Transcribed by  Robyn Greenlund 2007 Missouri Genealogy Trails

 List of Pensioners Residing Outside of Virginia in 1835 whose
Pensions were Granted for Services as Virginia Militiamen.

Source: Part 5 of the book, Virginia Militia in the Revolutionary War, by J. T. McAllister, McAllister Publishing Co., Hot Springs, Virginia, c1913. 


Last First Title Age County State
Colvin Benjamin   76 Boone Missouri
Elgin Samuel   75 Boone Missouri
Hatton Reuben   72 Boone Missouri
Moore George   73 Boone Missouri
Thompson William   85 Boone Missouri
Clatterbuck Reuben   79 Callaway Missouri
Ferguson Moses   72 Callaway Missouri
Henderson David   81 Callaway Missouri
Sewell James   76 Clay Missouri
Moore David   71 Cole Missouri
Roberts John   76 Cole Missouri
Alice David   72 Cooper Missouri
Carr George   87 Cooper Missouri
Jones David   72 Cooper Missouri
Kirkpatrick Robert   70 Cooper Missouri
Proctor Benjamin   74 Cooper Missouri
Epperson John   70 Franklin Missouri
Hunt Littlebury   72 Franklin Missouri
Mitchell William   70 Franklin Missouri
Johnson William Sr.   Harrison Missouri
Ashcraft Amos   77 Howard Missouri
Chappell Abner   71 Howard Missouri
Tomlin Samuel   79 Howard Missouri
Kincaid James   71 Lafayette Missouri
Graves Thomas   87 Lincoln Missouri
Harison John   74 Madison Missouri
Robinson Jeremiah   75 Madison Missouri
Sinclair Robert   80 Madison Missouri
Stevens Jacob   75 Madison Missouri
Johnson William Sr. 72 Marion Missouri
Long Anderson   72 Marion Missouri
Cobb Samuel   74 Montgomery Missouri
Craig William   76 Pike Missouri
McQuire William   76 Pike Missouri
Vest John   83 Pulaski Missouri
Jamison Robert   73 Rails Missouri
Sims Rhodam   79 Rails Missouri
Turner Samuel   79 Rails Missouri
Bartlett Edmund   74 Randolph Missouri
Chapman Edmund   70 Randolph Missouri
Finnell Charles   72 Randolph Missouri
Farmer Mathew     St. Charles Missouri
Caldwell James   71 St. Francois Missouri
Cunningham James   78 St. Francois Missouri
Murphv William Sr. 75 St. Francois Missouri
Murphy Joseph Sr. 73 St. Francois  Missouri
Sharp Benjamin   73 Warren Missouri
Johnson James   74 Washington Missouri

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