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In the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and eight, Don Louis Lorimier and his associates D. F. Steinbeck, Victor Lorimier and Thomas S. Rodney set aside six acres of land to be used then and forever after as a burying ground for the citizens of Cape Girardeau, Missouri.
Source: An Historic Record of Lorimier Cemetery, Cape Girardeau, Missouri, Compiled and Tabulated by The Members of Nancy Hunter Chapter Daughters of the American Revolution, 1820-1944. (No copyright.)
The location of the cemetery is 500 North Fountain Street . There is believed to be more than 6,500 burials in the cemetery, most being unmarked. A sidewalk serves as a north – south dividing line in the cemetery. It is said that Catholics are buried on the south and Protestants are buried on the north. The east slope is believed to be the burial grounds of African-American persons. It has been recorded that as many as 1,200 soldiers from the Civil War were buried here.  --Source:  Wikipedia.

ABBISON, George C. C. H., d. Sept. 1, 1811, Aged 31y.

ABBISON, Rebecca H., d. Sept. 5, 1833, Aged 55y.

ALBERT, Anna, wife of Nicholas Albert, b. Sept. 8, 1816; d. May 19, 1873.

ALBERT, Emile P., son of N. & A. Albert, b. Mar. 13, 1838; d. July 14, 1874.

ALBERT, J. Alexander, son of N. & A. Albert, b. Jan. 22, 1813 (1843); d. May 1, 1863.

ALBERT, Nicholas, d. Aug. 22, 1876.

ALLERS, Henriette, wife of Chris T. Allers, d. Nov. 1, 1878, Aged 33 y, 4m, 5d.


ALTON, Celia, Consort of Amasa Alton, d. Mar. 30, 1845, Aged 33y.

ALTON, Cornelia, dau. of A. Alton, d. Aug. 28, 1851, Aged 14y, 1m.

ALTON, John, d. Mar. 16, 1856, Aged 49y, 11m.

ANDERSON, John Henry, son of Irvin and Emily T. Anderson, d. Sept. 12, 1851.

ANDERSON, William Irvin, son of Irvin & Emily T. Anderson, d. Feb. 11, 1852, Aged 5y.

ANDREWS, Lyman B., b. Feb. 15, 1829; d. Dec. 23, 1859.

ANNOLAN, Daniel, d. July 25, 1869, Aged 17y.

ARNOLD, Henry, CO. B, 2ND ILL, L.A.

ANORE, Josephine, wife of W. Anore, b. Feb. 12, 1816; d. Mar. 1, 1892.

ARNGARDT, Julia, wife of A. V., b. May 1, 1831; d. Jul. 31, 1882.

ARCHER, Marie Stuart, dau. of B. & S. Archer, b. Mar. 17, 1855; d. Sept. 29, 1856.

ASTHOLZ, Alexander, child of H. A., d. Dec. 15, 1867.

ASTHOLZ, Augusta, child of H.A., b. Apr. 13, 1847; d. Apr. 12, 1928.

ASTHOLZ, Henry A., SERG’T, CO. D, 4TH MO CAV., b. Oct. 24, 1840; d. Feb. 17, 1928.

AUSTIN, Ella Ford, dau of A. M. & M. J. Austin, d. July 12, 1885, Aged 5m, 16d.

BACON, Thomas, b. Feb 21, 1861; d. Mar 7, 1907, aged 46y, 14d.

BADER, Mrs. Frederike, b. Nov 1801; d. Aug 1855.

BAEHRE, Charles, b. _____19, 1873; d. _____25, 1902. (Illegible)

BAEHRE, Willie, s/o H. & M. Bashre, b. Apr 20, 1868; d. Feb. 5, 1899.

BAEHRLE, Henry, CO. C, 2ND MO L. A.

BAETTRE, Heinrich, CO. H., 2ND MO L ARTY.

BAHN, Litta, d/o B. & M. Bahn, b. Aug 2, 1868; d. May 31, 1878.

BAKER, Susan Ann, d/o John & Dorthea Baker, b. Sept 1882; d. July 1885.


BASS, Hortance, b. 1859; d. 1916.

BAUER, Heinrich, Geb Jan 22, 1827; Gest Nov 20, 1857 Alter 30 Jahr 9mon 25 Tage

BAUERLE, Edward John, Jr., b. Jan 29, 1923; d. Dec 16, 1925.

BAUERLE, Robert R., b. Jan 17, 1926; d. Aug 27, 1930.

BROWN, Louis E., d. 29 July 1882, age 3m, 9d.

BUTTERWICK, George (no dates)

BYAS, Caroline (no dates)

BYOUS, Maria A., d. 1875, age 15y.

BYRNE, Peter, b. 1812; d. Oct 14, 1864.

BYRNE, Zerilda, d. Oct 18,1888, age 76y.

CALLAGHAN, Michael P., d. 1860, age 27y.

CAMPBELL, Cathe (no dates)

CAMPBELL, Hattie, d. 1874, age 9m.

CAMPBELL, Isaac, b. 1819; d. Nov 9, 1847.

CAMPBELL, Joseph, b. & d. 1916.

CARLE, Clara G., b. 1873; d. Feb 3, 1905.

CARLE, Daniel O., b. 1874; d. June 8, 1906.

CARLISLE, Jo Anna M., b. 1817; d. Apr 14, 1813  (one of these dates has to be wrong)

CARROLL, Alonzo B., b. 1841; d. Jan 13, 1887.

CARROLL, Anna, b. 1855; d. 1933.

CARROLL, Anna Warner, d. June 20, 1878, age 17y.

CARROLL, Bernard, d. 1878, age 2y.

CARROLL, Harriett M., b. 1844; d. Dec 7, 1890.

CARROLL, Henry J.  (no dates)

CARROLL, Katherine Gilroy, b. 1860; d. 1897.

CARROLL, Kathleen E., d. Feb 8, 1942.

CARROLL, P. T., b. 1844; d. 1910.

CARROLL, Richard P., b. 1844; d. 1924.

CASEBOLT, A. M., b. 1810; d. 1882.  "Editor"

CASEBOLT, Ester, b. 1816; d. Aug 2, 1880.

CASEBOLT, Hattie F., d. Jan 12, 1874, age 23y.

CHENEY, Lucius H., b. 1831; d. Jul 14, 1876.  "Teacher"

CHENEY, Mary, b. 1866; d. Nov 4, 1871.

CHENEY, Myra, b. 1866; d. Nov 13, 1874.

EASLEY, Domino, d. 20 July 1882, age 6m.

GILL, Julia, d. 1918, age 73.

HUNZE, Antoinette, founder of the First Methodist German Church, now Grace United Methodist.

ISRAEL, Madela, d. 17 July 1882, age 27.

JOERNS, August W. (no dates given).  (Contributed by Ed Brown)

JOERNS, Clark Adam (no dates given); s/o August W. & Minnie Joerns; killed in France in WWI.  (Jackson American Legion Post is named for him.)  (Contributed by Ed Brown.)

JOERNS, Minnie (no dates given); w/o August.  (Contributed by Ed Brown)

LORIMIER, Charlotte, d. 1808

LORIMIER, Don Louis, d. 1812.

PHELPS, Maggie, d. 09 Sep 1882, age 25y, 8m, 16d.

SCHIRMER, Max, d. 08 Aug 1882, age 11m, 22d.

SCRIPPS, Ann, d. 1811.

SCRIPPS, Grace, d. 1811

THILENIUS, Col. George C., b. 1829; d. 1910

VASTERLING, Julius Jr. d. 22 June 1882, age 28y.

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