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World War II
Honoree List

World War II Honor List of Dead and Missing Army and Army Air Forces
Source: National Archives
Submitted by Tammy Clark

Meaning of the Abbreviations
KIA--killed in action
DOW--died of wounds
DNB--died non-battle
FOD-finding of death
DOI--died of injuries

Surname Given Name Serial No. Rank Status
BAKER Ferrell A 37242449 PFC KIA
BISHOP Forrest L 37000888 PFC KIA
CATES Georgie P 37504454 PVT KIA
COX Kermit E 37000510 PFC DNB
DAVIS Charles E 37751844 PVT KIA
EASTON Denzil W 37753417 PFC KIA
ESTES Herman P 37375363 SGT KIA
GREER James E 1700541 CPL KIA
GRIMSLEY William S 37721757 PVT KIA
HEDGES Charles O Jr 17159249 PFC FOD
HEDRICK Richard B 37016867 TEC 5 KIA
McKINNEY Albert L 37016787 PVT KIA
MONTGOMERY Paul P 37016871 TEC 5 KIA
MORTON Clyde N 17044975 S SG FOD
NEAL Blonde F 37507799 PVT FOD
NEELY Everett A 17029599 S SG DNB
OFFIELD William C 37232574 PFC KIA
OYER Elton L 37242453 PFC KIA
PACE Jim R 37009873 PFC KIA
PARTRIDGE Paul E 37503843 TEC 5 KIA
PHIPPS Kermit E 37009880 SGT KIA
POWERS William C 37005798 TEC 5 KIA
ROSENBAUM Chester L 37003727 S SG DOW
SALLEE Dennis L 17018528 PVT DNB
SALMON Wilson H 37005067 TEC 4 KIA
SIMMONS Donald W 37734005 PVT KIA
SIMMONS John L 37753409 PFC KIA
STURGEON Charles O 37749441 PVT KIA
TROYER Elmer Jr 37241803 PFC DNB
WEST Glen 17035236 CPL DNB
WOMBLE Harry E 37145078 S SG KIA
YOUNG Frank 6934974 PVT DOW

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