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Jesse Ashby
Sale Bill of Property belonging to the Estate of Jesse Ashby (dec'd)
William Ashby-sorrel mare $10.50 -feather bed $7.12 A. Banning-grey mare $30.00 - Bay Colt $12.00; Thomas Stanley-Black filly $28.00; James Philips-brown horse $27.00 brindle heifer $2.00; Davurd Byrriw-cow & calf $5.00; Lasshell Woods- 4 pork hogs $10.50- 5 pork hogs $11.50; George Ashby- 1 log chain $1.00-whip saw $4.00; John Witt-log chain $4.50; Henry Humphries clevis (?) 0.37- asce $1.50, chest $1,00; James Gentry plough $4.75-quilt & blanket $3.25- clock $6.75; Joseph Ferwill cutting knife $0.75; Campbell Philips black heifer $3.00; Robert Stanley yoke of steers $20.00-20 stock hogs $26.00-claim of hogs $1.00-hoe $.37-hoe $.18, knife angur and chisil $1.00-iron pot $.25-oven $.56-rifle and pouch $8.00, feather bed and pillows $10.00-sheet $.25-looking glass $.12-dish $.25-pitcher $.06-set teasoiibs $.25-bed sheet $1,00-table $.12-stand $.12-Feilding Boley(?) $7.62 (no item mentioned) toatal of sell $253.31

I do hereby certify that the above is a true amount of sales made thie 20th November 1844. Samuel Carson, clerk
State of Missouri (County of Carroll) on this 14th day of January 1845personally appointed before me Samuel Caron, clerk as aforesaid and was dult sworn as before certified. John Dougherty, J. P.
(Submitted by Linda Craig)

John Standley
November 1, 1851- Carroll County, Missouri Will of John Standley
In the name of God Amen. I John Standley being in possession of my full mind and memory but feeble in body and knowing the uncertainty of life do make and constitute this my last will and testament here by sevoring all former wills by me made in words and figures following to wit: First, I will my Soul to God who gave it hoping that He will receive the same and my body to the Earth to be buried in a decent and becoming manner. And as to my worldly goods and possessions it is my will that they be disposed of in the following manner. To my beloved son James Standley I will and bequeath the South West quarter of Section nine in Township Fifty two of Range twenty three. To my belove daughter Miriam Trotter I will and bequeath Block four in the town of Carrollton with the appurtenances there unto belonging. To my beloved son, Wriah (Uriah) Standley I will and bequeath the South East quarter of Section thirty three in Township Fifty three of Range Twenty Three with its appurtanances. And where as I have made provisions for Dicy Darcy (Dorsey), Larkin Standley, Lucy Standley, and Hugh Standley, my children who are deceased, I do not think it proper to give their heirs any portion of my remaining Estate but that it be disposed of as above mentioned. And as the ballance of my Estate which may be left after my death that I have not otherwise disposed of, both real and personal, I will and bequeath to my before mentioned four children to wit, James Standley, Miriam Trotter, Uriah Standley and Elihu Standley to be divided equally between them and if it cannot be divided equally in kind that it be sold and the proceeds divided as above mentioned. And lastly I do make constitute and appoint my son James Standley my Executor of this my last will and testament. In Testamony where of I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my Seal this fifteenth day of November in the year of our Lord One thousand Eight hundred and fifty one.

John (X) Stanley seal.

April 5, 1852 - Carroll County- Probate of John's will: Overton J. Kerby, clerk of the Carroll County Court do certify that the above and foregoing will of John Standley decd. was filed and admitted to probate of the 5th day of April 1852 and duly recorded in Book B page 133 and 134. In tertimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed the sead of said court at office in Carrollton this April 6, 1852.
(Submitted by Linda Craig

William Standley
The will of the late William Standley was filed in the probate court today ( September 23, 1901). The estate disposed of contained 1,530 acres of land, all located south and east of town and within a mile or two of the city limits. The will bears date October 1, 1897, and was witnessed by J. M. Wilcoxson and, E. J. Rea. The four sons living, and the widow of May Standley, are the beneficiaries. and the division is an equitable one, as will be seen from the following: John H. Standley: 320 acres of land as follows: W 1/2 s w 1/4 sec. 3; w 1/2 n w 1/4 sec 10; e 1/2 n w 1/4 sec 2, and about 950 feet of the west part of n e sw section 4. Mrs. May Standley: 59 acres more or less north of wagon road in sec. 33; 40 acres n e n w and 80 acres n 1/2 n e sec. 10: 20 acres w 1/2 n w sec 1, and 20 acres n 1/2 s e n w sec.12. Benjamin Y. Standley: 40 acres s e n w, 80 acres e 1/2 s w, 80 acres w 1/2 s e, 80 acres s 1/2 n e sec. 3, and 40 acres s w n w sec. 3; 37 acres ne s w sec. 1. Pritchard B. Standley: 40 acres n e n w and 50 acrew n w ne, sec. 3; 70 acres w 1/2 s e and 80 acres e 1/2 s e sec. 4, 43 acres n part e 1/2 n e sec. 9, and 50 acres south of wagon road in section 33. R. Lee Standley: 160 acres in section 9; 40 acres n e ne sec. 3; 40 acres s w n w se. 20, and 40 acres e 1/2 e 1/2 s e section 9. The two brick store buildings in town are given to the four sons now living, and at their death are to be the property of the children of his five sons. Except that one-fifth of the rents therefrom are to be paid to the children of Mrs. May Standley. All personal property and real estate not named in this will is to be divided equally between the children. P.B. and B. Y. Standley are named as executors.
(Submitted by Linda Craig)


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