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Source: History of Cass County, Missouri, Topeka: Historical Pub. Co., 1917, 858 pgs.
Transcribed by: Candi Horton 2007

The county is at present (1917) 7012sq miles and 460 thousand acres.

Township Names

Polk-  suggestive "President  Polk" Pleasant Hill, after the beautiful eminence and city at the north part.
Big Creek -  after a stream crossing it;
Raymore - after two men Ray and Moore
Mt. Pleasant - from a high promontory around which it is nestled,
Union - suggestive class of early settlers
Peculiar and West Peculiar- both from the origin of the first post office therein
Dolan and West Dolan - from an old settler by that name
Grand River-  a stream by that name
Camp Branch - a stream by the name
Index- some early inhabitant's imagination
Sherman - after an Ohio statesman and general
Dayton- and early statesman of the Union
Austin- after an early settler of that locality
Everett- reminds us of a candidate for vice-president and perhaps some admirer has perpetuated the name
Coldwater - after its clear, fine, gushing springs of cold water.



Archie -
Construction of the L. & S. branch of the Missouri Pacific railroad, north and south through the center of the county, in 1880, the town was formed. It is located near the center of the south boundary of the county. It draws an extensive trade from both Cass and Bates Counties. The first business house was built in 1880 by Henry T. Carr.

Belton - Founded by George W. Scott, platted in 1871, 1880 was incorporated

Cleveland- is on the western border of the county near the half way distance north and south of the county. It is located on the KS City and Southern railroad and was located on the projection of this railroad.

With laying the track of the KS City, Clinton and Springfield railway in the spring of 1865, Creighton was formed. Named in Honor of John B. Creighton, early settler in Cass County and a schoolmate of the late George H. Nettleton, then the president of the above named railroad company. Incorporated as a village in Oct. 1885.
In Dec. 1895 it reached a population of 500 making it a city of the 4th class.

Extreme southwestern part of the county. It was platted on the completion of the KS City and Southern railroad in 1891.
The town of Brosley went out of existence and practically moved to the present sit of this city.

East Lynn-
6 miles east of the county seat, on the Missouri, KS and TX  and the Frisco railroads.
It was founded in 1871 by Noah m. Given and Daniel K. Hall, at the time of the projection of the Missouri, Kansas and Texas railway.
It was named after the old time country play of that time.

10 miles west of the county seat on Pony Creek across the range line, between ranges 32 and 33. In 1871 it was founded. It is  practically the successor of Morristown, situate one mile north of Freeman. It dates back to 1854. This town was born out of the construction of  the Missouri, Kansas and Texas railroad which lays east and west thorough the center of the county.

Garden City-
Southeast of Harrisonville, 12 miles on the KS City, Clinton and Springfield Railway. It is named from the landscape view and fertile agricultural lands surrounding. City pop. 1, 200. The town was organized and incorporated in 1885.

Harrisonville- the county seat, first surveyed in 1837. Original plat date was July 1, 1845.

Pleasant Hill -
One of the old towns of the county, situate in north and eastern part of the county. On the main line of the Missouri Pacific railroad where the Lexington and Southern connects with the main Missouri Pacific railroad, 33 miles southeast of KS City, Missouri and 12 miles northeast of Harrisonville. The original town was located on a high hill about 2 miles northeast of the present railroad depot. When the town moved to the railroad it retained the old name.

Peculiar -
Located on the KS City, Clinton and Springfield railroad. Ten miles northwest of the county seat.

Strasburg -
Situated on the main line of the Missouri Pacific railroad about7 miles east of Pleasant Hill.


West Line-

Dayton, Main City, Austin and Everett, all off from the railroad
Lone Tree, Coleman, Jaudon, Daughtery, Gunn City, Lisle, Wingate and Hadsell are towns on some of our seven railroads crossing the county.
Other Railroad stops: Ord, Kimpton, Barton, Prettyman, Harrelson, Jaudon, and West Belton.

Former towns now extinct:
Index - Laid out  and surveyed in 1857, by Captain A. S. O'Bannon
Grant-  located in 1867 same section of Wadesburg in  Sherman Township. A cemetery was still located there at the time it became extinct.
Wadesburg - was founded by Woodson A. Wade in Sherman Township, 1858.
Lickskillet -
Brosley - was in Coldwater Township
Jonesburg - was in West Dolan Township.
Morristown-  located in 1845 and extinct by 1870 and West Union.


Crawford Branch, Lick Branch, North, South, Middle and Main Grand River, Big Creek, Camp Branch, Sugar Creek, Black's Creek, Eight Mile, Tennessee, Town Creek, Muddy, and perhaps other small rivulets only known to be named by close neighbors.

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