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Allen.—Captain Archibald Allen settled in Callaway county in 1822. He was born in Botetourt county, Virginia, January 7, 1795, and served his country in the war of 1812. He was married in 1815 to Anna Galbreth, of Virgina, and settled first in St. Clair county, Illinois, from whence he removed to Callaway county. Missouri, at an early date. Al'ter the death of his first wife he married Nancy Hamilton, of Missouri, in 1858, who died also. In 1875 he was married again, to a Mrs. Brown, being at the time more than 80 years of age. He died soon after. Captain Allen joined the Presbyterian Church in 1824, and was one of the first members of that organization in Callaway county. He remained a consistent and devout member until his death.

Allen.— David Allen and his wife, Margaret Gamble, were natives of Scotland, but came to America and settled in South Carolina prior to the revolution. Mr, Allen took part in the war, and saw some hard service in' the Continental army. After the return of peace he removed to Kentucky and settled in Montgomery county. He had two sons, James and Joseph, who came to Missouri, The former married Sarah Smith, of Bath Co,, Ky., and settled in Callaway Co,, Mo,, in 1825, Joseph married Margaret Murphy, and settled in Callaway county about the same time. The children of James Allen were—Jane, Caroline, John, Nancy, David, James, William, Milton, Mary, Harvey, Martha, and Virginia. The children of Joseph Allen were—Clarinda, Jane, Grezella, Margaret, Amanda, John, and Sally. Armstrong.—The parents of Thomas Armstrong died when he was quite young, and he was "bound out" to a man in Philadelphia, to learn the boot and shoe trade. When he was grown he married Jane Dalton, and settled in Dixon county, Tenn. His children were—William, John, James, Thomas, Charles, Abner, Lucy, Sophia, and Jane. William married Lucy Baxter, and settled in Callaway county in 1837. He had—John, Limis, Jane, Nancy, Richmond, Thomas, Felix, and William, Jr. Austin.—Hezekiah Austin, of Montgomery county, Md., married Elizabeth Odell, and settled in Christian county, Ky. They had—Barach O., Mary A., Margaret, Jane, and Elizabeth. Barach O. married Paulina J. Shirtridge, who died, and he afterward married Ellen L. Allen, and settled in Callaway county in 1836.

Allen.—Bethel, Sampson, and Thomas Allen, sons of Daniel Allen and Elizabeth Bethel, settled in Callaway county in 1817, Bethel married Elizabeth Read. He and Sampson were soldiers of the war of 1812.

Agee.—Matthew and Tilman Agee settled on Coats' Prairie in Callaway county in 1817. Matthew had a large apple and peach orchard, and made brandy. In 1833 the cholera made its appearance in his family, and one of his sons, while suffering from the scourge, drank a barrel of water in twenty-four hours, and got well. Matthew Agee's wife was a daughter of Rev. William Coats, Tilman Agee married a daughter of William Thornton, when she was only thirteen years of age. The next morning after the wedding he left her to get breakfast, while he went out to work. He worked until nine o'clock, without being summoned to his meal, and then having become impatient, he went to the house to see what was the matter, and found his wife sitting on the floor playing with her dolls,

Anderson,—William Anderson, of Campbell Co,, Va., married Sarah Easley, and they had—Jacob, John, Mary, Elizabeth, Jerry, Lucinda, William, and James C. Jacob settled in St. Charles Co., Mo., in 1832. John settled in Gentry county in 1835. Mary, William, and Lucinda settled in Lafayette Co., Mo., and the latter married Rev. Thomas Callaway. James C. married Jane Moorman, of Virginia, and settled in Callaway county in 1831. Their children were—James W., Thomas C, Anna M., Alexander, Judith, Jerry, Sarah J., Mary F., Henry W., and George B.

Adaik.—Joseph, son of John Adair, of Delaware, married Sarah Long, of Kentucky, and settled in Callaway Co., Mo., in 1830. They had—Lydia, John L., Samuel S., Sarah, Ann, Joseph, and Andrew. Mr. Adair was accidentally killed by a horse. Lydia married Levi James, who settled in Callaway county in 1822. Their children were—Sarah A., John, Eliza, and Joseph. John L. Adair married Elizabeth E. Pemberton, and they had—Louisa, John, Sarah, Fanny, Catharine, Noah, Jacob, and James. Sarah Adair married Hardin Wash, who settled in Callaway county in 1S30. Ann married Thomas Baker, and Joseph married Sarah Adcoek. The former settled in Callaway county. in 1821, and the latter in 1830. Andrew was married first to Nancy Stephens, by whom he had—Lock and Elijah. After the death of his first wife he married Louisa Booker, and they had—Lulu and Louisa.

Adcock.—John Adcoek, of England, settled in Buckingham Co., Va., and married a Miss Carter, by whom he had—John, Carter, Edward, Henry, Joseph, and Phoebe. The latter was captured by an Indian, who made her his wife. Joseph married Susan Cason, of Prince Edward Co., Va., by whom he had—Phoebe, Milly, Elizabeth, Lucy, Polly, Susan, Nancy, John, Samuel, Joel, Henry, Edward, and Cason. Joel, who was born in 1792, served eleven months in the war of 1812, principally at Richmond and Norfolk. He was married in 1820 to Elizabeth Childup, and settled in Callaway Co., Mo., in 1830. His children were—John H., Joseph Q., Aaron, Madison, Elizabeth, Sarah, Susan, and Drury W. Mr. Adcock lost his wife in 1872, and he died in the summer of 1876.

Arnold.—William Arnold, of Eastern Virginia, married Elizabeth Nowell, and they had—Robert, William, Pleasant, Polly, and Susan. The three latter removed to Tennessee with their parents. Robert and William were both in the war of 1812, and the latter died of measles while in the army. Robert settled in Shelby county, Ivy., and was married in 1816 to Elizabeth Marion, by whom he had—William, Nancy, and Pleasant. In 1820 he removed to Missouri, and settled in St. Charles county, where he was employed two years as overseer for Nicholas Kountz. He then removed to Montgomery county, where he lost his wife in 1823. He soon after married Piercy Hamlin, daughter of John Hamlin and Bertha Arnold, of Virginia, and settled in Callaway county in 1825. His children by his second wife were—George H., Bertha A., John W., Mary E., Robert, and Martha C. His eldest son, William, married Louisa Scholl, and died without issue. Pleasant married Caroline Scholl, and died, leaving a widow and nine children. He was an excellent man and a good citizen. Nancy married Henry Covington. George H. married Melissa Johnson, of Kentucky. Bertha A. married Benjamin F. Covington. John W. married Mary S. Lail. Mary E. was married first to James O. Johnson, of Scotland, and after his death she married James R. Covington. Robert married Elvira Allen. Martha C. married Thomas W. Higginbotham.

Adams.—John Adams, of Maryland, married Susan Wood, and had—William, Sylvester, Richard, Philip, Benjamin, Susan, and Elizabeth. Philip was married first to Fannie Powell, by whom he had—Susan, Thomas, and Mary. He was married the second time to Matilda Foster, by whom he had one son, John Booker. Mr. Adams settled in Callaway county in 1839. John Booker is still living. He was married twice ; first to Miss Anna M. Allen, and second to Mrs. Sally E. Allen.


Callaway County, Missouri Genealogy Trails
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