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Murderers Wanted. Reward for the Men Who Killed Sheriff Turley of Carter County
Jefferson City, Mo, March 7.óGov. Francis this evening offered a reward of $200 for the apprehension of Amp. O, Thomasson and $400 for the arrest of James Taylor, late of Carter County this State. Taylor and Thomasson killed E. G. Turley, the Sheriff of Carter County, at the little town of Towassie, to Shannon County, last Wednesday. Prosecuting Attorney Brown of Carter County, writing from Van Buren, Mo., to the Governor, gives full particulars of the murder. He says: Amp. O. Thomasson and James Taylor came here from Logansport, Ky., some six months ago. They have been in the saloon business part of the time, but during the past two weeks they claimed to have bought a saloon in Shannon County, at the town of Winona. After they left here last week Sheriff Turley discovered that Thomasson had forged bis name to a note for $ 38, and that he had sold the note to T. W. Hutchison. Taking a warrant and Deputy Geo. Henderson with him the Sheriff started for Winona to arrest Thomasson. When the Sheriff and his deputy reached Towassie they found Thomasson and Taylor.
"When the Sheriff ordered Thomasson to surrender Thomasson called on his partner; 'Taylor, it you ever mean to help me now is your time.' Turley and his deputy seized Thomasson and while they were scuffling for possession of the prisoner's revolver Taylor shot Turley, the Sheriff, in the back, killing him instantly. As soon as Thomasson was released he shot Deputy Henderson in the leg. Taylor and Thomasson then escaped to the woods." Date: Friday, March 8, 1889 Paper: St. Louis Republic (St. Louis, MO) Volume: LXXXI Issue: 21454 Section: Page One Page: 4 

Carter County to Build a Jail
West Plains Mo Nov. 13, The people of Carter County have, by a vote of 395 to 121, decided to build a new jail. It will be located at Van Buren, the county seat, and will coist $4,000.
Date: Tuesday, November 14, 1893  Paper: Kansas City Times (Kansas City, MO)  Page: 3 

Judge J.C. Brown Is Dead Kidney Ailment Fatal To State Supreme Court Member St. Louis Sept. 4 Judge John C Brown of the Missouri Supreme Court died this afternoon at St. Lukes'ss Hospital here.
Judge Brown was a victim of kidney trouble. He was taken to St. Luke's Hospital August 16 after he had spent three months in Colorado in a attempt to regain his health. His illness was attributed to overwork on the supreme bench.
Judge Brown was the only Republican member of the supreme court. He was elected in 1910. At the time he was a resident of Fredericktown. The only office he ever held previously was thatof proscuting attorney of Carter County and major of Willow Springs.
In 1909 he was appointed by Governor Hadley as a member of the statute revision commission to aid in revision commission to aid in revising, compiling, annotating, indexing and publishing the statutes of Missouri. he was born in 1860.
Date: Saturday, September 4, 1915 Paper: Kansas City Star (Kansas City, MO) Volume: 35 Issue: 352 Page: 2 

Carter County, Missouri Genealogy Trails
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