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Established: Nov. 16, 1820, effective Jan. 1, 1821
Parent County: Howard
County Seat: Keytesville
Named After: Chariton River

The Source is: P.M. Pinckard, The Missouri handbook, St. Louis, 1865, 162 pgs.
Transcribed by Donna Walton

This county is situated on the Missouri River, in the north central part of the State. The soil and climate of "old Chariton" may be understood, when we state that this has for some years past been one of the largest tobacco growing counties in the State. Corn has been produced so exclusively in years past, as to be dull at ten and twelve and a half cents per bushel. The spontaneous products of the forests and prairies furnished an abundance of food for stock, so that there was poor demand for corn at home or abroad. Coal is abundant in every region of the county, but only surface veins have yet been opened, except in one or two regions.
 (For a detailed history of Chariton county from its first settlement, description of the coal formation, and the statistics of various crops grown - too lengthy for this work-see "Missouri As It Is In 1865," pages 217 to 226 inclusive.)

County Updates

November 2014
News Article

Sept 2013
Switzer Family Cemetery Listing

March 2013

Bios: Moore, Stotter

February 2013
Obits: Annis, Hurt, Oldham, Robinson
Marriage Announcements: Ebert-Snyder, Rader-Younger
Early Marriage Records: Addis, Alford, Allega, Allen, Allenberry, Andery, Ashby, Banning, Bell, Bennett, Bess, Blanton, Bott, Bruner, Burch, Carpenter, Cash, Claybrooks. Clephorn,, Cobb, Collam, Collins, Cooley, Crews, Dale, Davis, Feltwood, Fleetwood, Flennoy, Fowler, Freeman, Frost, Gee, Gentry, Gibbs, Giddings, Gillet, Goff, Green, Gunn, Hare, Harriford, Harris, Hedrick, Herrford, Hirst, Holly, Holman, Jackson, Johns, Kenton, Kerr, Kirby, Kitchen,, Knight, Laird, Leary, Leonard, Levell, Levil, Lewis, Lusher, Maddax, Maddox, Mansfield, Martin, Mayo, McCollum, McColum, McCoy, McDaniel, Minor, Montgomery, Moore, Mop, Morgan, Mot, Munroe, Oldham, Pennel, Phipps, Reyton, Richardson, Roberts, Robertson, Sanders, Scribner, Shelton, Shockley, Sisk, Slater, Smith, Smoot, Sportman, Stanley, Stearn, Stringfellow, Swarington, Tagues, Titus, Walton, Warden, Ware, Warhurst, Warmouth, Watson, Welch, Weldon, Whitesides, Whittenburg, Wilkerson, Willham
1883 Pensioners

January 2013
Bios: Lewis
Obits: Wright

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