Buchanan County, Missouri
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Marriages-Miscellaneous: Frasse-Stewart; Jennie Gaston and Ed Badger; Jennie Friend and John Tiernon; Sarah Harper and James Sheilds
News-Gossip and Visiting: John Donovan and lady; Geo. Jenkins; Geo Musser;
News-Crime: Mrs. Tena Deppen has valuable mare stolen
News-Accidents and Tragedies: Misses Anna and Lena Payne are recovering' James Y. Craigs son injured; Engineer Charles Clauser improving;
News-Crimes- Charles Scanlan and West Clinkenbeard arrested.; Conrad Kemp wants to shoot Fred Wenz; Clay Simms slashes Winter
News-Anniversaries, Reunions and Parties: Miss Bertha Hax
News-Court: Samuel Wildbahns Will Probated
Military- Vietnam War Casualties
News-Crimes: George Hubbard stabs Pat Cavanagh, transcribed and submitted by Robin Line; Clay Carson kills Thomas C. Dyson;
Miscellaneous Death Notices: Edwin B. Robinson; Oscar G. Mount; Harry H. Harner; G. Zunkel; William Huggins; Mrs. Nellie M. Barry, Mrs. Elonora Adams
News-Sicklist: Ben Woodson is feeling better
Marriages: Ella Fianagan and Frederick Fisher
Crimes: David Perry; Alex Gaston; William Huff's Buick stolen; J.W. Gore; Herndon Keene
 Death Notices: Mrs. Amelia Winston; William N. Purvis; Carl Winkler; Mrs. Eliza Jane Minter; C.N. Willis; Corinne Armstrong; Mrs. Magalene Kost; Timothy Fitzmaurice; Roy Gunselman
Accidents and Tragedies: Toney Morton and Pearl Wright; R.M. Davis and Dr. Delamater;Lowell Hatfield; Wilbur Westfall
News-Accidents and Tragedies:
Dick Hayes house burns
Ernest Payne fractures leg
Elmina Sledge, found with bullet in right shoulder
Peter Pickett assaulted, likely to die
Marriages: Baker-Caldwell
Deaths: Henry Clinkenbeard; Thomas Reno; Mrs. Catherine E. Donaldson
Births: Triplets for Mr. and Mrs. S.A. Baker

Moe Mayers canned goods stolen
News-Accidents, Tragedies Fires:
W.P. Fulkerson house burns;
Charles Copeland killed in Saloon.
Gertrude Nixon files for divorce.;
B.H. Richardson given decree;
Christian Moschberger
George Allen Warnicka
Mrs. Harvey Nash
Mrs. Chris Priebe
Mrs. M.B. Irvine
Mrs. Virginia V. Miller. Transcribed by Vicki Bryan, GT Transcription Team
Charles F. Kerns transcribed by Vicki Bryan, GT. Transcription Team
William Eberly Kearnes transcribed by Vicki Bryan GT Transcription Team
News/Accidents:Martha Tate;Military/News:David Raffelock,Rev. Raymond C. Lippard,Wilbur La Hire,Corporal Harry Miller;News/Sicklist:,Edward. F.Leavitt;News/Visiting:Mr. and Mrs. John Hesse,Mr. and Mrs. Henry Hesse,Mrs. Henry Wyatt
Mr. and Mrs. Kay Porter,Mr. and Mrs. E.L. Platt
Deaths:Emmett C. Wells,Harry Bentley,Oscar Matzinger

News/Accidents and Tragedies:
Adam Payne; Mr. Blakely; Mr. Willard murdered; George O. Walker tries to kill wife and then slits his own throat
Military/News: Scheetz,Brand, Nate P. Beasley
News/Crimes: Col. Benton arrested
News/Anniversaries/Reunions: Gordon Family reunion
Death Notices: James Lovejoy; Alice Long, Hans Nellson

Deaths: John S. Donnell, Paul T. Taber, M.D.; J.B.Spratt; Joseph Russell child burned to death
Marriages: Elliot-Hall
News/Crime: Skinner and Shaw shot at wedding; Dr. Embree shot by Dr. Blanks.
News/Weather: 1857 Hailstorm
News/Accidents and Tragedies: Mrs. Fonts child; Napoleon Brown; Isaac May

: First marriages recorded in Buchanan County
Deaths/ Miscellaneous Deaths: Antoine Robidoux, Mrs. K. Lehmaun; Mrs. Mary Whitmoyer, Samuel Whitmoyer;  Miss Julia Dunn; Abraham Nave

Deaths/Miscellaneous Deaths: Joseph Glenn, Lieut. Charles Cone, Mrs. Mary A. Coale
News/Accidents and Tragedies: Mrs. Vina Higginbotham, Mina M. Ide shoots herself, Armina Joyner and Ira Mozingo; Alexander Sander
News/Crimes: Frank Waylan arrested for cursing the United States.; Mrs. Mary Nichols
Miitary/News: Capt. Donald Duncan killed in France; Leo V.Blankenship killed;
Marriages: Blazer-Rosenblatt

