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Mormon War Letters

Sept 22 1838

Dewitt County of Carroll and State of Missouri

To his excellency Lilburn W. Boggs, Governor Of the State of Missouri

Your Petitioners, citizens of the County of Carroll , do hereby petition your Excellency praying for relief. That whereas your petitioners have on the 2th inst. been sorely aggrieved by being beset by a lawless mob certain inhabitants of this and other counties to the injury of the good citizens of this and the adjacent places, that on the afore said day came from one hundred to one hundred and fifty armed men & threatened with force & violence to drive certain peaceable citizens from their homes in defiance of all law & threatened them to drive said citizens out of the county.but on deliberation concluded to give them said citizens til the first of October next to leave said County, & threatened if not gone by thattime to exterminate them without regard to age or sex and destroy their chattels, by throw:ing them in the river- We therefore pray you to take such steps as shall put a stop to all lawless proceedings - and we your petitioners will ever pray xc

Benjm Kendrick; John Thorp; Dudly Thomas ;H. T. Chipmon ;Wm. T. London; David Dixon; John Kendrick; Benjamin Hensley; Thomas Dehart; Franklin A. Thayer; Francis Brown; Hamilton M. Wallace; John Tilfard; Nathan Stinon; H. G. Sherwood; Mrs Elizabeth Smith; John Murdock; Henry Root; G. M. Hinkel; A. L. Caldwell; James Vallanee; Rufus Allen; Jabez Lake; Ezekiel Barnes; Albert Lovee; Daniel H. Barnes; Samuel Lake; Wm. S. Smith; Asa Manchester; James Hampton; William Wilson; Robert Hampton; Thos Hollinshead; Jonathan Hampton; Asa W. Barness; George Peacock; Elijah T. Rogers; Daniel Clark; John Dougherty; John Proctor; Moses Harris; James M. Ginn; Perry Thayer; Smith Humphrey; B. R. Beartley; John Clark; Jonathan Harris; Daniel Thomas (no Mormon); Wm. J. Hatfield; Oliver Olney
(Source: Missouri State Archives)

Senate Chamber Nov 28th 1838
Major Ashby Statement Of the Battle at the Mill
Dear Sir
In answer to your note of this morning requesting me to give you such information as was in my knowledge relative to the Battle fought on the 30th October at the Mills on Shole Creek between the Citizens and Mormons. I will state that the Company I belonged to was stationed in the rear as a reserve at a distance of about 40 yards of the line of battle as soon as the line of battle was formed and before all the troop in the line had dismounted the fire commenced (by the Mormons as I was told by those in front), the position I occupied prevented me from seeing the commencement as soon as the firing commenced the company I belonged to dismounted and run in the line in front. when I got sight of the position of the Mormons they were all in the house or under the bank of the Creek and the smoke of their guns from both places appeared to me to be continual. our men took a few fires at a crack in the House when I heard the order to charge the house which order was promptly obeyed. the men run to the House, as we approached it, I saw one man have out his gun in front of me. I steped to one side, the man in front of me squatted down and pitched under the muzzle lay still until the gun fired, he then rose and as the Mormon drew back his gun our man shoved his gun in the House fired, by this time our man got possession of all the port holes cracks and Kept up such a constant fire that the Mormons could not get their guns out to shoot. They then brake out of the house and run towards the creek but many fell in their flight about that time I heard the cry of quarters among our own men. I recollect distinctly of hearing one of our men say (they called for Quarters). I then Hollowed Quarters as loud as I could which was reecoed by all around me the fireing then ceased on our parts at which time a volley came from the creek I then thought they had heard us calling for Quarters and thought we were whiped the fireing then renewed on our part and continued as long as there was any Mormon in sight except the wounded after the battle was near a close I saw some of the Mormons that had reached the top of the hill south of the creek about 300 yards from us stoped turn round and shot back at us and then run on after the battlehad subsided. I saw some of our men carry one wounded man into a house and laid him on a bed. The men in counting the dead found one man in the house not hurt who had fallen down in the early part of the action and was covered with the slain I saw him and talked with him the moment he was taken prisoner. Those who counted the dead said 31 was killed of the Mormonsand seven of our men was wounded we then got a waggon and horses and such of our wounded as was unable to ride was put in the waggon and we left the place The above is an outline of that affair as my recollection serves me.
Your Respectfully

Genl J B Clark 
Daniel Ashby
(Source: Missouri State Archives)

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