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Early Settlers

In studying the history of Carroll County, one of the earliest settlers was before the county was formed, and that was the Kentucky family of Jonas Casner, his wife, sons: Henry, John, Eben, and William, daughters: Charlotte and Judy. It is noted that Judy Casner died in 1819. I have found that the first white child born was that of Jesse Mann who was born May of 1819.
In 1819 two North Carolina families: John Standley and William Turner entered the area that would become Carroll County, settling near what would eventually be Carrollton. They were joined the same year by Jesse Tevault; H. Bert; John McGraw; W. Beatty; John Mayberry; John Riffe; John Wollard; Ned Munson and Malicah Lyle. It is noted that the first burial in Carroll County was that of Mrs. Nutting in 1820 in the Woolsey Cemetery. Nehemiah Woolsey and his son, Noah entered the county in 1823. The founding fathers of the town of Carrollton were that of John Standley and William Turner (both mentioned above) and Joseph John, Humphrey Smith, and Joseph Fowler.
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