Death Notice: Perry Anselment, Mrs. Katherine McCahon, Mrs. Ernest Hoffman, William Jones, Peter Phillips
Military News: George N. Draine, Capt. W.F. St. John, Virgil R. Jackson, Calvin Jones severely wounded
News/Crimes: Pleasant Phillips, H.C. Foster
News/Accidents: Beulah Smith, Mrs. Percy Hutton, George Kearnes and Earl Shimer

Military: 1890 Veterans Schedule for Center Township
News Crime: E.L. Coopers silverware stolen
News Accidents and Tragedies: Ben Edwards falls 14 feet, 4 yr old Alice Long dies from burns; Mattie West attempts suicide, Lucille Watson killed in motor car accident
Deaths: Two military deaths listed: Demarquis Anderson and Daniel Ferril

Military: 1890 Veterans Schedule for Crawford Township
History/Postoffice: List of Postmasters from 1840-1881

Deaths: Abraham Meyer; Albert Voss Soper; Joseph M. Knopinski; Marie Jensen; Wilson Stafford
Military News: Sergt. Roy W. Bear
News/Accidents and Tragedies: John Joseph Barczak kills himself

4th  Quarter

Constantine Wegenek accidently killed
Lynn Fellison

Eva Patterson and Ella Gordon
A.H. Eilberg robbed of $14.00

Private William G. Snowden

Deaths- Miscellaneous Notices:
James H. Hatfield
Samuel M. Halley
William Blum
George Proffitt
George W. Montgomery
Thomas Cannon
Bridget McLaughlin
Harry H. Reid

Mary Elizabeth Fitzwater Hughes, submitted by Marla Hathhorn
John Hughes, submitted by Marla Hathhorn
Thank You Marla for you contributions!!

Deaths: Mother Nierderkorn, St. Joseph Nun
News-Crimes: Mrs. Kraut's baby sold; Frank Harris charged with robbery
News-Accidents and Tragedies: Rodman Graves killed
News-Accidents and Tragedies: Hazard Powder Co. explodes, Buchanan County Courthouse destroyed by fire.  submitted by Robin Line, Thank You Robin!!
Military News: L.C. Smith, Fred Promwell, George Nowland, Taney Beaumont, William Colt and Paul Wheeler, James Kelly, George Smith and W.H. Griffin
News/Crime: Tony and Fred Sinsoin, Arye Beaman, [in connection with Harold McKinney death], Clifford D. Gibbs, Mrs. E.S. Venable, Harry Smith
News/Accidents: Louis Fuelling
Marriages: C.J. Crooks and Anna M. Aiden
December 2015:
John Willman

News/Anniversaries and Parties:
Thomas L. Gaunt; Frank Keene
Deaths/Miscellaneous Notices:
Mrs. Rella Epperson, William Jackson Davis
Clark Meador, Emma Piro, Private Harold O. Pennewill, Mrs. Margaret R. McKeage
Mr. and Mrs. John Kirschner
Notice of Final Settlements on John D. Vaughn, George Gragg and Charles G. Walser
Military News:
Lt. Floyd Sprague; Private Edward B. Kemmerling

November 2015:
Deaths, Miscellaneous:
Mrs. Virginia V. Miller, by GT Transcription Team; Levi Zeluff, submitted by n. piper
Mrs. Georgia AnnWatson; Mrs. Rosina Geis; Robt. M. Schatz; Virginia Saltzman;
Richard H.L. Jones; Mrs. Anna Rainalter; John D. Wright;
Patrick William Maxey; Louis Rullman; Frances Crepolewski
Mrs. Martha J. Hayter; Edward C. Doyle; Mrs. India Cowden Ray
Roy Bell; Isaac McAdams
Probate: Notice of Final Settlement:
Laura B. Hill
Military News:
G.F. Thompson, missing; Elmer E. Geiwitz; Eugene Hummer
Capt. Thomas J. Lynch; Capt. A.J.S. Smith; J.H. Blackwell
George Estell; M.J. Stiles; Ed Carboy; Robert O. Jones
George E. Sherman
Samuel Rubenstein; James Bateman; Mrs C.E. Irwin
Anna Pizo and John Bonura

October 2015:
History/Post office:  List of Letters remaining at Post Office, Oct. 1, 1845
History: Miscellaneous First for St. Joseph
History: Death of Charles Robidoux
Biographies: Geo W. Anderson; Edward Alden; William Albin

