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Decaturville Cemetery  
Hall Cemetery  

Latitude Longitude
Adkins Cemetery 380824N 0930120W
Anderson Cemetery 381039N 0924102W
Arnold Cemetery 380850N 0923724W
Auglaize Cemetery 380553N 0923601W
Baker Cemetery 375726N 0925017W
Banner Cemetery 380936N 0923848W
Barnumton Cemetery 380640N 0925526W
Brown Cemetery 375427N 0923456W
Cable Ridge Cemetery 381134N 0930401W
Campground Cemetery 375433N 0923200W
Carver Cemetery 381033N 0925622W
Caviness Cemetery 375914N 0924343W
Chalfant Cemetery 375534N 0922730W
Claiborne Cemetery 375423N 0923915W
Clark Cemetery 380926N 0925522W
Conway Cemetery 380726N 0923918W
Creach Cemetery 380031N 0930214W
Dale Blair Memorial Cemetery 380014N 0924542W
Davis Cemetery 380141N 0923752W
Dickerson Cemetery 375345N 0924841W
Dodson Cemetery 375843N 0923008W
Dority Cemetery 380856N 0930315W
Downing Cemetery 381157N 0924129W
Edwards Family Cemetery 380250N 0925840W
Farmer Cemetery 380542N 0924754W
Garrison Cemetery 375603N 0924020W
Grainger Cemetery 380624N 0925805W
Green Cemetery 380055N 0930041W
Hall Cemetery 380212N 0924228W
Hammer Cemetery 375430N 0923321W
Hillhouse Cemetery 375202N 0923256W
Hopkins Cemetery 380538N 0924225W
Houston Cemetery 381159N 0924126W
Hugo Cemetery 375916N 0923848W
Hurst Cemetery 380322N 0925753W
Knight Cemetery 375356N 0923223W
Laughlin Cemetery 375932N 0924813W
Lewis Cemetery 375347N 0922648W
Lodge Cemetery 375751N 0924609W
Memorial Cemetery 380426N 0924420W
Mills Cemetery 375358N 0925145W
Old Erie Cemetery 380515N 0924416W
Parish Cemetery 381257N 0925634W
Parrack Grove Cemetery 380043N 0925419W
Percival Memorial Cemetery 380311N 0924139W
Pleasant Grove Cemetery

Raggs Cemetery 380335N 0925524W
Riverview Cemetery 381135N 0924049W
Rockdale Cemetery 380806N 0924605W
Sharp Cemetery 375828N 0923217W
Shawnee Bend Cemetery 380929N 0924152W
Stanton Cemetery 375537N 0930240W
Stevens Banner Cemetery 380936N 0923849W
Stevens Cemetery 381152N 0924524W
Stone Cemetery 375615N 0924213W
Tick Ridge Cemetery 380157N 0924700W
Traw Cemetery 375619N 0923235W
Union Electric Cemetery 375931N 0925004W
Warren Cemetery 380309N 0925257W
Webster Cemetery 375822N 0924751W
Whitaker Cemetery 380625N 0925806W
Wiley Gott Cemetery 375514N 0925256W
Williams Cemetery 380446N 0924023W
Wilson Cemetery 381017N 0925725W
Woolery Cemetery 380815N 0925648W
Zion Cemetery 380447N 0923857W

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