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Early Preachers. —The Baptists seem to have been first in the county. The first preacher was Rev. James J. Johnson, from Kentucky, who organized the Cedar church, in Washington Township. He began his labors about 1837. Other Baptist preachers were Revs. Obadiah Smith, J. Lunsford, Daniel Murphy and Daniel Satterfield. The early meetings were held in private dwellings and school-houses, and at this time there are few church buildings in the county remote from the larger towns.

Churches at Stockton.— At Stockton are organizations of the Cumberland Presbyterians, Baptists, Christians and Methodists (North and South). Some of them were formed prior to the war, and most of them have always been weak, both numerically and financially. The Christian Church is now the strongest in both respects. A small frame church was built about 1871, by this sect, but, on account of monetary difficulties, was sold under a deed of trust. The purchaser deeded it to a board of trustees representing a goodly number of citizens of varying and of no church affiliations, who bought it of him by a subscription, in 1879. The deed bears date May 4, that year, and conveys the property to Carter Pritchard, William Hulstone, George R. Corbin and J. M. Jackson and their successors, as trustees Efforts now being made will doubtless result in the erection, at an early day, of a house of worship of the Christain Church in the southern part of the town. A member of the Presbyterian Church (Old School) died some  years ago, who left a farm on the Sac River to be disposed of to build in Stockton a house of worship which should form the nucleus of an organization of that denomination, and it is believed, not many years will elapse before steps will be taken to utilize this benefaction.

Churches at Jerico Springs.—The Methodist Episcopal Church, South, of Jerico, was organized by Rev. Mr. Trone, in 1884, and, since Mr. Trone went to another appointment, has had the following pastors: Revs. R. G. Flummer, R. W. Reynolds, G. W. Mitchell and J. T. Loyal. The Missionary Baptist Church was organized in 1884 by Elder Horn. Its pastors, since Mr. Horn, have been Revs. C. Ingram, Meacham, S. P. Collins, J. H. Moore and Charles Logan. The Christian Church was organized by Elder Turner in 1885. Next in turn, as pastors, came Elders Elliott and Randall. The present pastor is Elder J. B. Carrico. A small frame church house was built by public subscription in 1885, and deeded to the Methodist Episcopal Church, South, but, under a satisfactory arrangement, is used by the different denominations.

Churches at El Dorado Springs.—The first church organized at El Dorado was the Free Will Baptist, in 1882. Its house of worship was built in the same year. Its pastor is Rev. D. W. Pas ham. The Christian Church was organized in 1883, and its house of worship was built in 1886. Rev. H. W. Robertson is pastor. The Methodist Episcopal Church, South, was organized in 1884, and its church house built in 1886. The pastor is Rev. A. L. Walker. The Methodist Episcopal Church, organized in 1884, erected a building in 1886.    Rev. R. G. Flummer is pastor. The Missionary Baptist Church was organized in 1884, and its house of worship was built in 1888. The present pastor is Rev. T. G. Hendricks. The Presbyterian Church, of which there is no resident pastor at this time, was organized in 1886, and its house was built in 1888. All of these several church houses are substantial, and some of them are elegant and attractive.   All are frame.

Churches Elsewhere in the County.— The Lindley Prairie Methodist Episcopal Church Society, in Jefferson Township, is an old congregation. Its house of worship was built in 1888. The Mount Gilead Baptist Church, in the same township, was organized some years ago, and has a comfortable church house. The Green Springs Christian Church is a flourishing organization, having a substantial church building which was erected about four years ago. The Wrenn, Edge, Pankey, Church and other families of that part of Linn Township are prominent members. The Antioch Baptist Church, of Cedar Township, has a building which was put up in 1882. The Cedar Baptist Church is an old organization, and also has its house of worship, built some years since. The Red Hill Methodist Episcopal Church, South, in Jefferson Township, was organized in 1881, and its services are held in the Red Hill school-house. There are other congregations in different parts of the county which worship in school-houses, and in some places measures are being taken toward the building of suitable church houses.

History of Hickory, Polk, Cedar, Dade and Barton Counties Missouri- Goodspeed Publishing Co. 1889 page 428 to 430

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