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Photo and transcription by Leslie Riney

This cemetery is located on County Road 544 between Leemon and Pocahontas.
There are about 32 gravestones and many unmarked graves.  Some of the stones were totally unreadable and several are turned over.
If you believe that your relative is buried here, please send names and dates to this email.

ABERNATHY, Florance, b. Dec 5, 1891; d. Feb 9, 1909.  (Years were hard to make out and may not be exact.)

BELMAR, Sarah J., wife of J. O. Belmar, b. Feb 22, 1845; d. Sep 27, 1922.

DAUGHERTY, Bede Allen, b. Sep 27, 1878; d. Mar 11, 1903; s/o Sidney Daugherty.  (Parent provided by Brook Hayes)
DAUGHERTY, Sidney, b. Aug 16, 1835; d. May 30, 1895, age 59y, 9m, 14d; h/o Margaret Drum; s/o Bernard and Mary Powers Daugherty.  (Parents and wife provided by Brook Hayes)

GARNER, James H., d. May 19, 1874, age 67y.
GARNER, Pirtley J., b. Jan 19, 1874; d. May 10, 1906.

KING, John Sidney, b. Jan 26, 1886; d. July 10, 1926, age 39y, 6m, 24d.
KING, John W., b. Nov 16, 1862; d. Feb 13, 1930; s/o James H. and Sophia Daugherty King.  (Parents provided by Brook Hayes)
KNIGHT, Maggie, w/o Andrew Knight, b. July 16, 1865; d. Feb 25, 1906, aged 40y, 7m, 10d.

LACHMEIER, M. G. Galharma?, b. Mar 4, 1816; d. Dec 9, 1897.

MIZELL, Earl E., b. Jan 19, 1933; d. Jan 12, 1940.
MIZELL, Infant s/o Paul & Nola Mizell, b. & d. Oct 18, 1942.
MIZER, Edna A., b. Feb 3, 1838?; d. June 26, 1903?, age 32y, 4m, 10d?  (Hard to read; doesn't add up)

PLIESEISE, Leopold, b. Jan 25, 1822?; d. Apr 3, 1881?
PLIESEISE, Mary C., b. Jan 18, 1871?; d. Mar 12, 1895.

RANEY, George F., b. Apr 2, 1852; d. Aug 28, 1928.
RANNEY, G. F., b. 1851; d. 1927, age 76.
REED, Susan Alice, b. Nov 11, 1843; d. June 26, 1920.  (Same stone as William S.)
REED, William S., b. Jul 16, 1848; d. June 18, 1922.  (Same stone as Susan Alice)

SIDES, Eli L., b. Dec 9, 1869; d. July 19, 1946.
SIDES, Emma K.Kelley, b. Nov 9, 1862; d. Feb 9, 1947; w/o Silas Green Sides.  (Additional dates and spouse contributed by Brook Hayes)
SIDES, Harold Lyone, s/o Linus and Marie Sides, b. Apr 2, 1918; d. Apr 22, 1926.
SIDES, Lyman Howard, b. Oct 17, 1895; d. Sep 10, 1934; s/o Robert Sherman Sides.  (Middle name and additional dates contributed by Brook Hayes)
SIDES, Mollie Daugherty, b. Mar 29,1867; d. Apr 17, 1957; w/o Robert Sherman Sides.  (Additional dates, maiden name and husband contributed by Brook Hayes.)
SIDES, Narcissa E., wife of Willis M. Sides, b. Mar 6, 1842; d. Sep 20, 1917, age 75y, 6m.
SIDES, Oliver Marion, s/o Robert Sherman & MD Sides, b. Dec 7, 1893; d. Jan 18, 1900.  (Middle name provided by Brook Hayes)
SIDES, Robert Sherman, b. Oct 19, 1867; d. May 15, 1926; s/o William Franklin Sides.  (Corrected death date and parent contributed by Brook Hayes)
SIDES, Roger Allen, s/o Robert Sherman & MD Sides, b. May 20, 1903; d. Nov 29, 1904.
SIDES, Sarah Catherine Hughes, b. June 30, 1848; d. May 10, 1919, age 70y, 11m, 10d; w/o William Franklin Sides.  (Middle and maiden name contributed by Brook Hayes)
SIDES, Silas Green, b. Mar 21, 1856; d. July 19, 1931; s/o John Franklin Sides.  (Additional dates and parent contributed by Brook Hayes.)
SIDES, William Franklin, b. Oct 22, 1841; d. Oct. 22, 1904 (Correct date and middle name contributed by Brook Hayes)
STEIMEL, Infant d/o Lewis and Artie Steimel, b. & d. Mar 8, 1927.

TRICKEY, Charles W., b. Oct 29, 1869; d. Sep 14, 1948; h/o Emma Lou Sides Trickey.  
TRICKEY, Emma Lou Sides, b. Dec 29, 1871; d. Aug 23, 1965; w/o Charles W.; d/o William Franklin.  (Additional information provided by Brook Hayes.)  

WALKER, Henry, GO L. 10 MO. DAY ??? (This is all I could make out on this stone)

Note from researcher Brook Hayes:  Sidney Daugherty and his wife Margaret Drum lost 2 infants while they were
living in the Apple Creek area...they may be buried at Draby, too.

DAUGHERTY, Infant of unknown sex and name born and died in 1870

DAUGHERTY, Lula May,  born and died on 12-25-1871.

DAUGHERTY, Margaret Drum died 5 months after Sidney. She may have been buried with the Drum family.  Her father was a Judge.

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