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Arrest Three for Patricide. Sons of Cedar County Farmer Charges with Being Accessories to Murder
Springfield, Mo., Sept. 6. - Three sons of J. C. Hammons, the Cedar County farmer who was found dead on his farm near Dunnegan, August 12, were arrested late yesterday charged with being accessories to the murder. The three brothers, Arthur, Bert and Oscar, were taken to the county jail at Stockton, where they are being held on $50,000 bond. Floyd Hammons, another brother, is alleged to have fired the shot which resulted in his father's death. He has disappeared since the crime was committed. The warrants for the arrest of the other brothers were issued yesterday, following a public sale to depose of the Hammons property, which is said to be worth $20,000. [Sunday, September 7, 1913; Kansas City Star (Kansas City, MO) Vol. 33; Section: 1  Page: 8A]
Robert Hutton
Missouri Forger Caught
Los Angeles, Oct. 17- Robert Hutton, who is wanted in Eldorado Springs, Cedar County, Missouri it is alleged on charges of forgery and seduction, has been arrested here.  The prisoner admits that he is the man wanted.  He will be held until the arrival of a Missouri officer, who has already started to take him back.
Source: The Morning Astorian, Astoria, Or., Oct. 18, 1902

Tennis and Brown
Attacked With A Bowie Knife Desperate Fight Between Two Farmers in Cedar County
Eldorado Springs, Mo., Nov. 26 - Recent reports from the northeast part of Cedar county are to the effect that James Tennis, whose home was recently visited by a band of White-cappers, and whose wife was horribly beaten by the angry mob, which sought to wreak vengeance on him for egging a preacher; met with J. W. Brown in Stockton and engaged in a desperate struggle. Tennis believed Brown to be the leader of the gang of men who so shamefully maltreated his wife last Friday night and pounced on him with the vengeance of a tiger, stabbing him repeatedly wilh a bowie knife. A pocket comb in Brown's vest pocket saved his life by warding off a well-directed blow aimed at his heart. During the melee Brown procured a rock and succeeded in badly bruising Tennis' head. As a result both men are seriously injured, and Brown's recovery is doubtful. This fight is the renewal of an old feud, and it is thought that It will cause much trouble among several prominent citizens of the county. Tennis and Brown are both known to be bad men. who. care little for a life, and should Brown recover Tennis is expected to make another attempt to kill him. Much excitement prevails near Arneca. where the two men reside, and it is feared that violence will be attempted tonight. The Tennis faction of the trouble swear that they will avenge the crime perpetrated on Mrs. Tennis, who is now dangerously ill. [Tuesday, November 27, 1894; Kansas City Times (Kansas City, MO)  Page: 1]

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