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County History

Established:  Jan. 29, 1841
 First organized in 1841 as Kinderhook County in honor of President Martin Van Buren's New York home.
On Feb. 23, 1843 name was changed to Camden.
Parent County: Benton, Morgan and Pulaski
County Seat: Camdenton
Named After: Charles Pratt, Earl of Camden

Camden county is situated in the south central part of the State. The face of the country is rolling and some portions broken, and well timbered, except in the extreme south-eastern corner. There is but little prairie in the county. The surface may be said to be made up of a succession of hills, valleys, and beautiful woodlands. The soil is rich and productive. The hills of the Big and Little Niangua are truly picturesque, while the water power of those streams, together with their fine forests of oak, walnut, cherry, and a variety of other timber are objects of great interest to mechanics and manufacturers. A single spring on the Big Niangua furnishes water enough for any amount of machinery. Good flouring and saw mills, carding machine, woolen factories, grist mills, etc., would pay well upon the capital invested, as the water power is abundant, the raw material at hand, and the home market would fully equal the supply. There is both lead and iron in this county, and 310,000 acres of land subject to entry at $125.

(Source: P.M. Pinckard, The Missouri handbook, St. Louis, 1865, 162 pgs.. Transcribed by Donna Walton)

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