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What were our Ancestors Doing in 1914

Contributed by Linda Craig.

Stamper, F. M. Wholesale and Retail Produce Carrollton
Standley, Ben Y. Farmer and Stockraiser Wakenda Born 1858 Carroll County
Standley, J. B. Presiding Judge of County Court Carrollton
Standley, J. P. Farmer, Stockraiser, Breeder of Jacks, Shorthorn Cattle, Duroc Jersey hogs, Grain and Fruit Grower Leslie Born 1837 Carroll County
Standley, R. Lee Farmer and Stockraiser Wakenda Born 1866 Carroll County
Standley, Lloyd Farmer, Breeder of Jacks, Mules, Horses and Duroc Jersey Hogs Leslie Born 1878 Carroll County
Standley, P. B. Farmer and Dairyman Wakenda Born Carroll County 1861
Stanley, E. M. Cashier of the Bank of Wakenda Wakenda
Stanway, E. H. Farmer Sugar Tree Born Manchester, England 1857 Arrived Carroll County in 1867
Wilts, John Farmer, Stockraiser, Grain and Fruit Grower Moss Creek
Winfrey, Charles Farmer and Fruit Grower DeWitt Born 1863 Carroll County
Winfrey, Elmer Farmer, Stockraiser and Feeder Rockford Born 1872 Carroll County
Winfrey, F. M. Farmer Sugar Tree Born Adair County, Kentucky 1834 arrived Carroll County in 1850
Winfrey, Israel Farmer and Stockraiser Eugene Born 1842 Carroll County
Winfrey, J.W. Farmer Sugar Tree Born 1860 Carroll County
Wolf, William H. Farmer Egypt Born Carroll County


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