Butler County Missouri
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Brannum Graveyard
Harviell, Missouri


Batterton, Becca A.   Apr. 4, 1884 Beloved wife of S.M. Batterton. Aged 26ys 1mo 13 ds.
Batterton, M.E. Sep. 8, 1858 Oct. 7, 1905 Shared stone with S.M. Batterton
Batterton, S.M. Jul. 15, 1844 Oct. 11, 1898 Shared stone with M.E. Batterton
Brannum, James Apr 12, 1799 Jun 6, 1874 Husband of Rebecca Brannum
Brannum, Rebecca   Apr. 25, 1887 Wife of James Brannum. Aged 66 ys ? Mo ? ds
Combs, Harvey Lee 1908 1909 Shared stone with father, William & siblings, Lena May and Jettie Sue
Combs, Jettie Sue 1898 1899 Shared stone with father, William & siblings, Lena May & Harvey Lee
Combs, Lena May 1895 1905 Share stone with Father: William and sibllings, Jettie Sue and Harvey Lee
Combs, William 1860 1910 Shared stone with children: Lena May, Jettie Sue; Harvey Lee
Epps, Patricia Brannum   1874 wife of Elded John Epps. Dear mother of James & Emma.


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