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Birth Records
E - H

(Source: Missouri State Archives)

Name Residence Born Father Mother Mother Maiden Name
Ecton, Carroll Co., Mo Oct 18, 1883 Francis Marion Ecton Catharine Eclow Catharine Fox
Embler, Carroll, Mo Oct 30, 1883 John D. Embler Lizzie J. Embler Lizzie Fisher
Edwards, Carroll, Mo Oct 31, 1883 James Edwards Amanda M. Edwards Amanda M. Rhodes
Evans, Beulah Carroll Co., Mo Nov 22, 1883 James Evans Brock
Evans, Beulah Eugene City Dec 1, 1883 Lee W. Evans Mollie E. Evans Molle E. Evans
Ecton, Carrollton, Mo Dec 13, 1883 Alvin Perry Ecton Ida Jane Ecton Ida Jane Fox
Fuller, Warren Carroll Co., Mo Jul 25, 1883 Daniel Kaylor Fuller Mary Catherine Fuller Mary Catherine Musrrick
Franken, Maggie Mary Norborne Aug 17, 1883 Henry Bubbord Franker Salyla Ann Franker Salyla Ann Koring
Finley, Robert Henry Combs Twp Aug 24, 1883 David Henry Finley Francis Isabel Finley Francis Isabel Henderson
Not Provided Little Compton, Mo Aug 31, 1883 Sidney Taylor Fisher Jane Fisher Jane Bass
Not Provided Carroll Co., Mo. Oct 10, 1883 James W. Farris Sophia Farris Sophia Carey
Not Provided Miami Twp Nov 13, 1883 Stephen Fry Evaline Fry Evaline Thomas
Not Provided Carroll Co., Mo Nov 19, 1883 James Fields Bowles
Not Provided Norborne, Mo Dec 5, 1883 Elisha Randolph Hawks Susan Jane Hawks Susan Jane Crocker
Green, Fanny Combs Twp Jul 5, 1883 George Green Abbie Gill Green Abbie Gill Krunard
Freeman, Jas Carroll Co., Mo. Jul 5, 1883 James Freeman Annie E. Freeman Annie E. Evans
Not Provided Hill Twp. Jul 25, 1883 John C. Graham Letish A. Graham Letish A. Hill
Gibson, Hannah Anna Residence Jul 8, 1884 Wm. M. Gibson Margaret J. Gibson Margaret J. Stephenson
Not Provided Washington Twp Jul 3, 1883 Henry Graham Belle Rush Graham Belle Rush Powers
Not Provided Hill Twp., Carroll Co., Mo Sep 4, 1883 Gilbert
Griffith, Elmer Eugene, Mo Sep 22, 1883 George Washington Griffith Lee Anna Griffith Gunasters
Not Provided Fairfield Twp Sep 29, 1883 Reuben Grigsby Margaret A. Grigsby Margaret A. House
Not Provided Compton Twp Sep 29, 1883 William Gallagher Frank Galliher Frank Kidwell
Gray, Maud Alice Leslie Twp Oct 8, 1883 Joseph D. Gray Mary Ann Gray Mary Ann Canada
Not Provided Carrollton, Mo Oct 13, 1883 James R. Goodson Annie Goodson Annie Williams
Not Provided Carroll Co, Mo Nov 8, 1883 Geo Garten Butcher
Garber, Sara Ellen Compbs Twp Nov 19, 1883 Thomas Young Garbor Flora Zell Garbor Flora Zell Brgles
Hill, Ida Nell Norborne, Mo Jul 9, 1883 Elisha B. Hill Mary Ethel Hill Mary Ethel Stell
Hoover, Serry Hurricane Twp Jul 10, 1883 James H. Hoover Carolina Hoover Carolina Hoover
Haskins, Carroll Co, Mo Jul 15, 1883 Robert Haskins Hester Haskins Hester Ermeck
Hays, Susy Carroll Co., Mo. Aug 22, 1883 David G. Hays Manella Hays Manella Parsley
Not Provided Hurricane Twp Aug 28, 1883 Wm. Hull Hull
Harshberg, Janny Carrollton Sep 15, 1883 Joseph Harsberg Anna Harsberg Anna Mitchen__
Hodges, Mary Martha Eugene Twp Sep 17, 1883 D. U. Hodges Alice Hodges Alice Hicks
Huddleston, Hugh Combs Twp Sep 23, 1883 Wiley Francis Huddleston Nancy Huddleston Nancy Miller
Harrison, Jas Willard Wakenda , Mo Sep 25, 1883 Jas Robert Harrison Mollie Francis Harrison Mollie Francis Gray
Not Provided Carroll Co., mo Oct 25, 1883 William Horine
Hubbard. Isabella Combs Twp Oct 5, 1883 George Washington Hubbard Polly Ann Hubbard Polly Ann Calvert
Not Provided Compton Twp Oct 22, 1883 Jasper Laffayette Hubbard Ida Hubbard Ida Lucas
Not Provided Residence Oct 28, 1883 Edward Holmes Susan E. Holmes Susan E. Spurgeon
Not Provided Carroll Co., Mo. Oct 31, 1883 Alexander Hudgens Emily Hudgens Emily Kancheloe
Heuer, Carrollton, Mo Nov 2, 1883 Lewis Heuer Clara Heuer Clara Brown
Not Provided Carroll Co., Mo. Nov 8, 1883 Daria Jesse Holliday Ella V. Holliday Bible
Not Provided Carroll Co. Nov 10, 1883 Robe Harper Handley
Not Provided Wakenda Twp Nov 10, 1883 William Haney S. J. Haney S. J. Adkins
Not Provided Ridge Creek William Hoover Harriet Amanda Hoover Harriet Amanda Stillwell
Heuergenger, Carroll Co., Mo Nov 3, 1883 Jas Heuergenger Baulda Heuergenger Baulda Roffe


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