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Conrad M. Hackler, prominent among most excellent officials of Cass County may be mentioned C. M. Hackler, the popular county recorder. He was born in Grayson County, Virginia, October 29, 1833. His father, George Hackler, a Virginian by birth, was there married to Miss Frances Boyer, also of the same state and of English parentage. They raised a family of nine children, of whom Conrad was the third child. At the age of seven years he was taken by the family to Johnson County, Missouri, there residing for two years. They then removed to Henry County, Missouri, and after one year came to this county and settled on a farm near East Lynne. When he was nineteen years old, Conrad engaged in school teaching, which occupation he continued until 1872. In January, 1862, he went to Texas and resumed teaching, and also followed other pursuits till 1866,. when he returned to Cass County. In 1873 he embarked in the mercantile trade at Ea^t Lynne, and was so engaged till 1876. He was subsequently elected to the position of recorder of Cass County, entering upon his duties in January, 1879. Mr. Hackler was married October 20, 1870, to Mrs. Jane Williams, a widow. Her maiden name was Stewart. They have three children, Troy B., Gertrude L. and William H.
History of Cass and Bates Counties, O.P. Williams & Co. 1883

James A. Hammontree, section 28, was born in Cass County, Missouri, August 28, 1837. His father, John Hammontree was a native of Blount County, Tennessee, and was there reared to manhood and educated. He married Miss Roda M. Griffin. They raised six children, of whom James A. was the third. He was brought up and received his education from the public schools of Cass County, and has followed from his youth the occupation of farming; This family were early settlers, coming here in 1835. In 1861, Mr. H. located on the place where he now resides. He has ninety-nine acres of land above the average, well improved. In 1862, he enlisted in Captain Bradley's Company, in which he served for five months, when he was taken sick and compelled to return home. He was married November 29, 1859, to Miss Terrissa B. Hayes, a native of Missouri. They have three children : Lewis, Fralon and Jay. They are members of the Baptist Church..
History of Cass and Bates Counties, O.P. Williams & Co. 1883

Jackson F. Hammontree, section 28, is a native of Cass County, Missouri, and was born May 18, 1839. He was here reared and educated, and during his life has been engaged in his present calling. In 1862, he enlisted in Company I, commanded by Captain Bradley, serving for six months. He then returned home but soon after removed with his brother to Buchanan County, Missouri, where he resided until 1866, when he again came to Cass County. He then commenced farming on his place. He has one hundred and forty-two acres of land, all under fence, and upon it is a good barn, and his improvements generally denote him to be among the successful agriculturists of this vicinity. Mr. Hammontree was married February 4, 1858, to Miss Nancy J. Hayes. They had four children, all of whom are now living : Julia F., born May 15, 1864 ; Willie, born October, 24, 1866 ; Theodore R., born September 6, 1868, and Mary E., born December, 20, 1870. Mrs. Hammontree died June 24, 1873. He was again married October 14, 1874, to Miss Mollie E. Grindslaff, a native of Tennessee. They had one child, Elza, born October 10, 1875. This wife died December 23, 1877. Mr. Hammontree took for his third wife. Miss Susan Horton, of Kentucky, whom he married February 13, 1877. They have three children : Dora, born December 21, 1878 ; Allie, born December 25, 1879 ; Edgar L., born June 13, 1881. In 1881, Mr. Hammontree was elected to the position of justice of the peace of this township and is therefore a member of township board. The family belongs to the Baptist Church.
History of Cass and Bates Counties, O.P. Williams & Co. 1883

James D. Haydon, section 26, the subject of this sketch, is a native of Boone County, Kentucky, where he was born January, 28, 1831. His father, Jarvis Haydon, was a Virginian by birth, and while young settled in Kentucky where he was married to Miss Elizabeth Stephens. They had nine children, James being the fifth child. Jarvis Haydon's death occurred June 21, 1852. Young Haydon was reared to manhood and educated in Cass County and has followed from his youth his present occupation on the same farm where he grew up. He has 280 acres of good land well improved, 160 acres of which is under fence.

