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Farmers Carnival:  October 19, 1905.  The famers carnival at Bosworth on Wednesday and Thursday of last week was a great success in every paticular from start to finish.  There were large crowds both days and every town in the county, except Norborne, was well represented.  Tat's band furnished excellent music for the occasion and there were a number of side shows and amusement enterprises that furnished entertainment for the people.  In the afternoon of each day a trades display paraded the principal streets of the city.  A great deal of time and money had been spent in preparing the various floats and as a result the parade was one that would have been a crediable showing for a much larger town.  E. G. Grossman on a dashing steed with an American flay in his hands headed the parade.  Then followed a number of young ladies on horses, the band and the various floats, first among which was a beautifully decorated rig, bearing the white banner of the W.C.T.U.  This was one of the most artisic displays in the parade and the ladies who made it deserve great creidt.  Of the various trades displays that of J.H. Cos, the barber was behond question the best.  His rig was elaborately decorated and inside a barber "shampooed" a victim to the delight of the immense crowd.  Next, in point of beauty and attractiveness was the display of John Mathieson, dealer in hardware, implements and lumber.  His float contained a vehicle, stoves and other articles represtative of his business and all were beautifully decorated and artistically displayed.  Probably the most unique display of all was that of J. W. Stump, the land man. He had a cart drawn by clowns and his name and business was represented by a stump, about which was displayed corn, wheat, oats, and other farm products.  Mrs. Lena Humphries' millinery float was also worthy of more than a passing notice. 
(Excerpts from "The History of Bosworth-compiled in 1985--out of print. Submitted by Linda Craig)


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