Callaway County, Missouri Genealogy Trails


Millersburg Cemetery

Millersburg, Missouri

Cemetery is adjacent to Millersburg Baptist Church

Name Birth Death Notes/ Inscriptions Obits Contributor
Blacklock, Chester B. Sep. 30, 1913 Mar. 16, 1977   X Robert King
Crockett, Clarence F. Apr. 12, 1910 Dec. 10, 1996 Husband of Ila M. Griggs Crockett X Robert King
Crockett, Ila M. May 17, 1911 Mar. 19, 2004 Wife of Clarence F. X Robert King
Long, Lescoe Davis Aug. 2, 1918 Nov. 2, 2010 Husband of Nadine Griggs Long X Robert King
Long, Nadine Griggs Nov. 8, 1920 Nov. 23, 2002 Wife of Lescoe Long X Robert King
Richardson, John Turner Oct. 18, 1864 Apr. 25, 1944 Husband of Martha Matilda Craig X Robert King
Richardson, Martha M. Sep. 15, 1864 Feb. 9, 1930 Wife of John Turner Richardson X Robert King


Callaway County, Missouri Genealogy Trails
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