J.W. Henthorne, editor and publisher of the Cass County Republican, was born on the 25th of August, 1851, in Ripley County, Indiana. He passed his early life on a farm, enjoying ordinary opportunities for acquiring an education. In 1873, he began business life by clerking in a general store, thus being occupied until 1878, in which year he leased the Ripley Index, the only Republican paper in that county. In 1879, the paper was changed to the Index-Dispatch, and published independent of politics. A few months afterwards it resumed its former name, the Ripley Index. In January, 1880, Mr. Henthorne disposed of the printing office, and becoming impressed with the glowing accounts of this western country, came to Harrisonville, Missouri. Here he was first engaged as reporter for the Cass News, and filled this position until December, 1880, when he purchased a half interest in that .paper. This journal was edited and published by Henthorne & Thum until January, 1882, when Mr. H. sold out to his partner. In June, 18S2, he established and issued the first copy of the Cass County Republican, an eight page paper, devoted to the interests of the county. Politically, it is published with Republican principles of the independent stripe. Mr. Henthorne is a brilliant journalist and his editorials abound in sparkling humor, besides sound logical truths. He has built up a sheet which is a credit both to himself and the citizens of Harrisonville.
History of Cass and Bates Counties, O.P. Williams & Co. 1883

John B. Higgins, proprietor of the Higgins House, is a native of Shenadoah County, Virginia, and was born February 4, 1832. When sixteen years of age he removed to Warren County, Virginia, there residing for eight years. After this he took a trip to Colorado, where he was engaged in mining. In 1850 he was occupied in wagon and carriage making, and in 1853 f^r a short time was in the restaurant business. In that year he returned to Virginia and resumed the manufacturing of carriages until 1861. In October, 1862, he was taken prisoner by the federals and confined in Forts McHenry and Delaware at different times until January, 1866. He then followed farming until 1868, worked at carriage making until 1872, and subsequently farmed until 1876. In this year became to Clinton County, Missouri, and after one year removed to Miami County, Kansas, where he was interested in the hotel business at LeWisburg. In 1881 he came to Harrisonville, Missouri, and took charge of the Higgins House, which he has since continued to conduct very successfully; Mr. Higgins was married February 10, 1852, to Miss Mary O. Copenhaver, a native of Virginia. They have five children : Nannie B., Ollie, Fannie, Charles R. and Katie.
History of Cass and Bates Counties, O.P. Williams & Co. 1883

thomas Holloway, grocer, is a pioneer of this county, and one of the oldest settlers now living here. He is a native of Blount County, Tennessee, and was born April 15, 1809. He was there brought up until attaining his fourteenth year, when he removed to Monroe County, Tennessee, where he lived for twelve years. All of this time he spent in following agricultural pursuits. In 1835 he emigrated to Cass County, Missouri, and engaged in farming, which he continued until 1863, when he was compelled to leave the county. Then he moved to Pettis County, Missouri, and was in the hotel business at Dresden until 1865. Thence to Atlanta, Logan County, Illinois, where he kept a hotel for eight months. Returning to this county in the spring of 1866, he embarked in the grocery trade, the firm being Holloway & Foster. In 1878, he became sole proprietor, and has since continued the business. He is a man well known throughout the county, and one who is universally respected by all. Mr. Holloway was married August 16, 1831, to Miss Martha Secrest, a native of North Carolina. They have had eight children, three of whom are now living, Mary E. M., Flemling V. and Helen J. Mr. Holloway is a member or the Masonic fraternity, and is a Royal Arch Mason. He belongs to the Cumberland Presbyterian Church. He was a justice of the peace of this township for five years.
History of Cass and Bates Counties, O.P. Williams & Co. 1883

