Court at St. Joseph, the jury being out only twenty minutes and arriving at the verdict on the first ballot. In February last, Andrews and Isaac Cathey were engaged in a saloon business at Winthrop.  A dispute arose, when Cathey seized a poker and endeavored to brain Andrews, who drew a revolver and fired, killing Cathey instantly.  Defendant had previously borne a good character, while Cathey was recognized as a rough.
Source: COLE COUNTY DEMOCRAT, Jefferson City, MO, 4 July 1884, p1, c4. Typed by Joanne Scobee Morgan

Claude Bartles-
It cost Claude Bartles of Sheridan, Mo. $10 for driving his machine seventy miles or better on King Hill avenue Tuesday night.
[source: Custer Co. Republican, Broken Bow NE, May 3, 1900. Transcribed by: Melody Beery]

John Donovan-
Judge Mayer on Thursday heard evidence in the John Donovan Will case in which Mrs. Sarah O. Cone, formerly Mrs. George Black is attempting to show that Donovan provided an income of $1,000.00 per year for her out of his estate.  The case was taken under advisement.
Source: The St. Joseph Observer, St. Joseph, Mo., May 2, 1915

Thomas Harris-
By a decision Tuesday of the supreme court, Thomas F. Harris, who killed Madeline Rowbatham, July 13, 1913, must serve a life sentence.
Source: The St. Joseph Observer, St. Joseph, Mo., May 29, 1915

Lillie Haven-
Lillie Haven, the little negro girl who shot Jerry Grider, May 3, waived preliminary examination in justice court Tuesday and her case was certified to the criminal court.
Source: The St. Joseph Observer, St. Joseph, Mo., May 2, 1915

Lilly May Haven, the dark skinned colored child who shot Jerry Grider May 7 will be tried in Juvenile Court today.
Source: The St. Joseph Obsever, St. Joseph, Mo., June 5, 1915

Elsie L. Martin was given a decree of divorce from her husband, Clair G. Martin, Tuesday.
Source: St. Joseph Observer, St. Joseph, MO., July 3, 1915

Gertrude Nixon has sued James Willard Nixon for divorce, alleging jealousy.
Source: St. Joseph Observer, St. Joseph, MO., Dec. 20, 1919

A decree was given B.H. Richardson Monday, and the custody of the child Darline was awarded to Mrs. Sarah Redick.
Source: St. Joseph Observer, St. Joseph, Mo, Dec. 20, 1919

E.B. Tracy-
Who runs a pool hall was arraigned in the criminal court Thursday on the chargeof gambling and his case was set for June .
Source: St. Joseph Observer, St. Joseph, MO., May 2, 1915

Cyrus Weaver
filed suit for divorce Tuesday against Hannah Weaver, from whom he has been separated for twenty three years she having deserted Weaver at that time.
Source: The St. Joseph Observer, St. Joseph Mo., Jan. 3, 1920

Samuel Wildbahn
Wildbahn's Will- The Document Admitted to Probate before Judge Tutt
The subscribing witnesses, Squire S. Connett and John S. Logan, having testified that the document purporting to be the will of Samuel Wildbahn, deceased, is all that it purports to be, said instrument was, on yesterday, adjudged and declared to be the last will and testament of the said deceased, and Judge Tutt admitted it to probate.  Under the provisions of the will the property, valued at about $20,000.00, is bequeathed to the widow, to hold during her lifetime.  The old citizen owed no man a dollar when he died, and therefore the Court will have no liabilities to adjust.
Source: The St. Joseph Weekly Gazette, St. Joseph, MO, Jan. 9, 1879

Chas. A. Williams-
 late managing editor of the St. Joseph Herald, has begun suit in the United States circuit court against the Gazette publishing company of that city for libel, laying damages at $50,000.
Richmond Conservator, June 20, 1889 [submitted by Lisa]

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