September 2015:
News/ Accidents and Tragedies:
Jess Knight
News/Anniversary Parties: Felenstein Anniversary, McDonalds 63rd Anniversary
News/Military: Donald Fitch, Benj F. Buzzard, Charles B. Mills, Milton S. Rosenfield
News/Miscellaneous: Morgan Paschal, Herman Kley,Reynolds child, "Ick" McGinnis
Deaths: William Whittington, Schotz children, John Mollett, Raymond Justice, Morris Morrison, Mrs. Eliza McNeal, Ben W. Trunk, John F. Thomas, May Taylor Regnier, John D. Marsee
Probate Final Settlements: Notice of Final Settlement for Caroline Stepps, Matthew B. Dugdale, T.R. Smith

August 2015
Miscellaneous Deaths:
Edward Clark Ford, Mrs. Mabel Yost, Miss Leona Whitman, Mrs Sarah Jackson, John Swisher
Military News: A.P. Clayton Jr., Col. John D. McNeely, Pvt. George E. Lawhon
News/Sick List: Mrs. Phillip Slattery
News/Accidents and Tragedies: Levert Gaut
News/Miscellaneous: Kley, Meyer, Rehers, Shelly, Sparkman

July 2015
Deaths: Harold McKinney, G.W. Nichols, Charles Dockhorn, Mrs. Elizabeth Mosier, Mrs. Mary Powers, Patrick Reardon, Henry F. Lutz, Roscoe Jameson, Mrs. Anna C. Lugner, Mrs. Mary Williams, George E. Cooper, Iva Fuller

June 2015
Early Boarding Houses and Hotels
Probate: Adminstrator's Notices: Addela Cowan, Ralph Grier
Military News: L.H. Williams
Deaths: Mrs. Katherine Ford, Dr. A.G. Dinwiddie, James Blackford, Pike Norris
Mrs. Bessie D. Estes, Mrs. Louise Raynor, J.W. Caughlan, MaryZumwalt
News/Crime: Herbert Holdridge
News/Accidents and Tragedies: J.J. Hunter
News/Sicklist: Abbot Frowin Conrad, Dave Hatfield
Marriages: Bathon-Imseke

May 2015
Death of Joseph Robidoux
History: First Settlers
Marriages: Hugler-Curry; Kohler-Flack; Foulk-Stanton; Powell-Moseley; Van Deventer-Sheridan; Hartman-Amburgh
Deaths: Joseph Twedell, James Foley; Paul Gray, Bernhart Doenipka, Pauline Smith, Morton Le Faivre, Mrs. Ardelia Marie Creek; John G. Self, W.T. Vaughn, Louise M. Young, Bahia daughter, Sallie A. Evans, Alice Dyer, Mrs. Flora Naylor
News/Anniversaries, Birthdays: Martha Hunder; Mrs. James Dixon, Frank Hall
News/Crimes: Harold Christian, Grover Long; W.J. Ralston, George Ringer
News/Accidents and Tragedies: Joseph McCombe; Thomas Billups, Crooks/Sego shooting, Frank Bryant, Constable Patton, J.E. Artis
Military: 1890 Veterans Schedule for Agency Township and Bloomington Township
Military/News: Marion A. Deakin; Lieut. LeRoy J. Prinz; Scott Steiner
Births: Mr and Mrs. Merrell Otis
News/Sick List: Homer Osborn

 April, 2015
William F. Ford, P.T. Locke, N.J. Burns, Mrs. Caroline Spengler
Marriages: Aldreich-Worth
News/Anniversaries, Parties, Reunions: Mr. and Mrs. John T. Painter, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Donaldson
News/Court: Martin divorce,
News/ Accidents and Calamaties: Guy Ardell, Mrs. Josephine Davis
News/Crimes: Murder of Dr. Jones
History: Pony Express news tidbits
Probate Court/Notice of Final Settlements: Bear, Brown, Cobb, Edgar, Grier, Perry, Powell, Sampson, Spencer, Spencer, Trilinsky, Johanna M. Johnson, George J. Meyers, Dietrich Jamison, Albert T. Jones, Nancy Haymore, William Hund
Biographies:  R.R. Boone

March 8, 2015:
Biography of Joseph Robidoux, founder of St. Joseph
March 7, 2015
News/Visiting and Gossip: Mrs. James Slack and Dr. Anna Hurst; Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Robertson; Mrs. Herman Levy;
Deaths/Misc. Deaths: Thomas J. Taylor; Miss Mariam Kier;William P. Hooper; Mrs. Agnes Loomis, Fred Newmeyer
News/Court: John Donovans Will; E.B. Tracy; Thomas Harris; Lillie Haven
News/Anniversaries: Mr.and Mrs. J.W. Peterson, Mrs. Eliza Deal, Dollie Brittain, Miss Cora Rockwood,
News/Births: Beard
News/Crimes: Kessels Saloon
News/Sicklist: Miss Gertrude Gillian

April 2014
Marriages 1848 to 1855

May 2013
Bios: Bridger
March 2013
Bios: Moss


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