Samuel W. Hoover, attorney at law and real estate agent, is a prominent young citizen oi Harrisonville. The subject of this sketch was born in Jessamine County, Kentucky, November 6, 1850. At the age of six years he removed with the family to Jackson County, Missouri, there residing for one year, after which time he came to Cass County. From 1868 to 1871 he attended school at Paola, Kansas, and from 1871 to 1873 was a student at the State University of Kentucky. He is a graduate of that institution. In 1874 he returned to this city, and began the practice of law. In 1879 he became one of the editors of the Times-Courier, but on May 15, 1882, he sold out his interests in that paper to his former partner, Mr. Steele. He has since devoted his entire attention to the practice of law and the real estate business. Mr. Hoover was married January 15, 1878, to Miss Mary K. Naylor, a native of Missouri. They have two children : Frederick W. and Mabel L. Mr. Hoover is a member of the I. 0. 0. F. and Knights of Honor fraternities.
History of Cass and Bates Counties, O.P. Williams & Co. 1883

PHILIP C. HORNEY, M. D., section 24, is among the old residents and medical practitioners of this county, and deserves more than a passing notice. He was born in Guilford County, North Carolina, April 2, 1824, receiving his literary education from Trinity College, in Randolph County. At the age of eighteen years he became engaged in school teaching, which he continued for twelve years, and during this time he gave some attention to the study of medicine. In 1849 he was a student of McDowell's Medical College,. St. Louis, Missouri, and after taking a course of lectures, he came to Pettis County, Missouri, where he resided for one year. He then removed to Cooper County, where he remained one year ; thence to Saline County, for a period of two years, when he came to Cass County, settling near where he now resides. In 1867, he moved on his present place. He has a fine farm, consisting of 200 acres, all of which is under fence. His buildings and improvements generally are excellent. The Doctor is well known throughout the county as a successful man in his profession and as a gentleman in every sense of the word. He was married. May 22, 1851, to Miss Martha J. Scott, a daughter of James Scott, an old settler of Pettis County, Missouri. They have three children : May, Willie A. and Jim. He has taken an active interest in the Grange of this county, and was one of the delegates to the convention which organized the State Grange, and was the first Master of the Grange at Eight Mile, which, largely owing to his exertions, is now one of the largest in the state. He has also been master of the County Grange. ' His wife takes an active interest in that society, and had the honor to be chosen one of the representatives from the State Grange to the National Grange, which was the highest honor ever given to a lady of that order in Missouri. Dr. Horney is also a member of the Masonic fraternity. In 1877 he, with others, organized the Mutual Protection Fire Insurance Company of Cass County, and has been its president since the organization.
History of Cass and Bates Counties, O.P. Williams & Co. 1883

GEORGE M. HOUSTON was born December 16, 1836, in Columbia, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. His father, John W. Houston, born in 1807, in Columbia, was by occupation a civil engineer. His mother was formerly Mary B. Martin, born in 1809, at Jersey Shore, Pennsylvania. George M. received a thorough English education in his native town. He chose for his vocation in life the profession of civil engineering, in which he was employed for one year in Lebanon County, Pennsylvania, and two years in Huntingdon and Bedford Counties. In 1855, he went to Philadelphia as a clerk in the employ of the Pennsylvania Railroad, where he remained till 1861. He enlisted in the United States Army, September i, 1861, as first lieutenant and adjutant of the regiment of Merrill's Horse, which was organized in St. Louis, Missouri, under special orders from General Fremont. In August, 1862, he was commissioned captain of Company A, and served in that capacity until 1864, when he was made major of the regiment. The regiment was disbanded in September, 1865, at Nashville, Tennessee. He then removed to Harrisonville, Cass County, Missouri, and began the drug business, in which he is still engaged. In educational matters he has taken an active interest, and for many years was secretary of the board of education. He was married September 27, 1866, to Miss Mary F. May, who was born in Pike County, Kentucky, March 24, 1847, and was educated in Ironton, Ohio. Her father, Harvey G. May, was born in Pike County, April 27, 1825. The family of Mr. and Mrs. Houston consists of William M., Charles W., Anna May, Nellie B., Harry Howard, Chiel and Jessie. They lost one son, John H.
History of Cass and Bates Counties, O.P. Williams & Co. 1883

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