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William C. Warriner

William C Warriner, was born 2 January 1865 in MO, son of William Warriner from England and a mother from VA. William C married Hattie Gotten about 1887 and they lived at Kansas City, MO from 1910. She was born in July 1863 in KY. In 1900 they lived at Coldwater, Cass Co MO. William was an ice house foreman at Kansas City. He died at Kansas City on 26 July 1949 of a stroke and was buried in Forest Hill Cemetery. They had seven children by 1910, all born in Cass Co MO, and all still alive-
1. Mabel Warriner, b Aug 1888, married a Mr James after 1910. She was a school teacher in 1910 and was the person who supplied information for her father’s death certificate.
2. Nellie J Warriner, b Jan 1890, worked in a laundry at Kansas City in 1920 and was not married by 1930.
3. Herchel J Warriner, b Oct 1892
4. Homer William Warriner, b 26 May 1895 at Drexel, was a druggist in 1917 and a streetcar motorman at Kansas City in 1920, and was a policeman in 1930. He was not married in 1917 nor in 1930. He did marry and divorce before he died at Belton, Jackson Co on 13 May 1931 of a self inflicted gunshot to the head. He was buried in Forest Hill Cemetery.
5. John Emmet Warriner, b 4 Jan 1898, was married by 1918 and was a cook at Kansas City then.
6. Nannie P Warriner, b 6 Oct 1899 at Drexel, worked for a box company at Kansas City in 1920. She died 19 December 1928 of influenza at Kansas City and was buried in Forest Hill Cemetery. She never married.
7. Harry Warriner, b 1902, died soon after 1910.

After doing hours of research on my Adams family, I had concluded that an Adams cousin, Hattie Adams from KY, had married William C Warriner.
After further info gathering, I learned that the wife of Wm C Warriner was actually Hattie Gotten, not Hattie Adams. It seemed a shame to throw away the info I found, so here it is.
Contributed by: John E Young


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